Len Ber & CIA Frens

aka The Microscopy Club

Do I belive Len Ber was a victim of Electronic Warfare? I can.

Do I believe that victimization makes him prime for manipulation? Absolutely.

NOTE: One does not have to be “in on it” to be considered Controlled Opposition. They may be convinced of the lies or mischaracterization they peddle. I would say the majority of what we’d call Controlled Oppostion are dupes and patsies.

Before I appeared on Len Ber’s podcast, I would have said he was a dupe.

• Bonus Episode – Interview with Shawn Paul Melville: Len Ber Substack, November 24, 2023

But after the show, I am saying so much more!

Len Ber & Frens gives us a window into Cointelpro where we can disect the anatomy of a psy-op.

• Len Ber & Frens is just another CIA “Targeted Justice” Psy-op.
• DISINFO ALERT! Len Ber’s Fren Robert Duncan Is NOT A Scientist!
• Robert Duncan’s Targeted Justice, PACTS & FFCHS are Targeted Individual CIA Honey Pots.
• CLASSIC CIA! Len Ber intentionally Floods the Zone with Shit!
• Len Ber Knows!  Which means, Len Ber Lies!
• Len Ber’s Microscopy Slides are CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control
Microscopy Slides are CIA MK-Ultra NLP Mind Control!
• Microscopy Club IS Collective Conciousness.
• PLOT TWIST! Len Ber’s Frens Promote Blushield EMF Protection!

My hunch about Len’s Frens was accurate, and safe to say the saying remains the same, “once CIA, always CIA”.

Now, dare I ask, is Len Ber KGB? I was willing to give Len Ber a pass as an idiot dupe of CIA operative Robert Duncan, but his assertation that the two of them are Frens is a real concern. And his tactics in our interview lead me to believe he is far more involved in this operation than initially believed. Let’s ponder?

“The CIA and KGB collaborated. The two countries’ cooperation at one time was so close that they almost had a representative in each other’s spy headquarters. As amazing as it sounds like, it was no fiction.

“One of the first recorded meetings between the KGB and CIA, or rather precursor organisations NKVD and OSS occurred in 1943. The two heads met in Moscow to discuss cooperation and fight against the Nazi Germany.

“As a show of faith, General Donovan outlined the organization, aims, scope operations, etc. of OSS, giving details of specific types of operations, means of communication, organization of groups within enemy countries, etc.

“He also answered what methods were used in introducing agents to enemy countries, type of training and equipment given these agents, and whether they were trained primarily in the United States or elsewhere.

“He even went further and discussed what types of equipment they used and even promised to give some of the sensitive equipment they have developed.”

You can read more about this here: 1 (it is a CIA site that was deleted from the internet)

  1. Memoranda for the President: OSS-NKVD Liaison — Central Intelligence Agency (archive.org) ↩︎