Iron Will Deactivate Graphene Oxide, Repress Luciferase and Reduce COVID Related Aging

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

The Vitaliano Graphene Quantum Dot neural interphase patent 1 specifically uses Bacterial Luciferase named vibrio Harveyi which is activated by Flavins, Flavenoids, Vitamin B2. 2 This is why the American Frontline Doctors are pushing those supplements! 3

Why did we then focus our research on Iron supplements?

Initially we came across an article written on the hazards of Iron supplementation and COVID-19 infection by known Chinese State Media propagandists “Epoch Times.” 4 This narrative was further reinforced by research coming from the Chinese Academy of Science that has direct ties with the CCP Military. 5 We knew these were two smoking guns that Iron would be a useful tool for mitigation.

Iron prevents viral mRNA entry:

CIN decided to investigate the role of Iron in the body with respect to COVID-19 infection, and mRNA vaccination. We believe Iron supplementation will help both those that have been vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine and those that have been swabbed. Furthermore we believe Iron supplementation will help during active infection and with long-COVID. Again the levels we refer to are normal blood-iron homeostasis.

A 2007 Harvard study demonstrated that when Iron levels were low or deficient in the body, body cells increased the number of Iron receptors in order to capture Iron molecules. Iron deficiency was found to triple or quadruple the number of Iron receptors on cells. But this made people more susceptible to infection or infection more severe. Why? The Iron receptors themselves were acting like a back door for viral entry. Therefore ensuring adequate Iron levels are essential in fighting infection. 6

Iron can deactivate Graphene Oxide:

Many believe that there is Graphene Oxide in both the mRNA vaccine and the COVID-19 swabs that was placed there intentionally. Graphene Oxide is electromagnetic and activated at 40 GHz by 5G frequencies. It is capable of triggering inflammatory processes inside the body or causing viral proliferation during active COVID-19 infection.

Iron will repress Luciferase:

Blue light will also activate production in the 450 nm range. Bacterial Lucifersae which is activated by Flavin produces Blue-green light. “Bacterial luciferase is a heterodimeric (αβ) flavin monooxygenase that catalyzes the reaction of FMNH2,1 O2, and an aliphatic aldehyde to yield FMN, the corresponding carboxylic acid, and blue-green light“. 7

Bacterial Luciferase (unlike Firefly Luciferase) is a Flavonoid enzyme dependent on Flavin. The light production itself will drive the activation of this Luciferase, like a built-in power pack, in the Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dot technology! 8

Vitaliano used Riboflavin to activate Luciferase and showed a 161 times increase!

Humans have lost the ability to produce Flavin (substrate) you need to fuel this Bacterial Luciferase. But this system uses Flavin Mononucleotide that is bound both in Bacteria and Humans. And the reaction itself requires MAGNESIUM, so please stay away from Magnesium! 9

Bacterial Luciferase (enzyme) is Flavin dependent which humans produce. Regardless, the Luciferase genes had to have been introduced in both the swab and the vaccine itself then transmitted via the OMICRON inffection route to others.

The good news is that this Bacterial Luciferase is repressed by Iron! 10

Here is the Bacterial Luciferase Mechanism:

These fuckers! Their enzyme uses a Flavin that humans produce to make Riboflavin, we cannot block it, there is no winning here! Well, at least we know Iron will repress this enzyme. A daily dose would be required to stop the production of Luciferase.

Iron plus Glucose will cause PERMANENT repression of Luciferace, Vibrio harveyi was the strain Vitaliano used in the patent.

With Iron, and with glycerol as the sole carbon and energy source, the addition of glucose causes further repression, both transient and permanent, and this is only partially reversible with Iron. Without Iron, glucose addition results in only a small and transient repression. 11

The addition of glucose with the Iron supplement should result in the permanent repression of Luciferase, however, this does not eliminate future Luciferase production because the mRNA that was used works on the DNA triple helix of the cell. 12 That being said, viral mRNA will continue to produce Luciferase. The only way to eliminate Luciferase production in the body would be to use Schizandra Berries or maybe even Korean Mistletoe. 13

Furthermore, elimination of Luciferase using Iron and glucose combination may deactivate the GO and the rGO, however, GO can be eliminated from the body within 24 to 48 hours. rGO on the other hand is not soluable in water and will stay within the body. The only way to eliminate the rGO from the body would be to consume distilled water during this course of detox. 14

Again, this is purely theoretical, however we believe the chemistry is solid.

While this detox does not require EMF mitigation, without mitigation this detox would have to be repeated frequently, because you would not be able to eliminate the 5G electro magnetic frequency of both GO and rGO that is being constantly consumed through food, water and air. 15

Iron slows down aging:

Iron slows down aging which is triggered by both the vaccine and COVID-19 infection: Why did we look at the aging process? Again we followed Walter M. Chestnuts lead since he showed COVID-19 induced aging in the infected patient. 16

What supplement is being used to prevent aging? Iron! 17 18

Iron reduces hypoxia:

Iron prevents Hypoxia during active infection: During COVID-19 infection patients present with “Hypoxia” or low oxygen levels that compromises respiration and allows the infection to flourish. Iron plays a key role in maintaining oxygen homeostasis in hypoxia. Red Blood Cells, which contains approximately 70% of the body Iron stores, hypoxia stimulates erythropoiesis and promotes hemoglobin synthesis which requires Iron. These RBC help to carry more oxygen in the blood. Furthermore, Iron deficiency disturbs normal body responses to hypoxia, and causes hypoxic pulmonary hypertension that is reversed by subsequent Iron administration. 19 20 21

A recent studied pointed to the presence of a Hepicidin protein sequence on the COVID-19 spike protein tail. Hepcidin is the main regulator of Iron homeostasis in the body and influences erythrocyte or red blood cell production. High Hepcidin levels block intestinal Iron absorption and Iron recycling causing anemia. If this is true then the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein cytoplasmic tail may be controlling Iron metabolism in the body.

This may be the reason doctors are reporting low Iron levels in COVID-19 patients, non-functional red blood cells devoid of Iron molecules in its hemoglobin, Iron accumulation in the lungs along with hypoxia (low oxygen). They are also seeing increased serum levels of Hepcidin and significantly lower levels of serum Iron in COVID-19 patients. Iron supplementation may actual act to increase Iron blood serum levels enough to assist the body to maintain natural homeostasis. 22

Graphene Oxide is a weakly charged diamagnetic molecule where Iron is ferromagnetic. When suspended in body fluids, Iron carries with it a stronger magnetic charge than graphene essentially neutralizing its effects. Furthermore Iron can cross the blood-brain-barrier where it can also be effective to any Graphene oxide that may have been coated on the nasal swabs. 23 24 25

How much Iron should you take? 

Iron consumption at high levels can be toxic to the body. The following are the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) levels for iron supplementation in a health individual who has not been diagnosed with an iron deficiency. Before you start taking iron supplements it is strongly advised you check your iron levels first. Chances are your body is already at a good baseline.

The RDA for Iron is highest for pregnant women (27 milligrams per day), followed by women aged 19-50 (18 milligrams per day) and then teenaged girls aged 14-18 (15 milligrams per day). Women over the age of 50 and men over the age of 19 require 8 milligrams per day. Please do not take more than the RDA suggested in this table without the advice of your family practitioner.

Please Note: Since the lockdowns many of us in North America, especially those of Mediterranean or African descent are probably deficient in Vitamin D which may cause a deterioration of Iron status. Please have your levels monitored.

In addition, folic acid supplementation would be beneficial to help repair the nerve damage that already exists from mRNA Clathrin and Luciferase production.

Contamination of Iron Supplements:

Look at Lucky Iron Fish, for example, Iron ferrous fumarate or Iron (ll) fumarate. They changed the Iron to electrolytic iron! Which is highly electrical. 26

To remove the GO from Iron:

Simply place the Iron supplement (without the capsule) in a clear container and add distilled water to it. The Ferrous fumarate is poorly soluble in water, But GO is very soluble in water! Remove the Iron powder from the capsule and put powder in cup. To this add distilled water and stir. You will get a cloudy (black) suspension). Let the mixture settle to the bottom then remove the supernatant or water phase from the cup leaving the Iron sediment at the bottom. Repeat three times. Since graphene is water soluble and Iron is not you should be able to remove the GO from the mixture. This supplement is high in Iron. To ingest add a few milliliters of distilled water to the sediment and divide in 4 parts…or just take out one quarter of the mixture. Put in tea, soup or any liquid you ingest. This should eliminate PAIN and inflammation by blocking GO excitation and by blocking Luciferase excitation. Its not permanent but it can help. You dont need to take the entire capsule so take it when needed. Maybe once a week? Just store the excess Iron.

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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