I think Yingqing Zhang died prematurely!!! I think they killed him!!!

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

You see, here at CIN we just don’t stop with, “Here’s the ECIWO Acupuncture Protocol, use it”, we conduct as much research as possible, and then dig some more to make sure we’re on the right track!

So, who is Dr. Yingqing Zhan, and where is he now?

A search into his background and history gave us his 1998 web page which no longer exists on the internet. His research would have revolutionized medicine itself and destroyed the pharmaceutical industry along with the nutraceuticals industry!

Everything is in here: 1

“On this basis, ECIWO biology brings forward pan-cybernetics, which combines Western systematic methods, Chinese dialectical methods, not only bringing about a revolutionary change to the solution of medical and biological problems, but also to nature, society and thinking with its extensive methodological significance. D. Character and Advantages of Chinese Drugs and Prescriptions.

“Drugs made from animals and plants make up a large percent of Chinese drugs while Western drugs are mainly made from compounded chemicals. Chinese drugs can play an active role in the process of exchange of matter, energy and message between the human body and the environment, cause few side effects and do not disturb the normal physiological process of the human body and sometimes can even perform the function of regulating it; hence the saying:

”Chinese drugs and food are of the same origin. At present the cases of intoxication, malformation and cancer induced by Western drugs are increasing. It has become a serious social problem. Therefore, the cries “Return to nature” and “Return to Chinese drugs” are getting louder and louder.

“The prescriptions of Chinese medicine are also unique and can produce curative effects on the whole. That is what a unit medicine can not do. The systematic theory put forth in the West in the 1940s of this century has actually been used in making prescriptions of Chinese medicine for over 2, 000 years. That is indeed a man- made miracle. It has great potential to be tapped energetically. The prescriptions of Chinese medicine are made according to the potency of the ingredients and the law of making them up. The doctor makes up a prescription consciously to combine the correlating functions of the ingredients. That is a characteristic of the prescriptions of Chinese medicine and also a vivid reflection of the view of the wholeness of Chinese medicine. It teems with dialectical thoughts. If one ponders over and analyzes it deeply, he will find without difficulty that it also contains the frontier achievements of present system science—–valuable ideas of the theory of dissipative structure, synergism and mutation theory. ECIWO biology, ECIWO diagnosis and therapy in particular, and anticancer medicinal series all inherit and develop these scientific methods” 2

We knew something was amiss when “Dr. Zhang” is cited in research papers but his main article (book) is nowhere to be found. It seems that the NWO did not like his revelations. No wonder he died in 2010 at the age of 43!

From this, other revelations about Dr. Zhang’s life and research followed. Here are a few:

“I attended Shandong University and studied under Prof Yingqing Zhang. He was much maligned and banned for setting foot in any biology department in China.” 3

“Chinese Suppress Acupuncture Discoveries”; August 19, 2011, by Stephen Coleman; 4 5

“Zang’s discoveries would make acupuncture too simple and if everybody could do it, there would be no need for acupuncturists and there would be less work for doctors.”

Professor Yingqing Zhang

“Twenty five hundred years ago, ancient Chinese physicians began to note that when a person is ill that there are certain corresponding points elsewhere on the body that are also sore and tender.

“By rubbing these points they were amazed that it stimulated healing. Soon they learned that inserting needles into these points was just as effective but less work and the art of acupuncture was born.

“The Aztec and Mayan civilizations also noticed this effect and to this day their shamans and even common folk have learned to use a limited yet effective form of acupressure called “sobando”.

“Not much is known about Professor Yingqing Zhang’s life. He was born in 1947. We know that he worked in medicine in Inner Mongolia during the Cultural Revolution. He eventually became a professor at Shandong University in China.

“While alive he gained fame for his work. He received recognition from President Bill Clinton. Jian Zemin, President and Wen Jiabao Vice Premier of China both personally visited with Prof. Zhang for diagnosis and treatment.

“He won first prize at the Paris International Fair of Inventions for inventing the electroeciwograph, a diagnostic tool based upon his discoveries. With such fame his enemies dared not work in the open.

“His cause of death is unknown and it is unknown when or where he died. It is assumed he died in 2004 in Shandong, PRC. Upon his death, his department was shut down and his life’s works including all textbooks and over a million original case studies were destroyed.”

“What is it that the Chinese medical establishment wants to destroy and cover up?


“As a student, he studied embryology and had a burning question which became his life’s passion: Why and how does acupuncture work? He was not satisfied with the traditional explanations of invisible channels, chi or blocked energies.

“Prof. Zhang devised an experiment where he took two rabbits and hooked up their blood supplies so the blood circulated was shared by both rabbits. Rabbit A was acupunctured while rabbit B was painfully stimulated.

“He noted that the analgesic effect of acupuncture carried over to rabbit B.
Whatever is causing the effects of acupuncture is carried in the blood. He discovered that acupuncturing a tender and sore acupuncture point would stimulate the body to release hormones, proteins and white blood cells that aid in the healing process.

“He then took a mouse embryo in the earliest stage of development and cut it into 5 pieces. The pieces were placed into the mother mouse and 5 identical mice were born.

“Prof. Yingqing Zhang noted that in the development of an embryo, the same beginning embryonic stages occurred every time when a new organ or limb began to form. In the lower animals this beginning cell or limb bud can be excised and it will form a whole new animal.

“He discovered that each of these limb or organ bud embryos contain the information to form a whole new organism. He calls these ECIWOs or Embryo Contains the Information of the Whole Organism.

“Therefore a head, an arm, an eye, a foot, a heart, or a finger are all ECIWOs.

“He noted that Zebras, giraffes, and tigers each have the same number of stripes or spots on each ECIWO. The head will have as many stripes or spots as the thigh, which has as many stripes or spots as the neck or torso.
Male mammals form undeveloped nipples, they serve no purpose, but during the embryonic development this enables the fetus to form into either sex. Taking this a step further the ECIWO also contains all the undeveloped organs of the whole organism.

“These undeveloped organs are microscopic and the purpose of their structures remain a mystery to histologists.

“But these undeveloped organs within the ECIWO are the acupuncture points.

“Take for instance if you have a stomach ache, every undeveloped stomach point on every ECIWO, including the brain, will be swollen or tender. This is called the Bioholographic law.

“Prof. Yingqing Zhang discovered many new acupuncture points that line up in linear form. Thus making it much easier to learn. ECIWO acupuncture can actually be learned in just a few hours and just about any housewife can be the doctor of the home.


“This knowledge is not good news to medical and acupuncture practitioners. With over a million case studies it has been proven to be more effective than traditional acupuncture and in many cases more effective than western medicine.

“I have personally seen MRSA infections heal overnight from only one treatment. ECIWO acupuncture often has surprising results.
ECIWO acupuncture like medicine in general is not a panacea, but it can save the average family $10,000’s of dollars in medical costs.

“The Bioholographic law has many applications to the entire field of biology. It can tell you that seeds located on different parts of a plant have differing genetic properties, that these properties are not random.

“Knowing this, a wheat breeder can develop a fine new wheat variety in only 4 years, rather than the usual 10 to 12 years. Also old “worn out” varieties can be rejuvenated to the vigor of the first original cross.


“The Chinese medical establishment covered up Prof. Yingqing Zhang’s discoveries because there was much jealousy of his genius. It would make acupuncture too simple and if everybody could do it, there would be no need for acupuncturists and there would be less work for doctors.

“The California acupuncture licensing board has totally ignored my requests to accept ECIWO acupuncture as a viable healing modality. It wouldn’t be good for them either.

“While I studied under Prof. Zhang, I was unaware that he was suffering from systematic persecution from the Chinese medical establishment. I never heard him complain. He had an unconquerable and sincere enthusiasm that his discoveries would change the world. They still can, with this paper the knowledge comes out of obscurity. Try it for yourself, even a child can learn it.”

The following are excerpts from his online Memorial: 6

“In 1996, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, He Zuoxiu and Zou Chenglu, one in front of the stage and the other behind the scenes, included Zhou Muying’s article “Questioning Holographic Biology” (hereinafter referred to as “Questioning”) by Zhou Muying of Shandong Feicheng Mining Bureau Hospital into the book “Pseudoscience Exposure”, and used this political trick to brand the holographic biology founded by Professor Zhang Yingqing of Shandong University as pseudoscience (see Xue Qiyuan’s “A Brief History of Holographic Biology” for details). Zhang Yingqing had no way to appeal, was physically and mentally ruined, and died unjustly on October 2004, 10. In the face of the uproar of public opinion, where do the “anti-pseudo fighters,” including Zou Chenglu himself, have any ability to explain the “pseudo” of holographic biology from an academic point of view?”

“In his online memorial there is even mention that this was also documented in Chinese newspapers at the time!  “Is it wrong to criticize pseudoscience? and slow to cry out for Professor Zhang” [People’s Daily Online] 2005.2.18)”

However, in order to divert the public’s attention, Zou and Fang’s “master and apprentice” who are good at avoiding the real and making false accusations against Zhang Yingqing have invariably thought of avoiding academics and planting false accusations to slander Zhang Yingqing from the moral aspect.

“What is even more coincidental is that they have invariably adopted the same despicable trick — by distorting and tampering with the non-academic “highlights” that most Chinese people are interested in — the historical fact that Zhang Yingqing had given an academic report at the Karolinska Medical College in Sweden to smear and demonize Zhang Yingqing.” 7

The historical background involved in Zou Chenglu and Fang Zhouzi’s fabrication of lies to frame Zhang Yingqing is as follows: 8

“Under the organization and arrangement of the Science and Technology Department of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, Zhang Yingqing visited Sweden three times in 1990, 1991 and 1992 respectively, to introduce his theory to scientists from the Karolinska Medical School in Sweden, the body that awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, and to have academic exchanges with many professors who have the right to nominate the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in perpetuity.”

“His doctrine has aroused great interest and high praise from many famous scholars in the world. The Science and Technology Department of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden has issued documents to the State Science and Technology Commission and the State Education Commission on three occasions with “(91) Dian Ke Zi No. 06 Document”, “(91) Dian Ke Zi No. 39 Document” and “(92) Dian Ke Zi No. 31 Document”, reflecting the fact that Zhang Yingqing’s theory has been highly praised by internationally renowned scholars, and suggesting that the state give key support and strengthen publicity and promotion work.”

“On January 2005, 1, after Zhang Yingqing’s martyrdom, Xinhuanet reporter Dong Xueqing published an article entitled “The Tragedy of China’s Science and Technology Circles – Shandong Biological Expert Zhang Yingqing’s Unjust and Premature Death” in Xinhuanet and other media, in which the above historical facts were disclosed for the first time. Fang Zhouzi, who is accustomed to winning by taking words out of context and tactically, soon published his targeted rebuttal article “Beware of Someone Using Zhang Yingqing’s Death to Cry Out for Pseudoscience” in Beijing Science and Technology News and other media. In this article, Fang Zhouzi first told a big lie that “holographic biology is recognized as a pseudoscience in the biological community”; then, this “bluffing master”, who had obviously never studied the original works of holographic biology, relied on his hearsay and simple explanation of the biological holographic phenomenon of “the overall appearance and characteristics of the leaf shape of plants” and the simple explanation of the meaning of the text, and thought that he could not see that “the leaf shape of the banyan tree is similar to the shape of the tree” For example, he sneered at holographic biology and made great sarcasm of it, and then openly played a trick to steal the original intention of Dong Xueqing’s article that “the Science and Technology Department of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden reflects to the state the high evaluation of Zhang Yingqing’s academic achievements by scientists from the Nobel Prize Evaluation Agency” — falsely claiming that Dong Xueqing’s article “cites the evaluation of the Science and Technology Department of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden” and ridiculed: “Even if it is true, what weight does a diplomat’s evaluation of scientific achievements have?”

“In the blink of an eye, a deer becomes a horse” — with a stroke of the pen, Fang Zhouzi (moreover, a Nobel Prize evaluation agency) suddenly becomes a “diplomat” and has no qualifications to evaluate academics, let alone “weight”? As a result, Fang Zhouzi, who has read several more biology textbooks than a diplomat, has the most “weight.” Relying on the large number of “fans”, his articles were overwhelmingly reprinted on the Internet, and holographic biology could only be “obediently” turned into “pseudoscience” in front of the Chinese people who were accustomed to blind obedience in Xi according to his will.”

“Since Zhang Yingqing’s martyrdom was revealed by Dong Xueqing, the fierce debate surrounding the incident in China has continued to heat up for months. However, in the face of the dazed and eager for the authority in the industry to come forward to guide the maze, as the actual master of the incident and a veritable authority in the industry, Zou Chenglu, the “guardian of scientific truth” who has been hiding behind the scenes for more than eight years, not only did not “stand up, expose the truth, and safeguard the dignity of science” as always, but continued to avoid the background and watch the fire from the other side, resulting in the fierce condemnation of Academician He Zuoxiu, the nominal master of the incident, “exclusively” for nearly ten months.”

“On the occasion of the first anniversary of Zhang Yingqing’s death, on November 2005, 11, Guo Xianghe, a reporter from the “News Morning Post” under the “Liberation Daily”, published a special interview report on the topic of “Re-investigation of the First Unjust Case of Science and Technology Crackdown on Counterfeiting, Is Zhang Yingqing a Genius or Mr. Nan Guo”. It recounts the reporter’s interview with Zhao Yingfu, Science and Technology Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, and Liu Renqing, First Secretary of the Science and Technology Department, which once again confirms the historical fact that Professor Zhang Yingqing, the founder of holographic biology, once gave a report to the Nobel Prize Committee scientists at the Karolinska Medical School in Sweden and was highly praised.”

“Fang Zhouzi, who saw Guo Xianghe’s report for the first time, saw that the situation was not good, and immediately reacted reflexively — on the same day, he fabricated an “anonymous revelation material” written to him by a “Chinese American professor who studied at Karolinska Medical School in Sweden from 1990 to 1996” on his [New Silk] website (“The Truth About the So-called “Zhang Yingqing Was Invited to Sweden to Give a Lecture by the Nobel Prize-Issuing Agency for ‘Holographic Biology’”, XYS20051104). This “anonymous revelation material” insisted on the fact that the audience for Zhang Yingqing’s lecture in Sweden were all Chinese students who had been brought in to make up the numbers, and none of them were foreign scholars.”

“Then, Fang Zhouzi did not stop doing anything, and alone or invited Sima Nan and other accomplices, to run non-stop to various cooperative media, shaking his lips and rumbling, creating public opinion, and trying his best to peddle his so-called “anonymous exposé materials”, in order to completely reverse the unfavorable situation and completely make Zhang Yingqing stink (“Fang Zhouzi: Zhang Yingqing Didn’t Make Anything”, NetEase Technology, 2005.11.08; “Fang Zhouzi: “Science and Technology Crackdown on the First Injustice” Case, “Unjust?”) Beijing Science and Technology News, 2005.11.09, Beijing Youth Net, 2005.11.09, “Zhang Yingqing was not invited by the Nobel Prize Institution”, People’s Daily Online, Power Forum, 2005.11.10).”

“However, at this critical moment, Academician He Zuoxiu seemed to suddenly realize that he was being used. So, this “anti-pseudo fighter” who is accustomed to being greedy for merit and rewarding him hurriedly pulled Sima Nan to the NetEase News Center, and while hiding from the world and muddying the waters, he pushed the credit for his defeat of Zhang Yingqing to Zou Chenglu, the “hero behind the scenes”. Zou Chenglu, who was unexpectedly betrayed by He Zuoxiu, finally had to show his face — on November 2005, 11, Zou Chenglu secretly avoided academic insiders and published his article “Explanation of the Situation on the Zhang Yingqing Issue” on Fang Zhouzi’s personal website [New Silk], which was blocked by the state at that time. In this lie, which has never dared to vote for the regular domestic media, Zou Chenglu wrote in a matter-of-fact manner.”

In our search we found Dr. Yingqing Zhang’s research directly from his own website which was retrieved from the internet archive: 9

Here is the 1985 publication: 10  Although the theory is there the therapy part (applications) has been deleted? 11

So where is Dr. Yingqing Zhang’s book; “ECIWO and Its Application to Medicine” from 1992?

Dr. Zhang’s name AND THIS MISSING RESEARCH is still referenced in many Science articles on the study of Consciousness. It was also found in Gordana Vitaliano mentor’s article on Consciousness by Dr. Dejan Rakovic. Although  Dr. Zhang was never really acknowledged? 12

There are very few copies of his book; we were only able to find two copies in Canada at the University of Toronto Library and I believe there are only 4 copies of his book in North America?  So… what do you think happened to Dr. Yingqing Zhang? Maybe we will never know?

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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