Omicron Variant is HIV Seroconversion! #HerdTransmission #COVIDisAirborne #AirborneAIDS Mother Fuckers!

A study out of Taiwan had a lot talking on social media. A research technician working at a Biosafety Lab Level 3 got sick with COVID. The question was… How was it transmitted?

FACT: The problem here is that the virus wasn’t in the mouse and it wasn’t in the air either. These research labs have air locks and all researchers wear hazmat suits. Could it be that the microbe was inside the vaccine the researcher took?

FACT: You don’t need a virus to cause disease… the spike proteins themselves can do this! Which means that the “vaccinated” themselves can generate the “virus”… aka… “spike proteins. ” They are the NWO’s “super spreaders!”


Understanding how the “Spike Protein” Works.

But this problem does not just end with the “vaccinated,” a new study has revealed that those previously “infected” have similar symptoms! The NWO is finally exposing the truth! Both the “vaccinated” and the “infected” are showing similar symptoms: Diabetes, electrolyte imbalances, clotting abnormalities and kidney failure (to list a few). Infected or vaccinated… the outcome is the same!


So what is going on here? Omicron Variant is #HerdTransmission & #COVIDisAirborne

We are now seeing Omicron variant infections everywhere at an unprecedented level!

Omicron Variant is HIV Seroconversion & it’s Airborne! #AirborneAIDS

We knew in 2020 that both the virus and the vaccine that coded for spike proteins had HIV inserts in it: Here are a series of articles that demonstrate this. Despite our warning, everyone still insisted that masks were pointless, that natural immunity was the way to go and the the pandemic was a hoax!

FACT: Yes… cloth masks are indeed pointless as are surgical masks… but N95s are medical grade and would provide protection at some level. The pandemic was always fluid! No one knew the NWOs plan! We did know that China bought all of Canada’s supply of N95s in January 2020 and that red-but kissing fool we have in office allowed it to happen… they all did! Our healthcare workers aren’t even using N95s two fucken years into the pandemic! So wake the fuck up you fucken morons!

FACT: There is NO natural immunity to a virus that contains HIV inserts! None! So stop this fucken narrative! Infection is just as bad as vaccination! Fuck the vaccines… pull your kids out of school! There is no fucken thing as a “mild” infection… all infections are laced with HIV! AIDS you fucken morons and AIDS has no cure! Sure there are drugs… but can you afford $3-5,000 a month? If infected you will have 2-3 years… that’s it!

FACT: The pandemic is not a hoax! Agenda 2030 is about “culling” the world’s population and that cannot be achieved by lockdowns and supply chain disruptions and/or war alone! When you see the political elite enjoying themselves at events, mask less, it’s because they have taken a prophylactic and the vaccination videos were all staged! They are protected, their children are protected and so are the fucken deer that tested positive for COVID! They control the fucken narrative! They want the planet intact and they want us dead… end of story!

What we know so far… say good-bye to your immune system!

Agenda 2030 was designed by the “Club of Rome” and here is their plan. The microbe was to be introduced by a vaccine!

The Club of Rome & The CIA Depopulation Program at Fauci’s Fort Detrick

How do we know it’s HIV Seroconversion?

It is therefore important to stress that the majority of the population will seroconvert within 3 months; however, repeated re‐exposure is common and that can seemingly prolong the seroconversion period. The Breakthrough infections we were seeing were early seroconversion. What we are seeing now is complete seroconversion and the “virus”… aka… “spike proteins” people are releasing are HIV-based! The double jabbed are seroconverting and those previously infected were always seroconverting! Long-COVID is HIV-dependent AIDS… from COVID infection!

There is no Omicron Variant… it’s all HIV seroconversion! And because they used “gain-of-Function” experimentation there is the MERS virus (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) in the spike they used to manufacture the vaccine and in the initial bioweapon!

Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Breakthrough Infections: Early HIV Seroconversion!


How do we know it’s Airborne?

Because they used “Gain-of-Function” experimentation there is the MERS virus (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) spike protein code in the mRNA they used to manufacture the vaccine and in the initial bioweapon! Here is the complete story CIN broke months ago! In March of 2020 CIN told our readers we were essentially dealing with #AirborneAIDS… but no one believed us! And our Healthcare experts that sit on the PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada) should have know right from the getgo if it was droplet air airborne transmission… period!

What does this mean? The people we entrusted the health & safety of ourselves, our family, our children have betrayed us! God help us all!

Gain-of-Function Experiments: TheSARS-CoV-2/HIV-1 Story

The NWO is now trying to eliminate the “Unvaccinated!”

Why is the NWO now disclosing information in peer-reviewed journals and the media? New information being disclosed is upsetting a lot of “vaccinated” people; many are refusing the boosters, many are upset they were not told the truth, many are upset with government. The problem here is that the majority of Canadians were vaccinated, close to 87% and in some city centers that number is as high as 91%. Many are waking up to the truth; the numbers were manipulated! Furthermore the data is showing the this has now become a “Pandemic of the Vaccinated!”

Ontario Data Clear! COVID-19 is a “Disease of the Vaccinated!”

The NWO does not want two camps consisting of the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated” they want: “compliant-vaxed”… “non-compliant vaxed” and… “non-compliant unvaxed.” Why? They are mixing the “non-compliant” together to eliminate their adversaries; those previously vaccinated with those that were unvaccinated. We are forgetting that we are at war with the NWO and they want to eliminate as many “non-compliant individuals” as possible. What better way to do that than to spread the disease to the “non-compliant!”

All those “vaccinated” or “infected” are now SUPER SPREADERS. The NWO is now phasing in #HerdTransmission because #COVIDisAirborne to spread #AirborneAIDS!

It was never about #HerdImmunity it was always #HerdTransmission

Shelter in place… just wait it out! Now is not the time to protest or go to parties! Our battle-front is dying! You must retreat until this acute phase is over! We predict it will be in May of 2022. The NWO was always trying to kill us and all I see is “dead sheeple!”

Tips: Get rid of your cell phones; Use a faraday bag for all your credit cards, health cards, drivers licenses, passports, car fobs; Remove any and all GPS tracking; Buy what you need in cash, Use VPN on your internet to hide your IP address. Remember if they can track you they can haul you away to an isolation center for forced vaccinations! Take your kids out of school and home school them if you can. Build community with like-minded, stock up on non-perishables, seeds, have a reliable water source, heating etc. Get off the grid!

I see dead sheeple…

The NWO’s Implementation Plan:

Both Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have recently stated that the acute phase of the pandemic would be over in 2022. Here is a proposed timeline of events we believe will happen and the NWO’s implementation plan! We’ve approached mankind’s darkest hour. Do not give up! Do not go quietly into the good night. God help us all!

Is this Trudeau’s NWO Implementation Plan for 2022?

Why is this significant? Soon before the death toll to Omicron rises and Citizens are fully alerted to the irreparable damage done by these vaccines, NATO’s main G7 countries will more than likely be placed in a precarious position with both China and Russia. Our guess is that war will be declared soon against both China and Russia. The G7 is an informal grouping of seven of the world’s advanced economies: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union. They are also key NATO allies all participating heavily in vaccine rollouts! News outlets are already indicating that war is on the horizon! The Rubicon has been crossed . Pray for humanity!