Ian F. Akyildiz developed delivery systems utilizing Clathrin GQD’s for Quantum/Photon based Mind Harvesting.

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

The mind is not in the brain. The brain is an organ that allows us to manifest the mind. A conduit.

The cells contain the mind and its life energy projects outwards from the body. Some call it you aura but it is in fact your conscious energy…your soul.

This is not about Intra-Brain Nano-Network (“chips”).

This is not about Intra-Body (Project Sanguine/Blood).

This is about Intra-Cellular Nano-Network. (mind/soul).

While programs bleed into one another, and hundreds of thousands of people can cover thousands of programs accurately, the programs all use antiquated technology or Vitaliano Clathrin GQD backbone architecture.

I challenge you to challenge a “truther” about this technology. I have challenged thousands. Crickets.

This is the final challenge. Utilizing the documents the Intra-Body Nano-Network truthers use, the organization’s they site, the scientists they quote I can prove vitaliano was in charge of it all. With the single objective of creating a single universal human interface.

More and more followers of Dr. Ana, Sabrina, Celeste, David Nixon, Karen Kingston, Robert Young, … (The Intra-Body Nano-Network crowd), have been contacting me and attempting to cross pollinate our research with theirs. While I know that the coverage by these people are about applications of the Vitaliano Clathrin GQD technology, I’ve never totally expolored this.

Let’s begin this exploration with a commonly shared image:

This image is from a document titled; “Intra-body nano-network – Brief summary by Mik Andersen.pdf”. 1 I can see right away GQD’s are involved, which means Vitaliano’s Clathrin shuttle is involved. 2

Now, I do not know who Mik Anderson is, and nobody that has shared this document knows who he is. This document is a compilation of what he’s gathered from e-celebrity truthers who are covering the Intra-Body Nano-Network angles. Mik also did not provide a single footnote, which is bothersome. I’d like to see where he got those “codecs” and “chips” from. Hopefully not pictures of the slides going around.

We can see from this often cited article, “The Perspective on Bio-Nano Interface Technology for Covid-19: Frontiers In Nano-Technology, November 30, 2020”, that Intra-Body Nano Networks require Clathrin mediated endocytosis. 3 Clathrin guided cell entry. Graphene Oxide requires Clathrin to enter cells. GO cannot do it on it’s own. That has been a major flaw in the arguement of the Intra-Body Nano-Network truther community.

Anyways, ALL Intra-Body Nano-Network delivery programs require Clathrin GQD’s. This tech requires Clathrin GQD’s and a 5G generated magnetic field signal. Which brings me to the crux; thousands of applications, but a single backbone which requires a single solution.

Since we’ve established GQD’s are involved we can establish that this is not an Intra-Body Nano-Network, this is in fact an Intra-Cellular Nano-Network. The WBAN intra-body Nano-Networks that people are talking about are in EMF band only and antiquated. We are now into Clathrin GQD based intra-cellular Nano-Networks a distinction I insist on making. Clearing blood is one ok, but clearing the cells ares what is important.

All of these applications in the Intra-Body Nano-Network are Terrahertz communication networks, which means Luciferase is required. This research takes us back to a man named Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz, who is often cited in regards to the Intra-Body crowd, who was brought to my attention. 4 5

This is where it gets good.

Akyildiz’ current research interests are in 6G/7G, Wireless Systems, TeraHertz Communication, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Nanonetworks, Internet of Space Things/CUBESATs, Internet of BioNanoThings, Molecular Communication and Underwater Communication. 6

Ian’s research articles and patents involve graphene based nanotechnology for 6G and 7G 7 including “GRAPHENE-BASED PLASMONIC NANO-ANTENNA FOR TERAHERTZ, BAND COMMUNICATION”. 8

Ian’s current research involves satellites with NASA and the creation of “Internet of Space Things”. Here is Ian F. Akyildiz’s talk at ISWCS 2018, Lisbon, Portugal covering his creation of “Internet of Space Things”. 9 10

Akyildiz, in collaboration and with support of NASA, developed several routing algorithms and a novel transport control protocol called TCP Peach to realize practical satellite networks. SATELITTE IP NETWORKS.

Akyildiz significantly contributed towards the development and realization of high altitude long operation (HALO) networks for providing broadband wireless network access which was implemented by Angel Technologies and Raytheon, exploited by invention disclosures. 11

Ian aktildiz was on this thesis committee where the author specifically designed the Space X laser compatibility applicationsusing “ultra-massive mimo communications in the millimeter wave and terahertz”. 12

Akyildiz also has a patent for GEO stationary communications system with minimal delay. 13

HALO was the forerunner of the current UAVs and Drones and Cubesats research. Couple decades later many countries are working on the directions of the HALO project.

This paper is the first to comprehensively put forward the design principles and system reference model for HALO networks, which is a broadband wireless metropolitan area network with a star topology, whose solitary hub is located in the atmosphere above the service area at an altitude higher than commercial airline traffic. (PATENTS INDICATE THEY CAN TRANSMIT LASERS THROUGH THE SRATOSPHERE TO KNOCK OUT DRONES… PEOPLE?) 14 Look at the authors include him plus Angel Technologies and Raytheon Systems.

Raytheon is DIRECTED ENERGY SYSTEMS using high-energy lasers 15 and high-powered microwave systems. 16

“From the nano-device perspective, Akyildiz and his student Jornet proposed for the first time and investigated the use of graphene to develop nano-antennas for electromagnetic (EM) communication in nanonetworks in.  This paper showed that, by using a narrow graphene nanoribbon (GNR), an antenna just a few hundreds of nanometers long and tens of nanometers wide could radiate EM waves in the Terahertz (THz) band (0.1-10 THz). This framework is used to characterize the propagation characteristics of Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) waves in graphene.” 17

Ian F. Akyildiz 18 has also coauthored with Chang Han 19 from the SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY that was set up for Luc Montagnier exclusively. 20

Akyildiz also did work with the “Internet of Bio-Nano Things”. The other two contributing authors have extensive applications to molecular and nano communications, Internet of Bio-Nano Things, 5G and 6G networks.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Nanotechnology Council (NTC), nanotechnologies leading promotional organization, published Akyildiz’s thesis on “The internet of Bio-Nano things”. Look at the authors, specifically S. BALASUBRAMANIUM. 21

NOTE: The Intra-Body Nano-Network crowd can’t even abbreviate the International Electrical and Electronic Engineers Nanotechnology Council correct. It is not IEEE, it is NTC.

Balasubramanium published papers specifically citing Vitaliano’s “endocytosed by clathrin-independent pathways” and “clathrin-dependent uptake”, specifically required for ALL Intra-Body Nano-Networks. 22

Balasubramanium was an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Nanotechnology Council in 2018. The IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is to advance and coordinate work in the field of Nanotechnology carried out throughout the IEEE in scientific, literary and educational areas. 23

Balasubramanium is all about neural interfaces and artificial neural networks . 24

“IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Below, you can find IEEE’s mission and vision statements.” 25

From their 1997 website, IEEE Center for the History of Electrical Engineering: 26

“We are grateful to the organizations and individuals listed below who provide generous support to the Center in the form of operating, endowment, and project funding.”

Founding Partners

Rutgers University (Rothschild Central)
IBM Corporation
IEEE Foundation-General Fund
IEEE Foundation-Life Member Fund
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (A. P Sloan was president and CEO of General Motors)

Senior Partners
National Science Foundation (works with Fauci’s NIH)

AT&T Foundation
Electron Devices Society
Power Engineering Society
Signal Processing Society

Control Systems Society
Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council falls under the direction of the NNI. 27

If you click on the NBIC technologies link you get the document “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance”. 28 We see as follows:

“NNI was the result of systematic preparation. It was done with a similar rigor as used for a research project, and documents were prepared with the same rigor as for a journal article. In 1996-1998, there was an intellectual drive within various science and engineering communities to reach a consensus with regard to a broad definition of nanotechnology. In the interval 1997-2000, we prepared detailed materials answering several defining questions:
• What are the research directions in the next 10 years? (See Nanotechnology research directions. A vision for nanotechnology research and development in the next decade. Roco, Williams, and Alivisatos 1999/2000)
• What is the national and international situation? (See Nanostructure science and technology, A worldwide study. Siegel et al. 1999)
• What are the societal implications? (See Societal implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology. NSF 2000)
• What are the vision and implementation plans for the government agencies? (See NNI, Budget request submitted by the president to Congress. NSTC 2000)
• How do we inform and educate the public at large about nanotechnology? (See Nanotechnology. Reshaping the world atom by atom, NSTC/CT 1999)
The approval process began with various S&E communities, and advanced with the positive recommendations of the Presidential Council of Science Advisory and Technology and of the Office of Management and Budget. The president proposed NNI on January 21, 2000, in a speech at the California Institute of Technology. The proposed budget was then approved by eight congressional committees, including those for basic science, defense, space, and health-related issues. Finally, the Congress appropriated $422 million for NNI in fiscal year 2001 (see Roco 2001a).”

These initiatives were originally set up by FRANCO VITALIANO NANOTECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE (NNI). The NNI is clearly defined in “Converging Technologies for Improving human performance” paper of 2002. 29

“The ExQor platform utilizes NBIC technologies. NBIC is multidisciplinary and combines four of the most important technological trends of the 21st century. NBIC encompasses Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Cognitive Science. ExQor NBIC platform applications span multiple industries, from aerospace to biotech. 30

Larry Todd Wilson from the IEEE helped to write the NBIC paper  “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performances” of 2002! The IEEE is a TRANSHUMANIST ASSOCIATION!

Larry Todd Wilson… founder Knowledge Harvesting Inc., Knowledge Harvesting AI. 31

“My goal is to focus on a single NBIC-oriented idea that, if actualized, would unleash massive capabilities for improving all human performance. This single thing would have extreme interrelated, multiplicative effects. It’s a bit like an explosion…”;  Larry Todd Wilson, IEEE, “ACCELERATING CONVERGENCE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY” (From the Obama Archives, word search IEEE). 32

Dexter Johnson of the IEEE also comments on PCAST (Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology). 33

Dexter Johnson at his Nanoclast blog on the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) website comments in his May 1, 2012 post; “President’s Council Wants a Few More Things from the National Nanotechnology Initiative”: 34

“Okay, pat on the back, job well done…uh, wait, there are still some new recommendations that PCAST would like to see addressed.  You can find them in the PDF of the full report on page vii. They fall into the areas of strategic planning, program management, metrics for assessing nanotechnology’s commercial and societal impacts, and…wait for it…increased support for EHS research.”

“Additional support for EHS research might be a required element for every PCAST report in the future. More interesting to me, however, is this continued emphasis on improved “metrics for assessing nanotechnology’s commercial and societal impact”:”

The NNI (National Nanotechnology Initiative supported the IEEE and IEEE related eduaction in the USA. 35 36 37

Astounding, turns out Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz is to Franco Vitaliano that Elon Musk is to Bill Gates. The reigns have been passed. This is the technology of the wireless terrahertz quantum age. SAbrina Wallace Davis discusses in detail the mechanics of and transition from dial up copper wires to digital fiber optics mind control, with and without silicon chips. We are discussing the mechanics of the two way biological mind and conciousness harvesting technlogy through the quantum cloud being guided by AI.

Stakeholders are researching, developing and deploying thousands of applications using this Clathrin GQD technology at the core, and they rely on people to remain confused that there are thousands of bullets coming from every direction. They want you in FEAR. They want you confused. They want you in low conciousness state, where they can harvest you most efficiently.

They do not want you to understand that the heart technology has a killswitch, and if you take out the heart, the technology dies. LIterally. Literally the Luciferase and Clathrin dies. The rGO is less dramatic, it just returns to it’s non electric GO state and dissolves.

There are two fundamentals people are missing:

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “Sides” there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

Blushield EMF Protection: CIN 

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