Ontario’s Top Doctor Confirms Vaccinated Are the Spreaders!

Ontario’s Chief Medical Doctor’s last press conference was confusing to say the least. You would think that during an outbreak most medical doctors would be talking about “infection rates” but that’s not the case with Ontario’s top doctor who was reading from a script and referring to “transmission rates” throughout the conference. Those are two separate and distinct terms and anyone having a sound medical footing should know they are not to be used interchangeably. Here is our analysis:

Both Public Health Ontario’s and the Government of Canada use similar descriptors to define “risk of transmission“:

“The transmission of COVID-19 is the passing of coronavirus disease 2019  from person to person. COVID-19 is mainly transmitted when people breathe in air contaminated by droplets and small airborne particles containing the virus. Infected people exhale those particles as they breathe, talk, cough, sneeze, or sing. Transmission is more likely when people are physically close. However, infection can occur over longer distances, particularly indoors.”

  1. TIME 14:17-14:26 and 14:56-15:03 Dr. Moore initially states that three doses can give you a 60% better rate of protection against Omicron then later changes that value to 95%.

2. TIME 14:06-14:22 and 16:35-16:40 “Two doses of vaccine with Omicron don’t seem to limit the risk of transmission significantly” and then later claims “against severe outcomes we are well protected with 2 doses.”

3. TIME 14:27 – 14:43 The problem is now that the vaccine does not cause sterile immunity and does not decrease the risk of a vaccinated person from carrying the virus. Translation: This is the first time that they have clearly stated that the vaccinated are carriers of the virus. If so, how long have they been carriers and were they always “super spreaders?” If a vaccinated person does not have “sterile immunity” from a vaccine it means that the vaccines have never worked!

4. TIME 15:05 – 15:12 “The vaccine isn’t providing significant benefit at 2 doses against the risk of transmission as compared to someone unvaccinated.” Translation: The unvaccinated still have a better immune system against Omicron than those with 2 jabs! However, keep in mind that Omicron still has the HIV inserts in it! It does NOT mean that the pandemic is over!

5. TIME 16:31-17:04 Dr. Moore clear talks about the benefits of not having a vaccine passport for those that are unvaccinated in that the passport will not allow them admission to venues, outlets and mass gatherings where transmission risks to Omicron are a lot higher. Essentially Passports are there to protect the unvaccinated from those vaccinated. So is he implying that the vaccinated are both the source and transmission of the virus? From our standpoint I see these impromptu rallies as a “mode of transmission” to infect all those opposing mandatory vaccines that are unvaccinated; the resistance will invariable get infected with what is now Airborne AIDS.

6. TIME 29:00-29:14 Dr. Moore talks about the 5th wave… January was tough… February will be better…improvement in March… and hopefully a low endemic rate in April. Seems that Moore may be indicating that there is a 6th wave underway! Will it be the aftermath of these “Freedom Rallies?” Probably!

So why would Joe Warmington be promoting “Natural Immunity”? Well let’s just say that if Premier Doug Ford was a “Big Mac” Joe would be his “special sauce.” You see the NWOs Freemasons need their media to pump up their image and what better way to do it than to keep it all in the family! Amirite Joe?

Furthermore, why would Sun Media Joe Warmington release a tweet that the Pandemic is over? The pandemic is far from over. If you look at the numbers in Nova Scotia for 2022 and compare them with the data from 2021, they tell an entirely different story; infection rates have gone up almost 250 times! And in Ontario they are no longer counting infections neither are they providing PCR testing kits or rapid antigen test kits. It looks like the NWOs plan is to increase infections across the country. With rallies in every city across this nation it is without a doubt that they will get the transmission rates they wanted!


Remember Doug Ford and his little red shovel? Trudeau has his personal photographer and Dougie has his own reporter. Warmington was first to put out tweets on social media and first to report on it. In the land of the NWO if you want a hero the media will be happy to supply one for you. That’s how it works sheeple! So please read their tweets with caution… and always do the opposite!

Dr. Moore’s whole presser: