“Ba’al Busters” is just another A.I. Tribe

On March 19, 2024 I was invited on the “Ba’al Busters” show:

Daniel Kritos’ show Ba’al Busters 1, seemed decent enough. I said; “Absolutely”. 

He said; Great. That’s the streamyard link we can use.  After you introduce yourself and give a little background, I was thinking we could discuss the AI – Eugenics – Transhumanism plague, maybe a little reality check on Who is doing all this (Frankists rebranded Zionists, but really the banking families IMO) and the upcoming Eclipse.  The encoded, occulted significance to this eclipse, or rather how it will be used, has some very big and revealing threads leading to many nefarious groups and fairly ancient cultish origins.”

The host recorded a show after our email exchange entitled; “I Don’t Think So… Madness Overload” 2, and within that show was a segment commenting on our video, “April 8 Solar Eclipse & Ascension of the Molecular Biological Machines” 3, from 15:37 to 33:34. The segment is posted on Rumble as; “Ba’al Busters attacks Civilian Intelligence Network”4

After his video stream I received this followup email; “…there’s a couple things that I picked up on that CIN podcast thing that I definitely did not agree with the biologist or biochemist about. Namely the idea of virus being at all valid. It’s not. Ref Dr Stefan Lanka and Beachamp for the destruction if that Kabbalist-science notion.”

People that know me by now know I don’t have a lot of time for the A.I. Tribe of No Viruses; “The viral like particle is the biological malware.  It’s how the Bacteriorhodopsin Operating System works.  Proteins, enzymes, amino acids… folding via EMF’s.  Molecular Biological Machines.”

[Trigger Alert!]; “That’s like saying Unicorn-like. The bacterial component was strong enough without an analogy that is a regression to unproven concepts. It keeps the idea of virus valid in minds that are influenced by msm. It’s counterproductive.

Now if it was presented like my good friend Dr Monzo puts it, that the nanotech is like a software virus affecting the body and making it perform functions, then yes that is an analogy to something that exists. And it also explains why Gates would be involved because it’s like bad software for the body and if the body doesn’t recognize it as bad and reads it it’s going to run those operations.”

Come on guy; “Prions are viral like, they transmit, but they are not an organism.”

And Kristos continues; “Unicorn-like. How can something be ‘Like’ something that’s not proven to exist at all? You have no parameters to gauge how it acts or what its nature is. It’s all theoretical to plug holes in poor theory created by Eugenicist allopaths.”

I am not playing this “no virus” game of semantics; “mRNA infects, mRNA transmits.  It’s pathogenic.  Call it what you want.  I will definitely not get bogged down in some “no virus” debate.  Our thesis is well beyond any need for that.  5G + graphene oxide + mRNA = neural “chip”.  We’ve broken down hundreds of mechanisms and the programs that designed it.  You are free to review the thesis from the top and see if you want to discuss it.  https://www.civilianintelligencenetwork.ca/gqd-particle-the-transhumanist-quantum-agenda/

“Viral like particle.  A particle with attributes of a virus, whether our believe they exist or not.  Prions are widely documented viral like particles.” https://www.civilianintelligencenetwork.ca/2023/10/16/mrna-5g-graphene-oxide-clathrin-graphene-quantum-dots-a-viral-like-particle-the-neural-interface-or-chip/

And then, in a mere 12 hours since Kristos’ original invite, I was disinvited; “You’re right. You won’t be “bogged down” at all if you’re giving me attitude. You have Friday all to yourself. I’m not sure who you think you are, but you most certainly don’t know me if you’re going to be rude. More half-baked pseudo-intellectual bs. You don’t impress me.”

I responded, most likely on deaf ears; “Yes, I am told more and more that science is “half-baked pseudo-intellectual BS”.  I am most certainly not here to impress people.  I know who I am and I don’t know who you are, never heard of you until you contacted me for an interview.  Obviously before looking into my work.  Thank you for granting me Friday all to myself, but I knew that was coming several emails ago.  You are not my first encounter with the A.I. Tribe of No Viruses.” And a final jab; “Would you like to discuss this matter with a NATO scientist?”

Of course, no further responses from Kristof is a pseudo Bill Cooper. Dr. Jon Snow commented on Kristos’ video, and you can read for yourself what a kind fellow he is and the high level of integrity he conducts himself. [Note:  1 of 2 replies not visible?]:

Same old “no virus” argument.  He is arguing there is no virus, I argue that the mRNA is viral-like. 5  Prions that exhibit behaviours to what science defines as viral. 6 I call it a bioweapon. Is it a virus?… No, but it acts like one. Besides, the mRNA contains viral inserts. Genetic inserts from viral organisms.  Genetic sections found within viruses. He does not even understand science.  To him, science is make-believe… propaganda… doesn’t exist. But it’s genetics. 7

He continues:

He doesn’t even understand GAIN OF FUNCTION. 8  Even though I agree with the Darwinism eugenics he spoke about, he is too fast to shut down the EXACT thing he is talking about. Yes there was no virus, but there was a bioweapon that used GENETICS from other organisms.

Anyways, I dodged a bullet wasting oxygen on Kristos’ show.  Just another A.I. Tribe of the Living Matrix. 9

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