The Convoys

Controlled Opposition or Revolution? Is there a difference?

While the energy of the grass routes was legitimate and positive, the movement was compromised before it began.

• Trudeau Behind Trucker’s Freedom Convoy Insurrection!

• United Nations On the Ground In Ottawa

• Canada Inc. Convoy to Civil War!

• Canada’s NWOs Police State is Here!

• PPC Convoy To Civil War: The UN Takeover Begins!

• NWO’s Convoy to Famine

• #RandyHillierIsARussianAsset?!

• Mayor Jim Watson: WEF’s Nazi Scum & President Xi’s Man In Ottawa.

• Is this Trudeau’s NWO Implementation Plan for 2022?

• Biden Set to Seize Bank Accounts of Truckers!

Archived Livestreams

It is important to note, there are thousands of hours of livestreams out of Ottawa for the the three weeks of the alleged “siege” and “occupation”. There is no video, let alone photos, of any of the claims the Trudeau government or MSM made about these Canadians.

Red Pilling the Masses


Travel Fun 69


Stunt Dummy


Canadian Rambo

Live From the Shed


Machine’s Everywhere

Ottawa’s Freelance Photography