Breaking: OMICRON provides ZERO IMMUNITY!

BREAKING! CIN was wrong! CIN said COVID was like HIV. Correction! COVID is worse than HIV!

Early studies are now showing that Omicron easily re-infects over and over again without providing immunity. Infection after infection after… At least there’s a break with HIV as the body’s immune system tries to fight it of…. not so with Omicron!

Total vaccine fail!

Babies & Children will be easily infected since they have poor immunity as will the elderly with declining immunity and those immunocompromised.

COVID is now “endemic” and both vaccinated & unvaccinated are spreading Omicron! Wear an N95! Stay home! Now is not the time for protests! Let the virus run its course until you are the last one standing! Do not feed anymore victims to this virus!


The merchants of herd death oversold immunity. People are being re-infected immediately again after Omicron infection. There is no herd immunity… there is no natural immunity… rather #HerdTransmission #COVIDisAirborne

The data is indisputable: Both laboratory experiments and actual cases show this!


Evidence from a study showing immunity based upon “mild” Omicron infection is weak for Omicron reinfection, and limited for cross immunity to Delta infection.


Overall, immunity from Omicron infection is much lower than the immunity from Delta infection, correlated with the severity of infection. So unless you get a severe infection with all of its consequences you also don’t get immunity from having another infection.

And recall even immunity from severe infection wanes rapidly in a few months.

Summary: “Neutralizing immunity…from Omicron and Delta”

“We found a significantly smaller rise of neutralization titers (antibodies) associated with milder Omicron breakthrough infection in vaccinated individuals, to only approximately one-third of the rise associated with boosting.

“We also identified limited cross-variant immunity to Delta.”

“Thus, breakthrough infection from Omicron may enhance cross-protection against Delta, and vice-versa, [only] inasmuch as there is a sufficiently large increase in baseline neutralizing immunity (antibodies), which appears to be related to the clinical severity of the infection.

“Our findings parallel those from another study from our group that demonstrated limited cross-variant immunity after milder Omicron variant infection in unvaccinated individuals in a mouse model and in human patients.

“Taken together, our results suggest that Omicron-induced immunity may not be sufficient to prevent infection from another, more pathogenic variant, should it emerge in the future.

Actual cases of reinfection by Omicron are so widespread they are manifest to anyone who is not closing their eyes:

Anthony Leonardi @fitterhappierAJ has shown that the immune system T-cells are damaged by covid (shades of HIV), potentially undermining not just Covid immunity but immunity to other diseases, and part of Autoimmune dysfunction after covid.

What does this all mean? Omicron is the Dooms Day Clock

Omicron is not just a “common cold” it is literally a ticking time bomb! Produced by the unvaccinated it has now become “endemic” infecting everyone in its path at warp-speed. THERE IS NO NATURAL IMMUNITY. Eventually anyone still attached to society as a whole will get infected and when they do the timer starts. Your immune system has been completely destroyed which will result in secondary infections; bacterial, parasitic, fungal infections and other viral infections will skyrocket. Those with limited immunity (infants and children) and those with waning immunity (elderly, immunocompromised, cancer patients) will fall victims to Omicron and its variants first. There is zero immunity; a common cold can literally kill you! Nothing can help you and more boosters will only speed up the clock. Yes, zero hour is upon us and the “Dooms Day Clock” now reads 60 seconds to midnight!

How can you protect yourself? Wear an N95 and face shield! Stay home and isolate from others. If you can get out of the city altogether with your family! Now is not the time for protests! Let the virus run its course until you are the last one standing! Do not feed anymore victims to the NWOs bioweapon! All should be revealed by May. God bless you and keep you safe. #PrayForHumanity

Omicron Variant is HIV Seroconversion! #HerdTransmission #COVIDisAirborne #AirborneAIDS Mother Fuckers!