Sheeple… Stop Swabbing!

Have you wondered why the Trudeau Government is in a frenzy to deliver COVID test swabs at warp speed? What nefarious purpose do those swabs have? are they collecting genetic data? are they introducing viral particles or vaccines into the general population? Or are they being used to tag the sheeple? Here is our analysis.

Meet the family owned company that invented the nasal swabs. But is it really family owned? You see… in the land of the NWO everything promoted as a new startup or family owned is nothing but a shell game with the little peanut hiding behind a corporation!

Copan Technology was once called microRheologics and they produce the majority of the COVID nasal swabs on the market. These swabs are made up of spray-on nylon flocked fiber technology.

This slide show demonstrates how these swabs are made. And yes, there is also a special glue coating involved!

These swabs have been around since 2006 and have been used for influenza a/b sample collection. There have been only minor adverse events namely that the swab can sometimes break off and stay in your nasal cavity.

The Company was founded in 1979 by Giorgio Trivia. The Company is now composed of several subsidiaries with offices in the USA, China, Italy, Japan, Australia and Puerto Rico. They have manufacturing plants where they distribute their products.

Here are Copan’s FDA filings. They are also the proud makers of the “fecal swabs” that are being used in China.

Daniele Trivia, the owner’s son was a chemical engineer and he developed this swab in 2003 and then partnered with Norman Sharples to expand Copan into the North American and South American market with it’s business development office in China.

See… far from merely a family business. And who is Norman Sharples? He is the CEO and Founder of this “family business.”

Norman Sharples Copan Diagnostics is also a proud member of biotech community in Carlsbad, CA. Home to industry veterans like Thermo Fisher, Beckman Coulter, Abbott Laboratories, Merk and many others; let’s just call them Rothschild. Because a NWO family that works together stays together. Amirite?

Copan has also partnered with Rothschild’s Fisher Scientific to distribute the nasal swabs because #WeAreAllinThisTogether don’t you know?

Copan also received funding from Apple in early 2020 because there were COVID test kit shortages. Apple Inc. is owned by two main institutional investors, Vanguard Group and BlackRock Inc; a perfect marriage between the Rothschilds and China.

So what do these COVID swabs look like? Here is the company photo of the swab under electron microscope:


And here are photographs CIN has taken from these COVID swabs using a light microscope. Can you see the problem here? There are fluorescent round structures covering the surface of these threads. Graphene oxide is fluorescent under a microscope (phase contrast was used).

What other Nefarious Purpose are the Swabs being used for?

So what are those round structures coating the nylon fibers of the swab? The swabs are sterilized at temperatures above 125 degrees Celsius in sterile packages. At those temperatures substances like Graphene oxide would not be broken down but spike proteins and genetic material like viral mRNA would easily degrade above 40 degrees. Our guess is that these swabs, besides being used to collect genetic data, are introducing Graphene oxide or nanotechnology into the body. Graphene oxide is electromagnetic and may be acting like an antennae to deliver high levels of toxic EMFs directly into body cells resulting in neuroendocrine disfunction and possible brain stem injury. The nanobots would have a far-reaching function that may be tied to AI and may be used for tracking. We don’t know and are merely speculating here.

The good news is that both GO and nanobots are short-lived in the body and they are degraded and removed in time; GO can last up to 45 days and nanobots up to 100 days. Since nanotechnology is electromagnetic, like graphene they can be deactivated and/or removed from circulation using a small electromagnetic field. CIN wrote an article on how to make an electromagnetic coil nano bucket that would deplete the body from circulating graphene oxide. The same principles can be applied to nanobots. And we also researched the science behind it. The nano bucket can also be used to breakdown circulating viral mRNA particles coated in lipids from the vaccine itself by disrupting the lipid coat. This would prevent entry of the viral mRNA into your cells where it causes the spike protein production. It may not destroy all the vaccine but it will help to neutralize it’s spread. It can also help to breakdown clots circulating in the blood.

Treatment for the Elimination of Graphene Oxide From the Body: The Nano Bucket

How to Remove Nanotechnology From the Body

Are you hearing more complaints about dry eyes? Everyone I know that got swabbed is complaining of dry eyes, mouth, and nose. Have these swabs damaged the neuroendocrine structures that arise out of the olfactory bulb where the swabs make contact? It would create a Sjogren-like Syndrome that would explain the dry eyes, nose and mouth? For those of you experiencing these symptoms, Gatorade or any electrolyte drink can help. And please do not take D-Drops or Vitamin D3, or Omega3, they have all been found to have Graphene oxide in them. Warm compresses, hydrating eye drops, a good humidifier and time. That GO will eventually make its way out of the body.

Do the swabs cause brain stem injury? Brain stem injury is indicated in MERS and SARS and they have implicated it for SARS-CoV-2 as well through the olfactory bulb! This is also the location where they do the nasal swabs. We have no idea if the swabs can cause brain stem injuries, your guess is as good as ours. So let’s not go there!

Why is the government handing out millions of COVID test kits with these swabs? Since millions of people have already been swabbed for COVID our guess is that these swabs contain nanobots that are tracking devices. Nanobots can only survive for up to 100 days in the body before they are degraded. We suspect something is coming down very soon. Ontario’s top doctor has recently implied that there is a 6th wave coming by April so the timeline fits.

Ontario’s Top Doctor Confirms Vaccinated Are the Spreaders!

With the ongoing trucker’s convoy causing havoc and suggestions of UN involvement, we believe these swabs contain nanobots that will be used for AI tracking purposes. The swabs wont prevent infection. They’re not a cure. If you want to use those COVID test kits collect your own sample using a Q-tip swab instead! FFS, SHEEPLE… STOP SWABBING!

One more thing…

This little headline recently reminds us of another purpose for the swabs, DNA collection.

Which we broke down in 2020.

Health Canada Approves Rothschild Funded, China Produced, COVID-19 Test Kits That Collect DNA!