Canada’s Auditor General IS Corrupt! Another Justin Trudeau “Sock Puppet”!

Is Canada’s Auditor General complicit in the ignoring of Trudeau Government’s lack of Emergency Risk Management in COVID19 matters? We think so! CIN decided to investigate the Auditor General of Canada who reports to parliamentarians directly by conducting independent financial audits of federal government operations. These audits provide members of parliament with objective evidence to help them examine the government’s activities and hold it to account. But who holds the Auditor General accountable?

Karen Hogan: Canada’s Auditor General or NWO Puppet?

Who is the Auditor General? Karen Hogan holds both a Bachelor’s and a graduate diploma in accounting from Concordia University in Montreal.

Hogan has served in various corporate roles including with the Montreal office of Ernst & Young and as a Senior Accounting manager for Canada Post in Ottawa. Hogan is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario as well as the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.

Hogan joined the Office of the Auditor General of Canada in 2006 and later appointed as Assistant Auditor General of Canada in January 2019. In June 2020, she was appointed by Justin Trudeau as Auditor General. Hogan succeeds Sylvain Richard who had been acting in the role since the death of the previous Auditor General Michael Ferguson in 2019. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Hogan https://www.cp24.com/news/trudeau-taps-karen-hogan-to-replace-the-late-michael-ferguson-as-auditor-general-1.4938094

Scandal in the AG’s Office? More Corruption!

Corruption doesn’t fall far from the tree in this Liberal government. Much to the disappointment of many Canadians across the country, “Justin’s Puppet Show Hour” holds performances daily, seven days a week! Yes, Master “Sock Boy” definitely likes his “Sock-Puppets”!

‘Auditor General Karen Hogan yesterday defended her ties to a Liberal lobbyist. Hogan awarded sole-sourced contracts to a lobbying firm and fed them confidential copies of her audits months before they were available to MPs and senators.’

“I have taken a look at the contracts,” said Hogan. “We followed the contracting rules set out by the government.” Hogan’s office in 2020 awarded a $24,800 sole-sourced contract to lobbyist Susan Smith of Bluesky Strategy Group Inc. of Ottawa. Smith is also a former Liberal press aide & co-founder of a Party-affiliated think tank, Canada 2020.’

‘Records showed auditors also fed confidential copies of their reports to Smith months before they were tabled in Parliament. Secret copies of audits were emailed to smith January 8, 2020 but were not publicly released to parliamentarians until July 8.’

Auditor Hogan yesterday declined comment when asked if any corrective measures were taken following the disclosures. Hogan’s office had attempted to conceal the records under the Access To Information Act and only released them after Blacklock’s reporter filed a formal complaint.

The AG declined to comment! The Auditor-General who is tasked with checking all government spending every year by carrying out annual audits in order to assist parliament to hold to account and call to account, all persons entrusted with management of public funds and resources… “declined to comment”! But why stop at $25,000 when you’re responsible for billions (maybe even trillions by the time the Pandemic is over). This according to the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada: https://www.cpacanada.ca/en/news/pivot-magazine/2020-10-26-karen-hogan-auditor-general

“Hogan’s office is tasked with a crucial role: to audit every single dollar spent by the federal government on COVID-19 support”

It does not stop…

The thing is, Karen’s office hasn’t stopped there. Here are contracts awarded to Steve Broad, Karen’s husband at Kinemedics, for services charged to the Auditor Generals Office itself! Anons were kind enough to dump thousands of confidential links on the web which we recovered! We are not certain if he is the registered owner of Kinemedics as that data has been scrubbed from the internet? Regardless, there is a definite conflict of interest here that equals if not surpasses Trudeau’s Aga Khan Island scandal!

These are links to contract made to the Auditor Generals Office dumped on GitHub many of which are under the $25,000 limit that would require audit! https://github.com/nurey/disclosed/blob/master/data/office_of_the_auditor_general_of_canada_contracts.csv
Most of the links to the contracts have been scrubbed from the internet and were retrieved from web archive.

Here are the contracts awarded to Kinemedics from the Auditor Generals Office. The contracts total $198,550. So much ergonomics assessment? They better have the best posture in Ottawa!


Here’s one for Bill Morneau’s company, Morneau Shepell Ltd. for $49,720. Apparently the Auditor General needed some private auditing?

Bill Morneau was the one to personally contact Karen Hogan when Trudeau appointed her AG:

“We suspected she might be getting a call, but it kept getting delayed,” says her husband, Steve Broad. “Then when it finally came, her cell reception was so weak that the call dropped.” Hours later, the same day, the lines connected. It was Bill Morneau officially offering Hogan the job. “She came out of the room with a big smile. She was extremely happy.”

And here is another contract made, again, to BlueSky Strategy Group for $13,899 for “Media Training for the Deputy Auditor General”.


So, why is Hogan rewarding “sole-sourced” contracts and leaking confidential reports to lobbyists? How are BlueSky Strategies and Canada 2020 involved in all this? Canada’s highest checks-and-balances office seems to be caught in a corruption scandal! So, who audits the Auditor General? Morneau? Not the Canadian taxpayer!



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