Jeffery Epstein’s Mad Science: Wanted to seed the human race with his own DNA.

In 2016, Harvard hosted a secretive meeting to organize a controversial project: synthesizing an entire human genome in the lab. A month later, the project was publicly announced, and who was doing the key research? Lab-origin superstar Alina Chan.


This project received widespread criticism, both for the secrecy of the meeting and the lack of attention to ethics. It was criticized in WaPo and the NY Times. Biologist Drew Endy refused to participate. Genetic Literacy Project has a good roundup

The meeting was organized by Harvard biologist George Church, who helped develop genome sequencing and co-created the gene editing technique CRISPR. For years, he also enjoyed numerous meetings and phone calls with eugenics aficionado Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein, of course, is notorious for his interests in transhumanism, AI, and “improving the human population through…genetic engineering.” He wanted to make heritable changes to human embryos and to seed the human race with his own DNA.

Church is himself an arch-transhumanist with a whole list of genes he wants to edit. Below, a writer for the Epstein-backed Humanity+ describes a talk by Church at a DARPA meeting in which he lauds eugenics (improving intelligence via genetic selection).


It’s worth underlining that Alina Chan presented at the Church-organized Harvard meeting on synthetic human genomes, presenting her work on building artificial human chromosomes.

One company that also made a presentation at the Harvard meeting was Twist Bioscience. Twist, interestingly, is one of the few companies that provides made-to-order DNA which is essential for viral cloning, like that done by Ralph Baric’s lab.

“Interestingly” because one of the disturbing features of Chan’s COVID-origin research has been her willingness to cozy up to Ralph Baric, even going so far as to co-author a letter with him this month.

Baric, as anyone who’s been following the origin saga should understand, is one of the prime suspects in any lab-origin hypothesis. He’s also a major practitioner of dangerous gain-of-function work. I’ve seen nothing but praise & defense of Baric from Chan.

By Chan’s own account, she was interested in human artificial chromosomes for “genome writing” and “mammalian cell engineering” and wanted to create synthetic DNA and “deliver them into human cells.”

Alina Chan developed a method for fusing yeast to human cells to create “Frankenstein cells.” With this technique, she successfully inserted Ebola into human cells in order to make human cells produce the infectious virus(!).

Here’s a semi-transcript of Chan’s talk. Her research was conducted for GP-write, George Church’s synthetic genome project (originally called “Human Genome Project-write” until they apparently realized the name was too creepy).

Direct connection between Twist Bioscience, which participated in the Church-organized synthetic genome project meeting, to Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein.


Alina Chan noting that the Pentagon funds her research into human artificial chromosomes (HACs).

“This work has mostly been funded by DARPA.” Over the weekend, Alina Chan suggested I should request a check from the Chinese government for tweeting criticism of her. I’d tell her to ask the Pentagon for some cash, but she’s already got that covered,

Why is the Pentagon interested in human artificial chromosomes? One goal is to “engineer much more complex functionalities into human cell lines than are currently possible,” apparently by adding a 47th chromosome into human DNA. (Krishnan, “Military Neuroscience…”)


DARPA is reportedly interested in genetic engineering in order to create “super soldiers” with enhanced capabilities. As should be obvious, if HACs can be used to enhance humans, they can just as easily—actually much more easily—be weaponized against them.

Genetic weapon ideas that have been floated include murder via boutique person-specific cancers and slipping bio-weapons into food, water, air and commercial products. The State Dept is already secretly collecting foreign leaders’ DNA, for completely benign purposes.


“[I]t was revealed in 2017 that DARPA had invested $100 million in ‘gene drive’ research, which is involves the use of genetic modification to wipe out entire populations, explaining why it is often referred to as a ‘genetic extinction’ technology.”

DARPA is also funding research into genetic engineering techniques that would use viruses to insert DNA into specific neurons in order to make humans capable of mind-controlling their weapons.

Chan’s employer, the Broad Institute, has received $32 million from DARPA to ramp up its synthetic biology and DNA engineering efforts.

The Broad Institute was co-founded by Eric Lander, who met with Epstein at least once. Lander denies taking $ from Epstein, yet Epstein’s site bragged about funding Lander’s work. Lander was just confirmed as Biden’s cabinet-level science adviser.

Biden’s Nominee for New Cabinet-Level Science Position Is Epstein-Linked Geneticist

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Epstein and Gates worked on genomes together… the ba$tards.
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