Murder by Midazolam? Grim thoughts from the undertaker…

I’ll tell you in a summary what I think has happened.

In January we were all told about a terrible virus coming – from China.

In April after much scare mongering and relabeling of the dead as COVID deaths a first wave was invented.
It was almost exclusively in care homes. It was a very brief period (for me) of around ten days in April 2020 and it was mostly in care homes where I believe thousands of the most vulnerable people in society were killed using large doses of a drug called Midazolam; a benzodiazepine used for sedation in end-of-life care.

There are clear records showing that up to 1000% increase of procurement of this this drug under the guise of treating COVID victims being intubated onto ventilators in hospitals – but whilst that was the story the reality was it was being used in care homes to kill, I believe that this was done with the sole purpose of creating a well promoted “first wave” labelled COVID and this is turn generated enough deaths to support the hysteria and in turn there was then a second wave that began the moment frightened, bullied and blackmailed people lined up for a jab believing they were being saved.

The reality is there never was any wuhan – there never was a man made virus and the sole aim is to get people to willingly accept a jab they think might save them – they will mostly then get sick and die.

Now I’d hasten to add the theory is that every injection isn’t deadly because let’s face it – it if was the uptake would soon cease wouldn’t it.

So it is phased in and out batch wise – I believe the death rate moves with those batches and that the worrying thing for me now is that they see us waking up to it – so in order to get as much coverage as possible and to up the game and increase the uptake of these injections they need to frighten us all – and trust me they are shortly I feel going to do that.

They will I believe introduce a new batch of very deadly injections into the chain and it will kill many people.
It will happen soon.

The blame will be yet another new variant and the football abd the people who refuse the shots – us.
I genuinely believe it’s going to be touted as a third wave and they have been busy mentally preparing us all to accept that.

So to be clear with you all, This is a cull.

The first one was I think genocide using midazolam and the equivalents globally and this was done alongside the regular tail end of the winter flu season – it was being handled badly medically and this is why you’ve seen many professionals speak out and leave – all have been totally silenced haven’t they.

It worked because this very short first wave created enough hysteria to get people lining up for the main event – a deadly killer injection touted as a saver that was only 65% effective to leave a window for failure and death in the recipients that was already bloody openly touted.

This winter I believe will be phenomenal- it will be terrible and globally historical.

But there never was a wuhan – there never was any virus. It’s has been solely man made and man driven and the initial clues are in the mortuary registers of funeral homes and the procurement of vast amount of sedative globally.

So the first wave was old people in care homes using midazolam.

The second is everyone else using the jab as and when they chose in batches.

Mark my words this will end in Nuremberg.
I truly do believe it.

Funeral Home Director talks stark truth about “COVID19 Related Deaths”

Editor’s Epilogue:

Recent articles from The Daily Expose suggest that Midazolam has been used in the United Kingdom to “prematurely end the lives of thousands upon thousands of people” whom the public was told died from COVID-19.

What is Midazolam? Midazolam is a benzodiazepine and is used for the management of sedation, terminal restlessness, seizures, to manage anxiety and end-of-life care. Midazolam has a United States Food and Drug Administration “black box warning,” which notes that “the medication has been associated with respiratory depression and arrest because it can slow or stop breathing”. Black box warnings are issued to consumers when medications or products may have serious or life-threatening side effects that could lead to severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. The drug works by slowing down brain activity, which helps with relaxation and sleep. It is a benzodiazepine, which is a group of medicines that slow down the central nervous system. In recent years, Midazolam has been used as one of three medications which, when combined, are given to prisoners as part of death penalty executions.

Currently, 86% of all COVID-19 patients in the ICU that were placed on ventilators have received Midazolam:

In the pre-COVID days, we would use midazolam as a second-line agent for many of these patients,” Dr. Greenberg said. “So, times really have changed.” 

Who authorized the change in protocol? The World Health Organization (WHO) authorized the use of Midazolam for use on COVID-19 patients for sedation prior to being placed on ventilators.

As a result the FDA reported a shortage on that drug!

Wait….. who produces Midazolam? Pfizer!

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  1. In England nothing surprises me about that evil fourth reich nazi reich presided our by recently deceased dark Phil the nazi shit that blackmailed Liz into marriage [because he knew she was illegitimate] … my heart breaks for my fellow countrymen because if my family had not left there in the 70s I’d be living in this occupied territory under their ruthless abuse and surveillance now.
    Having said this I have asked the CIN people to report on Greg Hallett’s claim for Kingship because I feel this could be the game-changer when it comes to overthrowing these rotten nazi royals who have done everything in their power to destroy not only England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales but their commonwealth territories too – NZ, Canada, Australia, – why would we continue to put up with these fascists and their next generation Charles or William continuing on in power/position? https://kingjohnthethird.uk/lawful-documents/documents/ . there is no political solution because the problem is an unelected evil regime who stole/ usurged the Crown many years ago.

  2. Thanks for this informative article that is heartbreaking but necessary reading… just found out that my mother-in-laws younger sister in her 80s was just ‘offed in her care home’ in Ontario – that’s two sisters in one season after getting vaxxed – hard to accept but this is the reality.
    More are talking about this overt culling… the brutality is no longer being hidden… its out in the open .. its sinister, dark, tragic times on our planet… “Bring Back Beauty” John Lamb Lash…
    Gillian McKeith
    Let’s talk about what’s really going on. Let’s talk about MIDAZOLAM. Care homes accused of using powerful sedatives to make coronavirus victims die more quickly as use rocketed 100%
    Thanks for sharing the hard truth here.

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