GQD Particle – The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda

Book 2

“GQD Particle – The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” is available now through Amazon!

Transhumanism is a multi-tiered agenda carried out with a full spectrum weapons systems based on “Gain of Function” research. This agenda is devised to create a neural interface, quantum enslave and harvest every man, woman and child in order for the hereditary elite to achieve their “Singularity”.  Singularity requires harvesting the brain’s energy and computational power using Magnetic Fields delivered by 5G and the power grid, Photons using infrared/blue/green light (LiFi), Graphene Oxide, and the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA biological malware.  This “Neural Chip” uses the Graphene Quantum Dot, or “GQD Particle”, that attaches you to a “Living Matrix” as a “Molecular Biological Machine”, or Transhuman!

The Transhumanist’s Quantum Agenda requires the development of a “Collective Consciousness” or “Hive Mind” in the global population to ensure that the NWO’s operation progresses without defiance.  You play the starring role while they direct evolution itself in an AI-generated “Game of Natural Selection” where the “survival of the fittest” is a human-to-human eugenics competition.

This book documents the research compiled by a network of civilian researchers in their 7 year long quest to uncover the truth about our civilization and how we’ve been dominated and manipulated by the hereditary Babylonian global elite as they implement their eugenics program called the “Transhumanist Agenda 2030”.  SPM

(For our Deactivation of the GQD Particle protocols, see; Mitgation Against the GQD Particle.)

Transhumanism: The Age of Transition Is Here
Great Reset: Smart Dust, The Living Matrix & You
Kissinger, Club of Rome & CIA Population Control Program at Fauci’s Fort Detrick
Human Genome & Proteome Projects Keys to Transhumanist Quantum Agenda
CCR5 Gene Used to Biologically Transform Humanity
Gain-of-Function: The SARS-CoV-2/HIV-1 Story
CORONA: The COVID-19 & Electromagnetic Frequencies Story
5G CoVFeFe Solenoids harvest and transmit Magnetic Fields for behaviour modification
LOVE Hertz: 5G Transmitted Magnetic Fields Target Your Heart
Measuring Magnetic Fields
Understanding Mind Control: CIA’s MK-ULTRA Project at Fort Detrick
5G Mind Control Used in Rwandan Genocide
Graphene 101
Reduced Graphene Oxide: The Real Problem Behind 5G
Graphene Oxide is in everything!
mRNA + 5G + Graphene Oxide = “Neural Chip”
Luciferase: The GQDs Powerpack
Eyes are the primary conduit for transferring information between Neurons and Cloud
Bacteriorhodopsin: The Operating System of the Living Matrix
Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dots enters the Immune System using HEK293 cell lines containing sv40
mRNA Graphene Quantum Dots: Injection to Neuron
Moderna’s Triple Helix Patent: A Clathrin mRNA Neural Lace Smoking Gun
5G Activation of Spike Protein: Gauss Divergence Theorem explains it all
First Autopsy of a COVID-19 Vaccinated Person confirms mRNA in every cell.
Infection to Pathogen: Transmission of the GQD Neural Interface
Disease X:  COVID Induced Prion Disease
Amyloid Clotting are Lipids & Proteins. Prions. Clathrin GQD’s.
Negative Impact of Supplements & Pharmaceuticals in 5G Environment
NWO’s Transhumanist Quantum Brain Snatchers: Franco & Gordana Vitaliano
Internet to GQD Particle: How NSA’s Franco Vitaliano became the heart of The Transhumanist Agenda
Franco Vitaliano’s Exqor Nanotechnologies was being used to DIRECTLY target the CCR5 receptor!
Franco Vitaliano developed Cronus: The communication systems between satellites and computers for US Military
Dark Web: One Cartel to Rule THEM All
Many Faces of Franco Vitaliano
Words and Wisdoms of Franco Vitaliano
Vitaliano Clathrin GQD Neural Interface Technology Consolidated Globally Under Obama Brain Initiative
Vitaliano’s Molecular Electronic Devices
Vitaliano’s MetaQor is the mRNA Neural Interface Technology Pipeline
ExQori∆: The Franco Vitaliano/ExQor Cognitive Cloud
EQORIA: The Rothschild/USA Inc Planetary Singularity Quantum Matrix
Architects, Engineers & Scientists of EQORIA
The Matrix Coming Out Party! AI RSVP “YES!” For Everyone!
EQORIA! Satan’s MATRIX Will Harvest You!
Satan’s Matrix EQORIA caught harvesting minds… in 2014!
Words and Wisdoms of EQORIA’s James Qor Angelo.
EQORIA Wants Your Children
Dr.Gordana D. Vitaliano, MD, PhD: Growing Brains at MacLean Hospital
EQORIA’s SINGULARITY GENESIS: A window into how a neurons function and interface is achieved.
EQORIA wants you to give up your Free Will
Starlink Infrared Satellites are the Photonic Superhighway used to transmit between Clathrin GQD Neural Interface and Quantum Cloud
Ian F. Akyildiz developed delivery systems utilizing Clathrin GQD’s for Quantum/Photon based Mind Harvesting.
6G Engineered To Be Powered By Human Energy
Technocracy Incorporated: Elon Musk’s Family Business
X: Elon Musk, The JASON Group & The DARPA Matrix Quantum Shell Game
Xanadu: EQORIA’s Quantum Computer
Silicon based Photonics is NOT the Quantum Computer you are looking for.
Xanadu China Confirms Vitaliano’s “Qubits” Used in Human/Cloud Quantum Computing
PHONONS Key To Harvesting Consciousness
PHONONS Activate GO and rGO Beyond Limits!
pineal gland: doorway to the infinite consciousness
Clathrin Required to Harvest Consciousness
ChatGPT4 Responds to “Clathrin Required to Harvest Conciousness”
The Vitaliano’s want to delete your memories to absorb you into the Collective Consciousness ripe for Harvesting.
Uploading Consciousness Requires An Act of Karmic Will. (“Permission”).
Chemtrails Deliver Aluminum & Reduced Graphene Oxide to Enhance Phonon Based Consciousness Harvesting
Earth Biogenome Project, Agenda 2030 & The End of Civilization
Turns out Clathrin GQD’s CAN infect Earth’s entire Biome.
Morgellons: A Clathrin-dependent Bioweapon
CBD, Legal Weed & Graphene Quantum Dots
GQD Uptake in Pathogenic Fungus Fusarium
EQORIA. Human Vaporization Experts
ECIWO Acupuncture Background & Corruption
I think Yingqing Zhang died prematurely!!! I think they killed him!!!
Immortality of the Universal Mind
George Soros, Franco Vitaliano & Frens want to curb the burden of Your Free Will
bill gates is the antichrist
Microsoft is an Illuminati Shell Company
Bill Gates & Ray Kurzweil discuss deployment of Vitaliano Clathrin GQD neural interface… in 2005
The Living Matrix: Hunger Games 2030
The AI Tribes of the Living MATRIX

Ascension of the Molecular Biological Machines