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We at CIN believe EMF Radiation Poisoning is the number 1 issue concerning each and every person today. If everyone was to mitigate EMF’s, people would return to their base level of health; homeostasis. They would have a true picture of the the state of their bodies. What we increasingly finding for many, they have no issues at all.

My own journey is mirrored in the research on this website. This website exists because I needed answers for myself. I had been living with health issues most of my life, and the COVID years made everything worse. None of the years taking pharmaceuticals then supplements provided as long lasting relief as when I decided to mitigate EMF’s.

• Shawn Paul Melville’s Blushield Testimonial

After four years of research, studying the proteins, the nanotechnology and the 5G/EMF’s, we finally have solutions worth proposing. The cornerstone of that proposal, is Blushield EMF Protection. A scalar wave generator for the home.

• Scalar Wave Fields will Protect You from Magnetic Field Poisoning & Help You Heal.
• Buying Blushield EMF Protection
• How Blushield EMF Protection Works
Scalar Energy: The Language Of Our DNA
• Scalar Waves or Tesla Telaforce

Blushield is an experience, and most people are not sold on a device based on an experience. For those of you who want to know clinically if the device is working, we’ve put together this article.


For those who are concerned about mRNA vaccines and nanotechnology, you will want to keep reading with this next article. This is our proposed protocol for deactivating nano-technology and detoxing.

• Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface

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