Bacteriorhodopsin: The Operating System of the Living Matrix

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

While we knew the eyes are the conduit of transmitting data 1 in the Clathrin GQD neural interface system, we have not been able to explain the mechanisms until now. We have established that SARS-COV-2 is the mRNA malware contained within the Clathrin shuttle, think thumb drive;  the delivery system of the neural interface reboot software programming.. 2  Graphene Oxide is the electrical conduit system which connects electrically to the CPU (i.e. brain and nerves). Graphene Oxide also acts as the neural interface which upon activation by 5G EMF’s can interphase with the low ELFs  required for the manipulation of brain itself; it is the router. 3  The Brain and its neurons are the hardware and controls executive functions such as cognition, memory, knowledge. The EMF’s are the power up switch. 4 Upon reboot, Luciferase is the continual power source. Luciferase operates in THz/IR/visual light spectrum and will continue to power the router and transmit data without external energy.  If 5G goes down, you’ll still be powered up. 5 Luciferase operates in the THz/Infrared/visual light spectrum and will continue to power the router and transmit data without external energy.

However, if we truly want to compare this biological system to a functional computer, we need to find the Operating System. Computers operate by using millions of electronic switches (transistors), each of which is either on or off (similar to a light switch, but much smaller). The state of the switch (either on or off) can represent binary information, such as yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0….The binary number system is the base of all computing systems and operations. It enables devices to store, access and manipulate all types of information directed to and from the CPU or memory. 6

Bacteriorhodopsin, or Bacterial Rhodopsin ,is a Binary “Operating System” much like your cell phone, computers, telephone…. and your wifi and router which also carry binary code! In fact, Elon Musk’s LEO Starlink Satellites also deliver wifi… binary code! With this nanotechnology your genes, which also carry on/off switches can be activated!

Here we discuss Bacteriorhodopsin and its role as an Operating System capable of manipulating the Brain (i.e. CPU) of the body while also turning specific genes on and off. 

“Rhodopsin, also known as visual purple, is a protein encoded by the RHO gene and a G-protein-coupled receptor. It is the opsin of the rod cells in the retina and a light-sensitive receptor protein that triggers visual phototransduction in rods.” 7 Rhodopsin is naturally occuring, while Bacteriorhodopsin is the engineered protein used in the GQD’s.

… and yes, developed under Vitaliano’s ExQor…

In 1995 Franco Vitaliano wrote an article titled  “Molecular Computing, the Next Information System Computing.” 8

Just exactly what is molecular computing? It’s a branch of computing that uses DNA, biochemistry, and molecular biology hardware, instead of traditional silicon-based computer technologies; a form of “wet” intelligence made up of advanced neural networks consisting of synthetic DNA. Here’s what Vitaliano has to say about the topic:

“Perhaps even more incredible, these super high speed systems of tomorrow may not be transistor-based at all. Instead of semiconductors, these future systems may be using ultra-fast molecular-sized devices ‘grown’ from biological systems (biomolecular electronics); or use miniaturized molecular devices (nanotechnology).”

Although his article may have been referring to Artificial Intelligence “wet” AI, upon digging deeper into the connections you will realize that they were applying these “new scientific discoveries” to humans. And by “they” we are referring to Franco Vitaliano, his science advisor Dr. Felix Hong… and NASA. And it all started with a bacterial pigment called “Bacteriorhodopsin” which Vitaliano describes as an “operating system”. An operating system (OS) is the software program that, after being initially loaded into a computer, controls all of the other application programs in the computer hardware or CPU (Central Processing System). in this application: Bacterial Rhodopsin is the OS and the CPU is your brain:

“This new scientific field has already grown well past its early infancy. For example, three years ago, on June 25, 1992, the space shuttle Columbia thundered into orbit carrying a most unusual payload: a purplish looking, coastal swamp marsh bacteria commonly found in the San Francisco Bay area.

“This bacteria, Halobacterium halobium, owes its special color to a unique pigment found in its cell membrane called Bacteriorhodopsin (bR). The bR protein captures photons of light and converts them into cellular energy for Halobacterium. For molecular computing researchers, bR has a very special, highly prized property — bR devices can be constructed that will switch between alternate states, just like the binary logic of today’s semiconductor-based digital systems.

“Cooled sufficiently, a nanometer-sized section (a nanometer is a billionth of a meter) of the bR molecules will kink out of shape when struck by a green laser. But most important, the altered bR molecules can be made to snap back to their original form if hit by a red laser. Hence, bR can act as the basis for a molecular binary switch.

Such bR-based molecular storage devices could potentially store as much as 480 gigabytes of data (roughly equivalent to 20 million pages of typed text) in just five cubic centimeters that can be read, written, or erased in as little as five pico (five trillionth) seconds using present laser diode technology.” 9

Just exactly what was NASA doing with Bacterial Rhodopsin? In 1990 the “Combat Systems Department Naval Surface Warfare Center” submitted a report for their “Combat Systems Vision 2030” to study emerging biotechnology which was listed on the Department of Defense (DoD) Critical Technologies List referred to as “Molecular Computing” which they describe as “A molecular computer is an information processing system that uses organic or biomolecules to sense, transform, and output signals or data.” These nano-computing operating systems are described as: very small (5-100 nm), having incredibly fast speed 200K faster that regular computers, and an adeptness to pattern (visual) recognition. 10

This report was the framework for the scientific research required to develop a biomolecular electronic device using molecules that already existed in nature; molecules that could be isolated, studied and genetically altered so that they would be compatible with the human species. Like Victor Frankenstein their goal was to create  a superior version of humanity. This is the science behind their “Transhumanist” agenda which would come to fruition by 2030. Unfortunately for the human genome, the mRNA sequence used in the vaccine may have included  several non-human genetic molecules other than bacterial Luciferase which we discussed earlier.  11 12

The molecules they were studying are summarized (in part) in the following table: 13

And who was pushing for the funding of this technology? Franco Vitaliano is mentioned in the reference section itself, “Franco Vitaliano, Funding of Molecular Computing Led by DEC, Digital Review, 30 April 1990.”

One of the principal investigators in this report was the scientist who discovered that Bacterial Rhodopsin could be used as the operating system in molecular computing; Dr. Felix Hong. Dr. Hong is not only cited in Franco Vitaliano’s paper but he was also part of Vitaliano’s Science Advisory Board, established the Molecular Electronics Track for the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in 1988 where he served as the IEEE chair till 1992. 14  Hong also wrote articles for Vitaliano’s company VXM Technologies (now called Exqor Technologies) : 15

“Worldwide, there are many other researchers looking into photo-active Bacterial Rhodopsin (bR) based systems, as well. Among them is a Dr. Felix Hong at Wayne State University. He is working on a proof of concept that biological materials like bR can function the same as a conventional computer chip.

Dr. Hong’s research is building upon the work of others at Wayne State. This work has shown that bR can be altered via genetic engineering; thus producing highly successful mutants that are much more amenable to being used as molecular devices than naturally occurring bR. Says Hong, “This (research) raises the hope of breeding mutants with the right type of intelligence for the intended design of the molecular device “

“Hong uses chemistry to control the switching of his bR devices. By modifying the hydrogen ion concentration (pH) surrounding the protein, Hong is able to easily modulate the electrical behavior of his bR device. Both Hong and Birge use light as the input to their bR systems. But their bR research differs in one fundamental way: Hong is using bR’s electrical signal as the output; while Birge is concerned with bR’s light output as the information carrying medium.

According to Hong, mutant bR systems could eventually open the way to the construction of “a single molecule, or a supramolecular- cluster with massively parallel and massively distributed processing capabilities.” That is, genetically engineered bR may one day produce a biomolecular ‘NCube machine’ that will easily fit within the confines of your current palm-held computer.”

On an aside: The original Founding partners of the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a professional association for electrical and electronic engineers) was IBM and as such directed any and all R&D pertaining to computers and the internet. In 1980, Microsoft formed a partnership with IBM to bundle Microsoft’s operating system with IBM computers. Microsoft was originally founded by Bill Gates in 1975. Who developed the original TCP/IP protocols for all MS DOS applications and a parallel computing system to track your every move on the internet? None other than our Nanotechnology-Clathrin expert Franco Vitaliano who spearheaded the “Transhumanist” agenda; the transformation of man into machine. And Vitaliano’s VXM Technologies (now called Exqor Technology) was the Transhumanist HQ where top scientists in the fields of  psychology, neurophysiology, supercomputing and parallel computing, material sciences (Graphene Oxide), quantum computing, consciousness, development of molecular electronic device (Bacteriorhodopsin) and genetics came together to develop the  software or “Operating System (OS)” for the parallel processing of the “Internet Grid Systems” which included end users; you. Basically, they developed the malware that would allow them to harvest you in their information cloud:

“The culmination of years of research at VXM Technologies in computer science, psychiatry, and complex biosystems, this new interface breaks down the current highly restrictive boundaries between a machine and a person. This new interface couples a user’s unique cognitive and biophysical states into a conscious Grid system as well as imprints them on our Grid platform. This innovative interface, which also makes use of Kansei engineering, can incorporate the user’s emotions and aesthetics, such as music and other forms of rich expression. The result is information that is processed much faster and in a highly personalized way.” 16 17

The Bacteriorhodopsin being used in the context of protein-based computers was being explored with respect to intelligent materials. As Professor Felix Hong explained in a 1996 paper: “by allowing sensor/processor/ actuator capabilities to be packaged into a single molecule or a supramolecular cluster, avenues are open in the design of integrated information processing systems with massively parallel distributed processing capabilities.” 18  

Bacteriorhodopsin is clearly the operating system of the Nanotechnology Vitaliano developed. 


We have focused our thesis on the Clathrin GQD neural interface, but it doesn’t stop with our mind, it continues to full transformation of our being into machines.

That NASA/DoD paper on “Molecular Electronic Devices” was part of the COMBAT SYSTEMS VISION 2030 PROGRAM. 19  The Transhumanism Agenda was only a part of their plan. If you look at the actual “Combat Systems Vision 2030” and the “white paper”  you will find that this is also about the RISE OF THE MACHINES… by 2030. 20 21 22

SARS-CoV-2 is biological malware. All of the 30 glycoproteins, 400 plus enzymes, 600 plus amino acids comprises the software to transform us completely into a machine. Someone needs to work on this.

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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