Controlled Opposition

NOTE: One does not have to be “in on it” to be considered Controlled Opposition. They may be convinced of the lies or mischaracterization they peddle. I would say the majority of what we’d call Controlled Oppostion are dupes and patsies.

This piece is a breakdown of the Rockefeller/UN report instructing opposition on how to combat the truth with false narratives. The big takaway, is that they admit that people skeptical of vaccines are correct.

Global “Public Relations” Fountainhead of COVID19 Propaganda.

Fauci controlled his own oppostion to people discovering that there were HIV inserts in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but more importantly, that he owned the patents.

Anthony Fauci Vindicates Civilian Intelligence Network.

Kevin McCarin is a real piece of work. He’s out there confusing people about nasty viral sequences and jibber jabbering about horrid outcomes for humanity. Considering his experience, I’d say he’s out there intentionally lying his fucking face off.

• Kevin McCairn: Controlled Oppositions Nest Commander.

Luc Montagnier was pushing the narrative that HIV was in SARS-CoV-2 and he was one of the first pushers of HCQ. But the thing is, his lab was in the Chinese Military Institure in Wuhan, China, and his field of study was curing with frequencies.

SARS-CoV-2: Is there a Cure? The NWO, China, Muslim Brotherhood, HCQ & Dr. Luc Montagnier Exposed!

Cessium in the vaccine’s is another Todd Callender special.

• “Cesium in the vaccine” is more alt-COVID disinformation
Dr. Ana Mihalcea pushes microscopy slight of hand snake oil poisons.
Dr. Ana Mihalcea: Qoco LoQo

Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Robert Young and Stew Peters mischarachterized the La Quinta data, claiming that parasites were present. Kind of a bold move considering they did not have actual access to the research, or reach out to La Quinta for comment. To this day, Ruby claims she “broke” this story. The biggest hangover from their lies, is parasites in the vaccines.

• No, Parasites Don’t Cause HIV!

The Chinese approaching us to promote Ivermectin was classic.

CCP wants its IVM & HQC Propaganda on CIN!

NOTE: Anyone pushing Front Line Protocols is Controlled Opposition, whether taking money or not. I will not be wasting too much time on those folks pushing big pharma and big supplement.

• Negative Impact of Supplements in 5G Environment

This piece goes out to Dr. Jane Ruby and Mike Adams who analysed the “clots”, but for some reason would not conduct a follow-up in light of our findings… It also goes out to all you junior varsity scientists with your microscopes and blood slides.

• “Clots” are Lipids & Proteins. Clathrin Clots.

This article goes out to ChatGPT4, of course the AI does not like us.

• ChatGPT4 Responds to “Clathrin Required to Harvest Conciousness”

This one goes out to Dr. Ana, who even when she is correct is wrong.

• Turns out Clathrin GQD’s CAN infect Earth’s entire Biome.

This one goes out to Todd Callender and his activated release nanobots. His October 4th kill switch FEAR campaign was horrible to watch unfold, even seeped into the general public. Such an asshole. I also flip a bird to “E”, who is on Telegram pushing the same Kill Frequency FEAR campaign that Todd is pushing.

• Project Sanguine:  Project Kill Switch? Project Great Reset.

Dr. Grouf spreads all the BS.

NWO Shills Promote “Toxic” NAC Treatment & Fake “Spike Protein Toxicity”!

According to the narrative, you’d think Pfizer was the only company conducting any crimes. Pfizer! Pfizer! Pfizer! Which makes me believe it is being designed to take the fall, so the entire system can continue.

Stunning “Adverse Events Data” released from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials
Pfizer CEO Admits Vaccine Was Experimental
Pfizer endorses the “Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin” combination as a prophylactic for COVID-19 infection
Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial #PfizerGate
Confidential Pfizer Document Exposed! Vaccine is Toxic!
FDA & Pfizer Confirm! Vaccines Shed!
Chinese and Pfizer Team Up To Make Loving Vaccines.
Pfizer Lobbyists Claim Responsibility For Installing Ford and O’Toole Into Current Positions

Moderna which is a DARPA shell company, is not immune to tell lies to spread FEAR.

Moderna Executive Admits mRNA Vaccines Rewrite Genetic Code

Donald Trump is the ultimate Controlled Opposition Troll. He ruined everything. Patriot Movement, Truth Movement, … , America, …

•  The Abraham Accords: Chabad President Trump’s Greater Israel is Born
Vaccine Bait & Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI
Trump Signs Bill to Further Destroy Critical Infrastructure, Including Pandemic Delivery System & Cybersecurity
• CoVFeFe. Trump’s Other Silent Genocide.
VIDEO: Inside the Operation Warp Speed Effort to Get Americans a COVID-19 Vaccine
•  CIA Culture Wars and the “Q” Drop Phenomenon
•  USMCA Boildown: Welcome to the North American Agenda 2030 Union

Elon Musk.

Elon Musk & Twitter’s Secret Partnership with China!
Starlink’s Dark Overlord himself…. Elon Musk!

Here is Jon Stewart continuing his career telling half truths, and spinning out the “Wuhan Lab Leak” narrative.

“Comedian” Jon Stewart continues his career of telling half truths, this time selling “Wuhan lab leak” narrative.

This is just weird. CBC basically called CBC conspiracy theorists.

CBC Calls CBC Fake News

“Doctor” Ariana Love told her audience that I was saying terible things about her on my website. I did not, but I’ve obliged her with this piece.

“Doctor” Ariana Love protomotes protocols enhancing warp speed neural interface.

The Devaccinator is not worth my time, however, many of my readers ask me about this technique. It is barbaric. See for yourself.

Adam Smith’s Devaccinator is pure torture.

This is a list of the propagandists in Canada.

Pandemic Propagandists of Canada’s COVID Clown Show.
The Criminal Propagandists of the Canadian COVID Conspiracy: Grifters & Con-artists Perpetuating Martial Law