Oh, Canada

New World Order

Canada2020 Controls Trudeau Government & Auditor Generals Office!
Canada’s Auditor General IS Corrupt! Another Justin Trudeau “Sock Puppet”!
Trudeau, BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood & the Illuminati
Rocco Galati’s Real Record As A Constitutional Lawyer
All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros
Bill C-36: Red Flag Laws In The Name Of Preemptively Combatting Hate Speech
Trudeau’s WE Charity Linked to Jesuits and Child Labour
Trudeau, “The impacts of this G7 will be felt long after the newspapers you write for will have been used to wrap fish”
REPRINT: The Rothschilds’ Fabulous Stake in Canada
Canadian HoC Foreign Affairs Committee Endorses UN Parliament In 1993, And Again In 2007
The Harper-Desmarais Axis: Destroys Alberta Oil & Gas, Promotes Iranian Colonization!
SPEECH: Stephen Harper to Council For National Policy, June 1999

Social Economy, Infrastructure Banks and One World Government

Soros’ Tides Foundation and the Social Economy Slush Fund
Dossier: Tides Meeting 2006 “Scaling Up the Canadian Social Finance Sector”
Soros, Trudeau, SNC & The Canada Investment Bank
BlackRock, SNC & The Infrastructure Bank: Meet the Global Construction Cartel
Dossier: Meet the Canadian Infrastructure Bank Directors
The Criminal Cartel of the Canada Infrastructure Bank Board

Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada
Leaked Government Document: Lloyd Axworthy, The Chinese Militarization of Canada

Soros’ Green (& Weed) Social Economic Movement

Part One: “Best Buds” Maxime Bernier & Dan Dicks
Part Two: The “Green” Behind Maxime Bernier
Agenda 2030: Why Have Food When You Can Have Weed?
Soros’ New World Order Tied To Drug Legalization Movement
Part Three: Jade Maple Is George Soros’ GATEWAY For Pot Legislation In Canada
The New World Order/CIA Inspired Pot Legalization Movement
The Soros Marijuana Movement In Canada
Big Pharma Cannabis Distributors Linked to Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Taking Down the Privy Council

History of Policy Research Initiative (PRI), Privy Council Office [reprint]
DOSSIER: Jocelyne Bourgon: Clerk of Privy Council (1994-1999)


Peter Downing, #Wexit & George Soros. (Seriously.)

Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)

So many reason that #TrudeauMustGo

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)

The 2020 CPC Leadership Clownshow
@ScheerMustGo IS Harper & Associates
Promises of Our Future Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer
Stephen Harper Accused Of Working With Maxime Bernier To Form PPC
Sir Bryan Brulotte: Harper’s Aspiring Illuminati PM

Maxime Bernier & the People’s Party of Canada (PPC)

Johanne Mennie: Deep Mysteries – Deep State
The Worm at the Core of the PPC
Meet Communist Maxime Bernier
Canada Has A Quebec Politician Problem
Dossier: Maxime Bernier and UNPA
The PPC’s “Say NO To Mass Immigration” Billboard Fiasco
The Official response to “Project Cactus” from the founder & spokesman of #ppcPurge2019


•  Settler Colonialism: An Attack On National Cultural Identity
•  Facts & Figures: The Ugly Truth About Replacement Migration In Canada
•  Soros and the Canadian Connection to the Migrant Caravan on the US Border