In a stunning twist, the pandemic year of 2020 provided Nova Scotia with LESS deaths than the previous year 2019.


That’s right, 2020 saw 9720 deaths while 2019 saw 9835 deaths. I am no scientist, but a pandemic typically is qualified as a mega death situation, piles of bodies, drastic rises in death that systems cannot sustain. This has not been the case.

The shock continues when we learn of the 9720 death in 2020, only 65 were COVID related, 53 of which were from one single nursing home. July 29 was the second last death.


Almost a month later, the last death occurring August 23.


Not much action in this pandemic until March 18, 2021 when Nova Scotia health officials managed to squeak out another death.


By April, with still not much action in the death or case column, Nova Scotia enters it’s population into the experimental mRNA vaccine trials.


Cases started a slow rise, but no deaths, and nothing out of the ordinary that we didn’t used to see with the flu. Remember the flu?

April 27, Trudeau deems the situation in Nova Scotia so dire that the military had to be sent in. Trudeau says sending “women and men in uniform to help in Ontario is a serious step” and that Ottawa made this choice “because the situation requires it.”


With the influx of testing, which is the PCR Technique, not a test at all, but a method of amplifying minute samples into something, Nova Scotia’s case load exploded. However, as we have seen with other nations, states and communities data, infections increase after the first dose is administered, and infections and deaths increase after the second dose.

This quickly lead into May where unelected Nova Scotia premier Iain Rankin began his gaslighting campaign of intimidation and fear, accusing every Nova Scotia resident of being super spreaders of a lethal virus, that he claims in this video is taking the province by storm.


This campaign has ramped up and Iain Rankin is now leading nothing more than a brazen covid witch hunt. Which you can continue reading here:

Nova Scotia Turns To Force As the Government Has Failed With COVID Lies

The fact is, Nova Scotian health officials, with the help of the Canadian Military, have performed 733,465 tests. Almost like testing the population of the province twice. During the entire pandemic, they’ve only been able to squeeze out 4827 infections, and 19 deaths excluding the malpractice at Northwood.

Average age of those deaths is 80 years old, the province has not revealed the average cormodity.


The bottom line is this, so much of the world is letting up from the lockdown. Beyond the lies and fraud, the numbers are just not there to warrant such extreme actions. Here in Nova Scotia, the opposite of logical is taking place. It is lunacy, it is dictatorial, and with the police state rising the coercion increases to vaccinate, the risk of their fraudulent numbers bloating becomes very real. We won’t even know if deaths are related to COVID or the vaccine. It becomes a guessing game, as this May 14 death was reported as “COVID related”.


At the time of press, May 17, 2021 Dr. Strange has suggested children have the capacity to choose to have a vaccine or not. He claims their own team can properly guide a child through informed consent. This is his whole disgusting statement on the subject.

excerpt from Complete Nova Scotia COVID19 Update, May 17, 2021

On the same day, Iain Rankin impressed the Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canada Premiers by stating:

To repeat: “A strong economy is dependent on a vaccinated population”.

Shelly Hipson, from People For Truth -Something Isn’t Right, summarizes it best:

“Last time I checked it isn’t a vaccine that pays rent, salaries, power, heat, and taxes…it’s the hard working people who are the backbone of our communities – our small business owners who contribute to our economy. Yes – those businesses that he has shut down for the sake of a virus that has the following survival rates as at March 19, 2021
Ages 0-17 99.998%
Ages 18-49 99.95%
Ages 50-64 99.4%
Ages 65+ 97%
Which are similar to the flu… And he thinks a strong economy is dependent on a vaccine? He’s out to lunch.”

“I think the vast majority of us know that something is up. I think it is the minority who are going along. The thing is bringing the majority together – to take action. Rankin and the Liberal government are shutting us down. We are not suppose to move. We are not suppose to protest him and his unsupported regulations. If Bill C10 passes, we will not be allowed to post anything negative about government on social media…this is world war three…our rights and freedoms are being taken away…and they are injecting us with something experimental. They are all in this together. The Prime Minster, Tam, Rankin, Strang, Justice Scott Norton who granted the injunction, the Chief of Police, Dr. Lisa Barrett – and every MLA who is not speaking up. It’s not good where this is going.”

In all, Nova Scotia has experienced 19 non malpractice COVID19 deaths. Not a pandemic. Shocked yet?


  1. Time to wake up and join together to stamp this out. The tyrannical government needs to be ousted, and we need to have our freedom back. If you dig a bit, you can find resistance is gaining around the world. Rumble dot com and Bitchute dot com are good places to take a look. If you’re not already on Telegram app, GAB, please do so because Facebook censorship is ramping up. There is a reason many people around the world are refusing the vaxx, because it’s not a “vaccine” it’s an experimental treatment, and YOU are the lab rat. Why else do you think these treatments approved for emergency use only, and the clinical trials last until 2023. If you don’t already know, lookup Chris Sky on the above mentioned pages, he may still be on Facebook and YouTube. He’s a Canadian who has successfully fought and won the many fines he’s been given for being maskless, saying no to the covid hotel (mandatory with international air travel) and refusing the PCR testing.
    Be strong folks!! Let your voice be heard!

  2. Really? You people watch too much Television. Yeah it’s a conspiracy to get inside your body so that they can control you and take all your money and stuff. Especially your stuff. They love seeing what you silly humans like to collect… it amuses them. Our government and health authorities are actually visitors from Mars, and they want to control you by scaring you into taking one of their vaccines which actually contains a small spaceship with them in it. They go inside your brain to leave a computer chip there. Then they get back out again by way of a swab through your nose.

    1. Susanna.. its called Cognitive dissonance… . You cannot process this information because this website is vanguard and not in line with the brainwashing and propaganda served up on a shitplatter from CBC, CTV, Global etc. – but not to worry… the culling is going on whether we like it or not, and whether we write about it or not and its only because decent humans and real men like Shawn bother to address the media’s compliant behaviour as they cover they run for the profiteers at big pharma and the sleazy anti-human technocrats [here on earth, not mars] that perhaps a few souls may be reached and headed away from their ‘begging for a vaxx’ path off the cliff into oblivion… glad we see you get your jimmies rustled by actual reporting on the medical fraud taking place in Canada. #SMASH TECHNOCRACY

  3. Thanks for this reporting. It is refreshing in contrast to the wall to wall propaganda coming from corporate media.
    According to mainstream news, NS, in the spring of 2021, is in the midst of a “third wave”.
    With fewer deaths in 2020, than 2019, it would appear that NS never had a first wave.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. I said back in May of 2020 this is all nonsense, thrown out of the Scotia Bank accused of killing people for saying that, and banned for life by a bank manager, who never even asked what had happened. Just banned from all Scotia banks for life! Frankly if the bank was on fire I would not cross the road to piss on it now.

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