WEF International CovidPass will require blood sample

The WEF plans to launch CovidPass in September of this year, which will require a blood sample to give you a pass to tell people you’re safe… but they promise they won’t track you with this information.

According to the buildbackbetter guidelines at the Paris Peace Accord, Canada and China are responsible for that travel pass.

Main webpage showing all corporate partners.

They deleted who would be implementing these Build Back Better projects…. here is Canada’s role for the Travel Pass on Wayback… partnered with IATA.

IATA works under the UN.

“Unlocking the potential of digital identity for secure and seamless travel”

Notice how IATA is not even registered?

Biological surveillance police state.

Meanwhile this…

And look…. they are opening up travel from africa!

Sudan… Africa…

The roundtable IS the UN.

See… IATA is UN…..

And the thing is… they just determined that circulated air on flights does carry the COVID virus.

This airplane simulation and viral spread is awesome…

It appears that IATA is going to cause the crisis so the NWO can give you a solution… an international covid pass that will require your DNA.

Remember when the insurance companies wanted DNA to provide life insurance and Trudeau’s caucus voted against it? Why? because it would disclose future health problems such as cancer to diabetes to cardiac issues. This would allow insurance companies to act more like morticians than insurers! This is the result of the Human Genome Project; the “selection of the fit” through genetic screening. What’s next? Death Panels?