“World War Z” is coming! Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!

We know we are on the right track with our theories when the NWO controlled opposition either follows us, blocks us or confirms our theory.

Today our buddy Walter M. Chestnut confirmed that COVID infection is “HIV Seroconversion:”

I personally informed Walter, The American Frontline Doctors, Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Flynn in August 2021 that “Breakthrough Infections” were HIV seroconversion only to be blocked by all of them on social media.

NWO Shills Promote “Toxic” NAC Treatment & “Spike Protein Toxicity”!

And Walter preferred making up scientific theory, presenting models of infection and fearmongering instead of critically looking at expected patterns of HIV infection and what our “Nazi Whitecoats” were calling “Breakthrough Infections” in the vaccinated population.

You see, everyone knew there were HIV inserts in the spike protein of COVID-19 as early as January 31, 2020. Everyone!

Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Breakthrough Infections: Early HIV Seroconversion!

HIV Confirmed in Vaccinated!

“HIV Variant”… My Ass!

What happens after HIV Seroconversion? After HIV Seroconversion comes the “Latent Phase” where the body is actively building up viral load while remaining asymptomatic & spreading the love! That’s right… ASYMPTOMATIC!

But aren’t we entering the 6th COVID wave now? Many would claim that the pandemic is fake. However, in Western countries they are removing mandates and opening up communities despite rising infection rates in Germany, UK, France, Italy. This contradictory narrative is being done to either instill fear and have more people run to get the third booster or its being done to spread Omicron into the population… probably both!

Brace Yourselves for the 6th Wave!

So why are government officials removing COVID restrictions now, when they know the 6th wave is descending upon us? An HIV infected patient is most infectious post seroconversion while they remain asymptomatic. That’s why government officials have opened up everything; removed testing and masking mandates, yet still enforcing vaccine mandates. COVID-19 has now become weaponized with the vaccinated super-spreaders transmitting “HIV-like viral particles.”

And they will use this “Seroconversion Phase” to implement mandatory vaccination and the police state they want. There is nowhere to hide from what is coming.

How do we know this is the HIV Seroconversion Phase? The Country of Brunei holds the answer; it has a tropical climate and does not have the typical respiratory flu seasons you would see in countries with seasonal temperature variations (e.g. Canada). Here 93% of its population is fully vaccinated yet they still had COVID infection peaks; exactly 6 months apart just like the spacing of the vaccine doses!


Furthermore the number of COVID-19 infected people increased as more doses were administered; almost 15 times more people were infected with the second dose. What will happen with each sequential dose? With doses three and four now being recommended and mandates being lifted, more and more people will seroconvert this year and then go on to be asymptomatic but actively spreading the virus.

Is this why Justin Trudeau purchased 12 doses of COVID-19 vaccines per Canadian? You see, Pfizer conducted the initial COVID-19 vaccine testing on monkeys through IV administration where larger doses were administered. This may mean that to seroconvert one might require more than just one or two vaccine doses.

This may be good news for those that have taken one or even two doses and have not been sick. It may mean their immune system is a lot stronger than others who have seroconverted (e.g. become infected with COVID-19). Regardless, it appears that the NWO is using an “incremental approach” to their culling with the elderly, the immunocompromised and the weak, young children and babies dying first, followed by the working class and our youth. And it will be achieved by 2030 or sooner.

COVID-19: The Insurance Cartels Boomer Remover.


Are the unvaccinated that have become infected also seroconverting? From what we know, the COVID-19 “spike protein” or these “viral particles” can infect both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. I have contacted several unvaccinated people who were infected with the Omicron variant and they are no longer testing positive for COVID-19. So a single infection may not be sufficient to cause seroconversion.

Is there Natural Immunity to COVID? They are seeing more subsequent COVID-19 infections in people and each time their symptoms are getting progressively worse. Why? Each time they are getting infected their immune system is gradually being attacked. There is no natural immunity to an HIV-based virus. None!

So, what comes after this HIV Latent Phase? Unfortunately, following this phase is full-blown AIDS where the immune system is completely destroyed & the body can no longer defend itself from opportunistic infections; the body will be open to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.

If you recall, Dr. Theresa Tam has said more waves were coming in the fall where lockdowns would be returning. All these predictions right? Just where is the science that supports their modelling? It doesn’t exist that’s where! Why? Because they already know the outcome! They had this strain since 2015; remember Fauci gave the mRNA viral strain to Moderna. They had 5 years and test subjects in China to study the impact this bioweapon would have on the general population!

Gain-of-Function Experiments: TheSARS-CoV-2/HIV-1 Story

Studies are showing neurological involvement of the COVID-19 virus with some demonstrating increased aggression. Others have made claims that there is a rabies virus insert in the spike protein. Some would argue that you have now entered the Zombie Phase!

As bizarre as all this sounds, the CDC confirms the worst of our fears and in 2018 they published a “Zombie Preparedness” guide. Here is the original link that the CDC deleted from their website:

World War Z” is coming! Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!