Mitigation Against the GQD Particle

The Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. Find our complete thesis here; “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda”.

Following is our best advice on deactivation and mitigation. SPM

We looked at EMF’s since we believed they contained the frequencies to activate the “chip” and was also responsible for 5G Magnetic Field Radiation Poisoning.

EMF’s alone contribute to considerably harmful health effects, but EMF’s are just the beginning. They activate the “chip”:

• Blushield EMF Protection
• Pure Water is Vital for Electromagnetic Field & Graphene Oxide Detoxification

Then we moved on to what we determines the EMF’s to be activating… the Graphene Quantum Dots, or GQD’s; the “viral like particle”. We believed the main components being Graphene OxideClathrin and Luciferase:

Reversing Clathrin uptake of Graphene Quantum Dots. Clathrin is activated by EMFs (electrons):

This is the synopsis of our best solution:

• Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface
Article footnotes:
• Pure Water is Vital for Electromagnetic Field & Graphene Oxide Detoxification
• Iron Will Deactivate Graphene Oxide, Repress Luciferase and Reduce COVID Related Aging
• Korean Mistletoe used to ward off Magnetic Fields & EMFs, degrade Graphene Oxide and kill Luciferase?
• E. Coli Nissle 1917 (Mutaflor) probiotic will protect gut lining, fortify gut biome
• Chlorpromazine may inhibit Clathrin endocytosis preventing Graphene Oxide uptake

Although Blushield will help to mitigate EMFs (electrons) it will not mitigate photons (light) and/or phonons (sound).

Transmission of information is occurring along the Quantum Field and this information is in the form of what are called entangled particles; namely electrons (EMFs), protons (Light) and phonons (Sound). This information is sent to the quantum computer where it is analysed. It can act as both a receiver and transmitter of information. The computer can then also transmit information directly to the human host via cell phones, TV, computers, and even the power grid in the form of EMFs (electrons), Protons (light via screen monitors) and Phonons (sound). And one of these can activate Graphene oxide which is now working as the neural interphase in your body.

Therefor the ONLY way to permanently detach from the Quantum MATRIX is to deactivate the “Graphene-based neural  Interphase” in your body. Of course this mechanism is highly dependent on the Quantum Computers being used and the power grid itself. That being said, satellites too play an integral role in this “Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” which are controlled by ground stations.

Photons role with light:

Inactivating or destroying the Bacterial Luciferase that is continually activating the Graphene Oxide. Luciferase is activated by photons (light):

• Blue Light and InfraRed Filters will Deactivate the Luciferase Power Pack
• Schizandra Berries will kill Bacterial Luciferase.

Phonons role with sound:

Inactivating or destroying the Graphene Oxide in your body that is activated by Phonons (sound).

• Pink Noise: Can Ultrasonic Sound Break Down Phonon Reduced Graphene Oxide?

Our Conciousness is also a target:

Treatments based in dualism are key.

• ECIWO Acupuncture Protocol in Entirety

Gene insertions in the form of CCR5 has been a major conduit for integrating their systems:

•  Through the CCR5 pain mu-opiod receptor, Kratom is shown to have potential to inhibit CCR5 pathway

Rhodopsin is the big one, the Operating System:

•  Pink Noise: Can Ultrasonic Sound Deactivate the Bacteriorhodopsin Operating System?

As a sidenote, we first looked at the SARS-CoV-2 biological malware as a “virus” and the first thing we tackled was the “infection”.

Based on the fact that it contained 29 glycoproteins, 4000 plus enzymes and 600 plus amino acids including MERS, SARS, HIV, among other things were present in the sequence, we thought it must be a kill shot and focused on preventing infection. But the “cures” being offered all contained the disease; the “chip”.

• Negative Impact of Supplements & Pharmaceuticals in 5G Environment
• REMDESIVIR! George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!
• Eureka! Iron Supplementation Will Deactivate Graphene & COVID19 Related Aging!
• ImmunaZin and Enzoimmune Active! COVID/HIV/Cancer Prophylactic/Therapeutic Exists!… But we need a chemist…
• COVID CURE FOUND! Monoclonal Antibody CLONE 3 & Intel Corporation is Your New Master!

The following were all working theories before we started mitigating EMF’s. We have left the material up for research purposes:

• Cinnamon Inhibits Luciferase
• Bed mattresses with metallic coils are out! Air mattresses are in!
Faraday Cloth Testimonial. Confirmation of bodies heightened Magnetic Field
• Pepsin will bind to BOTH GO and rGO! [It’s always been about the gut]
• Kaolin Remediates Toxicity of Graphene Oxide
• Quinoline Family Antibiotics Will Kill Luciferase Lux Genes
• Rantidine inhibits Vitalinao’s cell lines that delivers the Clathrin nanobot.
• Flagyl (Metronidazol) will leach Graphene Oxide from the Brain
• Statin Drug Zocor can eliminate Graphene Oxide from the Body!
• Tylenol breaks reduced graphene oxide circuit