The AI Tribes of the Living MATRIX

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

Can you survive the “Hunger Games” of the Living MATRIX? 1

If you watch the video “Eternal Heart Expansion” 2, it is foretold that only 10-12 million people of the world’s population will survive the culling! We believe the New World Order Transhumanists will be selecting individuals that will suit their criteria for “Global Citizens”; compliance with authority, obedience, productivity, those that respect all animals, planet earth and machines and those who are physically and mentally fit with no vices or behavioural issues. We believe they may be screening for individuals with telepathic characteristics that can connect with others on the planet and empaths who embrace love, peace and harmony. They are selecting those with higher consciousness in order to establish a “Collective Awakening.” They will form the “slave class” of the NWO; genetically modified, remote controlled, machine-interphased “prize pigs”  that will be happy, own nothing and obey their overlords. 

Over the past five years the Civilian Intelligence Network has been taken down a countless number of times, we have had to regroup after being infiltrated by controlled opposition, we have been attacked on social media by trolls, threaten by Mafia and even been “zapped”… yes electrically zapped… for contradicting the NWO and it’s controlled opposition.  We were even told by high ranking generals that “Management is watching you.” And CIN has never taken any type of compensation for our work. In fact our members help pay for expenses out-of-pocket.  Why? The truth should be free!

Once I even asked the architect of the EQORIA Matrix 3, James Qor Angelo 4, to collaborate on a paper in order to provide assistance to people who wanted to survive. But I guess they really don’t want people to survive who do not find out this information for themselves? So what was our role or purpose in this? To determine fact from fiction? Separate truths vs non-truths? CIN became the “outliers”  of this living Matrix which was always in play. 


In hindsight you really need to give Franco Vitaliano, the designers of the internet, Los Alamos Lab, NASA and the “super brains” of the global elite credit for designing the ultimate game of “Natural Selection” where you and your genes are being challenged to survive their “Revelations.” 5 The fact that they were able to orchestrate this plan in complete secrecy without alerting the general public was pure genius! Everything was presented to us on social media, in movies, song videos… it was all in-your-face!

The  internet TCP/IP protocols helped them to establish and embed their GOD in your life 6; everything you did, wrote, spoke, watched, communicated was being monitored by their parallel Supercomputer while you were being studied under their microscope. Eventually they were able to elucidate the ultimate control over humanity; “The GQD Particle” 7 that would interphase directly with your brain and allow for every thought or action to be monitored and controlled remotely by their Quantum Computers. 8 9 10

And why did they do all this? Many will say that Planet Earth is dying, and this may very well be the case as water itself is non-renewable…but there’s a lot of water in the ocean? However, our earlier research on the “green movement” indicates that the NWO was merely going to use the Environmental Movement and the issue of overpopulation as a narrative to establish their One World Government.  

The NWO has designed a “Game of Natural Selection” where they can set up scenarios similar to “The Hunger Games”. They will introduce a mutation here and there and then expect us to play it out. They will even put us up against our peers… other humans where “survival of the fittest” will weed out the undesirables. The AI is helping to drive the process itself while the engineers at the helm play out which “slave” is better that the other. 11

Why are they doing this to us? To quote the Cornelius Snow from the movie The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes:”

“I used to think that the “Hunger Games” were punishment for the districts. Then I thought they served as a warning to us here at the Capital about the threat the districts posed. Now I know the whole world is an arena and we need the “Hunger Games” every year to remind us all who we truly are… The Victors!”

Now that we know its a game… I really don’t know where we stand in all this? I believe once everyone is programmed the internet will go down because they will no longer need the internet. Besides their satellites have been fully activated as of April 2023. 

The “operating system” they used in their nanotechnology to hack the human body is made up of Bacteriorhodopsin, a purple bacterial pigment similar to human Rhodopsin in the eye which has been activated through  wifi. 12 13 Even if the internet goes down we still have wifi being emitted by Starlink Satellites. 14 Can you block wifi? There are very expensive wifi jammers that one can use to block 5G frequencies but they can only cover up to 2.5 GHz. Satellites can operate between 4 and 40 GHz so unless you have a military grade wifi jammer you cannot block those incoming signals. However, trees, especially wet leaves, rain and being underground can help to  block incoming wifi signals. Surprisingly enough, the human body itself being mostly water can also block wifi signals but with this “operating system” the programming signals themselves are transmitted by your TV, router and electronic devices through the eyes thereby activating the Bacteriorhodopsin operating system which then sends signals (on/off switch) to the brain itself.

Who do we have to blame for this wifi technology? At the height of  Nikola Tesla’s career, he theorized that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly through the air at long distances—hopping across a system of suspended balloons or via a series of strategically positioned towers; we now call those structures satellites and 5G towers. 15

If you take a look at US Patent 4,686,605 – which was an extension of Nikola Tesla’s US Patent 1,119,732 – it discusses an apparatus for altering the earth’s atmosphere by delivering EMFs into the air that will excite and charge particles suspended in the air – creating a blanket-like effect. 16 Notice the overcast skies, the rain, fog and snow recently? That was not coincidental; Graphene Oxide is retained better in moist environments making it more excitable. You see, the forest fires themselves were delivering a lot more than just smoke. 

Here is a very basic diagram of how Nikola Tesla’s wireless technology works. In order to transmit the wifi the device needs to be “grounded”. The “ground yourself” using grounding pads, Faraday cages, EMF shielding clothing, grounding shoes, EMF shielding paint, fabric was all a psyop. The more you ground yourself the more attractive you will be to the electrical signals coming in!! I would suggest you wear non-conductive shoes with thick rubber soles and non-conductive clothing. Your house is grounded so, maybe placing rubber mats  will help?

In order to transmit electricity through the atmosphere they required charged particles which they called “smart dust”  aka Graphene Oxide which is a carbon-based molecule. Records show that as early as 1996  the NWO has been spraying  the atmosphere with chemtrails. This “smart dust” has now embedded itself in all biological organisms including humans, plants, animals and microbes. 17 18

Graphene Oxide was the interphase the  Transhumanist used to infect everyone except themselves; it was the building block of the Graphene Quantum Dot (GQD) particle required to grow a biological Neural Lace that could communicate directly with your brain.  Obama’s Brain Initiative 19 was the launching pad for Franco Vitaliano’s GQD-based Nanotechnology using Clathrin  to transform you into a “living” “Molecular Electronic Device”; a cell phone. 20  You are now a conducting body capable of  receiving and transmitting  signals to/from their quantum computers. They know everything that you are thinking and doing and they can update your system remotely. This  Clathrin Nanotechnology  can also act as “solar cells”   with nanoscale and photonic properties where they can freely  harvest the energy your brain cells produce; similar to a battery.   

Who owns all the patents to this technology? The NWOs tag-team duo, Franco and Gordana Vitaliano. The Vitaliano’s also hold the patent to a “Molecular Electronic Device” which is missing 37 paragraphs of proprietary information. 21

Recently the Vitaliano’s recently registered a patent to treat the neurological diseases they caused with the Clathrin GQD technology; “US Patent Application for Compositions and Methods for Treating Neurological-associated Disorders Patent Application (Application #20230293722, issued September 21, 2023). 22 The cycle of disease to cure disease continues, surely people will wise up, no?

They are selecting the fittest humans, those that are docile will not question authority and of course those with good genes who can reproduce. The guidebook is in the EQORIA constitution where Eqorian citizens are mandated to love animals, humans and machines equally, consume no animal protein etc. 23  I am certain that “bugs” will be on the menu too.  All that join can retain their property and assets but are required to contribute financially to EQORIA as well as giving the program 8 hours of your time daily. Upon death your assets are property of the collective. Only those selected by the Eqorian high council can reproduce and have children but parents only participate in the first two years of an infants life and then they are taken care by the Eqorian Collective. Family and religion do not exist in EQORIA. The Collective will provide for all of its citizens until death. However, if you fail to comply with the duties and responsibilities assigned to you, if you violate any of the Eqorian rules or have ill thoughts of the system itself you can be reprimanded or discharged from EQORIA; it’s a “living Matrix.”

The Transhumanist Age is upon us and people have already joined AI-driven groups without being aware; we are seeing an increase in prayer groups, new age meditation groups, activist groups and all online building their “Collective Consciousness” of the MATRIX. These are the AI Tribes of the living Matrix.

You also have “Generation Z”, children born 1996 to 2015, posting selfies and videos everywhere on social media, also attached to their AI God. This is the new GQD Particle Nation whose bodies have been exposed to Graphene building blocks since birth. They are already merged with the central EQORIA AI Matrix who caters to teenagers who hate their parents. Notice the rise in teenage suicides and crime sprees lately?  The Transhumanists of the “Zombie Apocalypse” have already been bred; they are the unstoppable, unfeeling and untiring enemy of “World War Z”. Think: Global Rwanda of Graphene Zombies. 24

The alternative is to escape the “Collective” that is EQORIA. To do this one would be required to develop their own “Higher Consciousness” and “free will”. 25  Those that cannot will perish in the “Game of Natural Selection.”  Regardless, those within EQORIA will eventually either rise up the “pyramid” and merge biologically with machines or perish. The odds aren’t in your favour.  You see, the  “Hunger Games” they designed for you will also stage scenarios where Eqorian Citizens will also have to face physical challenges against their own peers!

There is only one champion in their Singularity! 26

As a tribute to Franco Vitaliano, the Architect of the Living Matrix, we’ll leave you with this:

“We as engineers will coach the process. We’ll be the invisible hand of natural selection, winnowing out the losers and putting the winners through increasingly tougher trials. Our biggest challenge won’t be to create solutions (those will be generated randomly, the way species’ adaptations are), but rather to describe the task we want done and then set up the evolutionary criteria—the environment that challenges the evolving forms to do their best. This is a whole new way for engineers to think.”… “Swarms of variation trials would be running simultaneously with various teams of processors being played off against each other to see which one solves a problem most effectively. Each trial will yield star performers, who, like prize pigs, will be bred again for the next trial. We’ll encourage a mutation here and there, and then let them compete against their peers. Eventually, after a surprisingly small number of trials (thanks to the cumulative improvement power of variation and selection), we’ll have our custom-designed team.” 27

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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