Franco & Gordana Vitaliano: The NWO’s Clathrin Neural Brain Snatchers

Moderna, Exqor, Pfizer BioNtech and Gilead are all working in the pipeline to develop drugs to find a cure for HIV. This “pipeline” means exchange and synthesis of systems. It means consolidation of key technologies at the top, and the ability to disseminate the technology down, unbeknownst to most.


In this chain of transhumanist technological dissemination, Franco and Gordana Vitaliano might very well be the pinnacle.

mRNA Developer, Obama “Brain Interface” Tzar, Directly Connected to Fauci & AI Transhumanist COVID Agenda

Their rGO/Luciferase/Clathrin based living self assembling self aware two way neural AI Quantum Cloud interface is the foundation of the entire SARS-CoV-2 mRNA system. Vitaliano calls the Clathrin-Luciferase system a BIONANOLASER. “The Chip”.




gp120 was only inserted as cover! since they were all working on hiv pipeline… the hiv pipeline is how they exchange and synthesise the systems. all under darpa and highly secretive.

Gordana Vitaliano has worked with Pfizer consultants.

Gordana co-authored this study on Brain Networks, funding from Pfizer.


Franco runs ExQor was a participant of the Presidents Advisory Council for science and Technology.


Gordana was the one that coordinated the funding with NIH.


NIH had the unlimited funding, they were funding ExQor and MITRE.

NIH tied to Los Alamos, NIH was the financial pipeline.

But ExQor was the “holding company” for all the patents involving this Clathrin Nanotechnology. The control center.


In the Obama archive: “ExQor Synergistic Disruptive Technologies”… 2010 to 2020. All funded through NIH…. “Unlimited funding!” NBIC… Transhumanists. “Squaring the Golden Triangle”… Internet of Things (IoT)… Humanity 2.0.


“Multi-disciplinary technology confuses, scares off investors, is difficult to coordinate & implement, e.g, ExQor bio-nanolaser.”

“Clathrin & Coatomer protein nanotechnology (12-60nm)”


“Cognitive apps that show self-awareness”

“New civilian “DARPA” under White House Federal Chief Information Officer”

“Broadband Internet treated as essential, Net neutral utility, be @least 100 megabit/sec”

This Vitaliano Patent addresses how the “processing” part works… 2003. quantum computing or single electron logic


Vitaliano spread his Clathrin patents throughout the Military Industrial Complex through VXM, who’s clients included General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, GTE, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, MITRE, the NSA, General Dynamics, Sandia National Labs, Argonne National Labs, and the DOT, among other major clients.

He has served as an expert in bio-nanotechnology at the President’s Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee (The White House), and on DOD conferences.

Yes, Franco Vitaliano is the top of the snake in both PITAC and MITAC. This is above DARPA, the “civilian DARPA” that serves the stakeholders primarily.

Gordana sat on as an expert in NIH review panels, granting and getting money, and authorizing who’s programs moved forward, and who’s did not.

Much of the science was registered under Gordana, yet much of the businesses were registered to Franco, who is also a lawyer.

Franco’s VXM was part of Mindwaves Institute.


Mindwaves Institute was none other than Gordana. Working on none other than HEF’s. They studied the Human Energy Field and the frequencies required to power their Clathrin and build their neural lace!


Vitaliano works under the trade name MetaQor. Which is working to create a single pharmaceutical/military pipeline.


MetaQor tm Shortening The Drug Discovery Pipeline

And presenting, “ExQor’s COGNITIVE Cloud”!


ExQori∆ The Cognitive Cloud

ExQor is proud of the fact that they tick all the Transhumanist boxes when implementing their full spectrum dominance in the neural interface/quantum cloud technology.


ExQoria Cloud!!! Unbeknownst to you, you are becoming an ExQoria Citizen! Thank your little Clathrin companions.


I kid you not, this is their Quantum Cloud, that unites all of us in harmony, interfaced by the GQD Clathrin triskellion.

Established 12-12-12 and doors open December 2024.


Welcome to Planetary Singularity, thanks to your trusty onboard companion.

EQORIA: The Rothschild/USA Inc Planetary Singularity Quantum Matrix

Just a note, Franco participated in proto-WEF, Bilderberg.


You know, the same WEF that plans to have you are neuralaced whether you approve or not. No coincidences there…

Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI

Huzzah! A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.

A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.