Klaus Schwab discusses the “European Chips Act” and the need for a “physical brain for digitalization and to have it located to a certain extent in Europe”. Then, goes on to say the World Economic Forum launched the “Club of Rome report”.

Why you should be a skeptic of the Club of Rome & their plans for the world Timeline of last 4 years of reports: 2018- “THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY PLAN” 2019- “THE PLANETARY EMERGENCY PLAN” 2020- “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY, RENEWAL & RESILIENCE” 2021- “LEARNING NEW WAYS OF BECOMING HUMAN”


“Planetary Emergency Plan” report written before Covid in 2019:


The Club of Rome & The CIA Depopulation Program at Fauci’s Fort Detrick

Is it possible some (& all it takes is some) elites believe that climate change is such a threat to the world that a very light global disease might actually be a good thing?

The icing is that a very light global disease makes for a great time to reset toward the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Global public-private partnerships (Government/Military + Corporate Elite + Global NGO elite) = Mankind’s greatest threat.

WEF/UN + Government Elite + Corporate Elite
-Military industrial complex
-Pharma/health industrial complex
-Technology industrial complex
-Media industrial complex

They are working together to usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, Robotics, Genomics/gene editing, IoB/IoT, digital + physical merge).

This unification of the Global Industrial Complex (Elite politicians + Corporate Elite + Global NGO elites) creates a new potential threat to humanity.

Relationship between DARPA and Moderna exposes the real threat of Private Public Partnerships against humanity.

The strength of these partnerships & the UNIMAGINABLE POWER current technologies provide them is a threat to ALL of humanity.

Most of us have heard of ‘build back better’ by now. Many people don’t know that the BuildBackBetter initiative was created by the UN & The UN is partnered with the WEF.

National Government’s are all in with Schwab and the WEF’s lead to usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution post COVID-19.

Now that we have the Global Public-Private Partnership established let’s listen to how easy Dr. James Giordano says it would be to crash the USA healthcare system with new bio-tech weapons (2018 talk at West Point).

Think about what is happening post COVID-19 and who it benefits.

Psychological/Narrative Warfare

Think about the illogical global media narrative for COVID-19: fear, doom, gloom, get the vaccine, didn’t come from a lab, get the vaccine, more fear, etc.

Global β€œPublic Relations” Fountainhead of COVID19 Propaganda.

What narrative would the WEF’s Global Industrial Complex favor?

If you didn’t know, our current Director of National Intelligence attended the annual pandemic simulation in 2019 (sponsored by WEF). She was sitting next to China’s CDC director and discusses narrative control.

Why have ZERO members of congress thought about questioning our Director of National Intelligence and her ideas at the annual Event 201: Pandemic Simulation in OCT 2019? Why was she there? What purpose does someone with an intelligence background serve at a pandemic exercise?

Listen to the military strategies Dr. James Giordano speaks of and think of our current reality. Should we not be asking ourselves, are we in a similar battle now?

“manipulating bio data”

“Can do that on a much larger scale: groups, populations”

Craig Venter on NIH, funding, & rogue scientists. Listen and think about it in terms of the Ecohealth Alliance, gain of function research conspiracy.

How many other rogue scientists are out there doing unethical experiments and research?

Back to Neuro/Brain weapons. Dr. James Giordano says they’ve developed human and tech devices (2018) to use as a weapon.

Tell me, who signs up for a neuro weapon experiment? Who do they test these weapons on?

Did you know there are tens of thousands who claim they are targets of military experiments? Think about the history of rogue military/intelligence mind control & brainwashing experiments like MK-Ultra. Do you really believe these types of experiments stopped?

I’ve talked to multiple Targeted Individuals who claim they are victims of neuro-weapon experiments with the same or similar symptoms as the “Havana Syndrome” victims in Cuba.

Should we really cast them all off as crazy? Unlike MK-Ultra, these experiments could be done covertly without the knowledge of the subject.

Do you see the problem with this technology? THIS IS THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN. This is not future tech. This tech is here NOW.

All of this tech is justified through military needs. “We need to do this because x,y,z countries are”. This is happening on a global scale in almost every modern country. Therefore it’s likely that these types of experiments are happening on a global scale.

Schwab refers to the 4th Industrial Revolution as the “fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identities”.

Transhumanism Is Eugenics Today

The Global Elite want to merge biological life with technology. Many of them are transhumanists who envision a radical new future.

China is in on on this transhumanist vision for the future. Xi and Schwab have found a common interest, 4th industrial revolution technology.

Klaus Schwab, in short… β€œwe need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

So it seems to me that Klaus & Xi have found a very common interest, the 4th industrial revolution. And, just wait until you see where this “revolution” is taking us. Let’s start with this talk at the World Economic Forum on China’s thoughts about where the 4th Industrial Revolution will go..

In light of what we now know about “hacking humans” through invisible or imbeddable technology, do we really want to let these transhumanist elites control this???

“most humans have no idea” (of the coming human hackability)

“the bio-metric data is the key.”

“What someone’s really trying to hack is this (our brains)”.

World Economic Forum Meeting 2018 SPEAKER: Yuval Noah Harari

China is also oddly claiming they are now a democracy and are on board with the UN spreading democracy worldwide. President Biden also says he’s spent considerable time with Xi Jinping. This is a global collective effort.

So, what is happening? Aldous Huxley summed it up pretty well in 1961. Brave New World was about a group making use of his ideas… arranging society into some sort of “scientific caste system”.

We are strategically being divided up. CDC Director says “education and counseling” will be given to unvaccinated employees. But where does this lead?

In the near future, if you reject their new technology, you may be denied healthcare.

“people will give up their privacy in exchange for healthcare and maybe in many places they won’t have a choice. They won’t even get insurance if they’re unwilling to give access to what is happening inside their bodies.” World Economic Forum Meeting 2018 Yuval Noah Harari.

The metaverse (future internet) will require a digital ID to join.

You will become unnecessary and irrelevant in the future of their 4th Industrial Revolution which is why they don’t care about excluding the non-compliant.

While independent journalists continue to be distracted on less important day to day news, the technocratic elites are focused on building a digital panopticon owned, ruled, & controlled by themselves.

Time is running out. Spread the word.

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