REQUIRED READING: The Canadian Establishment by Peter C. Newman

People want us to back track and give details on the past. While we agree, that would be fun, we will instead suggest the work of Peter C. Newman who detailed the Canadian Establishment until 1998. After that, Peter seemed to believe the establishment died. Well, it did not, instead the Canadian establishment amalgamated with the wider establishment of the New World Order, with the likes of Soros, Koch, Clinton/Giustra and the Aga Khan. This is where our work is filling the gap. We begin reporting from the mid 1990s when these deals were being established. In the meantime, we require you find and read the following. Then when you read our material, everything will make more sense.

The Canadian Establishment Volume 1 (1975)

They are the 1,000 men who really run Canada – invisible, in-bred, secretive, puritanical and tough-minded – the harsh and iron-willed businessmen dedicated to preserving the status quo – their status quo. The author calls them “this country’s non-elected government”, and if there is anyone who knows government in Canada, it is Peter C. Newman. The most compelling, accomplished and clear-sighted political-analytical, journalist in the country, he knows who has power, how they achieved it, how they hold on to it, how they use and abuse it. Newman applies his special skill and scalpel in a fascinating, factual and authoritative account that takes readers into the very marrow of the Canadian Establishment. Naming the men and institutions where the real authority resides, he traces the elaborate personal interconnections between members of the power elite, illustrates the ways in which authority moves, the methods used for its self-perpetuation and the jealous guard kept to ensure that power remains with the select. Trenchant, exciting and in many ways frightening, The Canadian Establishment is one the the most explosive books of the decade.

Bronfman Dynasty: The Rothschilds of the New World (1978)

Only one book – only one family – could possibly succeed The Canadian Establishment… and three years after the publication of that sensational and controversial volume, Peter C. Newman returns with Bronfman Dynasty, the intimate story of the greatest, most powerful empire of them all.

Even though its various branches control assets worth an estimated $7billion, the Bronfman clan is constantly in flux and flight – a feuding clutch of hot-headed dreamers with wounded eyes and hyper egos.

We meet Sam Bronfman, who, along with his brothers, laid the Seagram empire’s financial foundations by supplying booze to bootleggers who crossed the Canadian-USA border during some of the Prohibition era’s most violent encounters. Later he sought respectability by attempting to buy a seat in the Canadian senate.

Today’s generation is less rambunctious but no less interesting. There’s Charles, the current power behind the throne, who owns a baseball ream and lives in a $2million house that has a swimming pool and a retracting roof. Edgar, the New York jet setter, who runs the empire from a Park Avenue office that has a Rodin nude state of Balzac in it. Peter, the shyest billionaire in the country, who owns Montreal’s huge Place Ville Marie and much of downtown Calgary. Mitch, who lives a James Bond existence, hiding in his desk a special flashlight that shoots a stream of mace at unwanted visitors. Then there is Pyllis, who lives in a restored factory on Montreal’s waterfront, and Minda, the baroness, who continues to set sophisticated standards for Parisian society.

Here is the Canadian book that cried out to be written: the compelling saga of Canada’s wealthiest, most powerful, and secretive dynasty.

Acquisitors: Volume 2 of The Canadian Establishment (1981)

Power means control over other people’s lives.

The men in this book exercise that kind of authority, and in gaining their new-found status in an astonishingly brief period of time they have quickened the pulse of Canada.

They’re the fearless new entrepreneurs who have hustled their way into contention, shaking Canada’s Establishment down to the tendrils of its elegant roots. Wealth and influence and passing into new hands-from the de-industrialized East to the petrol-rich West, from the patrician aristocrats of Montreal and Toronto to the cowboy capitalists of Calgary and Vancouver, from the Old Rich, who hide their fortunes, to the New Rich who flaunt their megabucks, their biceps, and their women.

This book explains how part of the Canadian Establishment has reconstructed itself to fit the times, reformulating its very chemistry to accommodate the surging bloodlines of these impatient newcomers. They are the millionaires, software smoothies, hamburger kings, guitar twangers and real-estate-flippers who form a new breed Newman calls THE AQUISITORS.

Within an exciting half-decade, these remarkable newcomers have garnered fortunes that allow them to spend $10,000 a day for their pleasure.

This book is a group profile of hot-headed young guys with jet boats and balloons, big cars, bigger yachts, and egos to match, whose condos in Maui or Miami, stretch Learjets and colour-co-ordinated French Impressionists have become essential to their psychic survival. Their Bonzo lifestyles, strange histories, and stranger marital arrangements allow them to inhabit a climate different from that of ordinary men.

In this volume, which continues his classic study of Canada’s power wielders, Peter C. Newman has isolated the score of men constituting the leading ranks of the fascinating new posse of daring Aquisitors. He details who they are, what they do, and how they get away with it.

Titans (The Canadian Establishment, Vol. 3) (1998)

In this final volume of Peter C. Newman’s momentous trilogy on the Canadian Establishment, he pulls out all the stops. Readers accompany him on a tour of one Candian Titan’s four-acre house; trace in minute detail how Canada’s business Establishment has captured Ottawa’s political agenda; discover the differences between the Old and New Establishments. (“New Money regards waiters as buddies; Old Money treats them as self-propelled furniture.”)

Newman tackles the effects of globalization on our society, documenting how “the Titans have reduced the idea of Canada to a flag of convenience – or occasionally inconvenience – to be used or discarded, like a moth-eaten T-shirt.” He quotes one international trader’s definition of the kind of clout that counts in the global village: “The men who really wield, retain and covet power in New York are the kind of men who answer bedside telephones while making love.”

This is a lively, anecdote-filled survey of how the Canadian Establishment was transformed from staid aristocracy to rampaging meritocracy, where anything goes – as long as you mint a fortune doing it. The intimate details of how these action-oriented gunslingers – fast on the draw and slow on loyalty – have grabbed command of Canada’s future makes for a revealing and explosive book.

These Lords of the New Millennium influence our lives and careers in many astonishing ways. The Old Establishment was a Club; the New Establishment is a Network. Who is plugged it, how they operate, and how they get away with it is the subject of Titans, bound to be the most cussed and discussed book of the year.

The Fall of the Titans (2013)

While Mr. Newman gave us a complete analysis of the establishment in Canada until 1998, in 2013 he put out a piece in Macleans stating the establishment had lost its hold. Here is Newman in 2013 claiming the establishment is gone…

The Canadian Establishment, Volume 4: Rise of the New World Order (2021) Our goal, to publish a book. A hardcover book.

Oh, Canada: Our Bought and Sold Out Land (2009)

In the meantime, Dan Matthews released a fantastic film about the establishment in Canada, especially in relationship to central banking.

This is a serious journalism piece that asks the tough questions directly to such politicians as Former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, Ontario Gas Man Dan McTeague, NDP Leader Jack Layton, Mayor of Oshawa John Gray, Former Prime Minister of Canada John Turner and many more!

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