Dark Web: One Cartel to Rule THEM All

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

If Vitaliano developed the Parallel Supercomputer that monitors the internet (world wide web that uses TCP/IP protocols for communication) 1, then who developed the Dark Web which hosts criminals of the highest order?

“The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets: overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Through the dark web, private computer networks can communicate and conduct business anonymously without divulging identifying information, such as a user’s location. The dark web forms a small part of the deep web, the part of the web not indexed by web search engines, although sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the dark web.” 2

“Ninety-six percent of the Internet isn’t accessible through standard search engines. Most of it’s useless but it’s where you go to find anything and everything: child porn, Bitcoin laundry, narcotics, hackers for hire…  where you can operate in total anonymity. Without being tracked, people can access websites that sell drugs, weapons and they can even hire assassins.” 3

Tor is the main browser people use to access the part of the Web where anonymity reigns. “Tor” is an acronym for “The Onion Router”; the onion refers to the layers you go through to disguise your identity.

It’s free and anyone can download it. Just one thing, like the Internet itself, Tor was created by the government. Developed at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Its initial purpose was to protect the communications of the U.S. military. 

So which element of society was purposely being routed into Tor? 

“But the challenge here is that if you have this anonymity system and traffic going into the system is the U.S. Navy and everything popping out is the U.S. Navy, then you’re not that anonymous,”… but “by opening up this system to everyone, different groups of people (e.g. criminals) can hide in a big crowd of anonymous Tor users.4

However, despite its reputation there is a lot going on besides illegal criminal activity: 

“There’s human rights activists, journalists, military, law enforcement [and] normal people,”

“Tor is a valuable tool for Chinese dissidents who can’t access sites like Twitter. And it became a valuable tool during the Arab Spring. In Syria, the number of Tor users grew from 600 to 15,000 in just two years.” 

And during the Edward Snowden Psyop (yes, Snowden was all NWO drama, it was all staged), Tor use jumped since the revelation of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program with estimates of close to a million daily users worldwide.

With Americans increasingly concerned about being monitored online by corporations, or their government, that number is certain to grow.

Who was also an NSA Analyst like Edward Snowden? Who developed the TCP/IP protocols for MS DOS (Microsoft)? Who worked with the US DoD to implement these protocols for the Star Wars Program? Franco Vitaliano. 5

Who developed a Parallel Supercomputer to monitor the Internet? Franco Vitaliano. 

So who do you suppose also helped to implement a Parallel Supercomputer to monitor the Dark Web that uses the internet world wide web as a launching pad to anonymity? 

The Tor Project was founded in December 2006 by computer scientists Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson and five others under a contract from the United States Naval Research Laboratory. 6

Financial supporters of the Tor Project included DARPA, U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Human Rights Watch, the University of Cambridge, Google, and Netherlands-based Stichting NLnet. 7

You read that right, DARPA and Google sponsored the development of the Tor Project! And Franco Vitaliano was the evil genius behind the internet, including the criminal cartel running amuck on the Dark Web. DARPA and Google also sponsored Vitaliano’s VXM Technologies! This is a haven for the Transhumanist despots. After all, Ray Kurzweil was the main Google Architect! 8

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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