Undertaker Speaks of Growing Jab Deaths…

CIN’s guest undertaker is back with an update. As of December 6th 2021 he is witnessing a surge in COVID-19 related deaths specifically: Blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and aneurisms primarily from vaccinated individuals. He is also witnessing jab-related deaths due to the suppression of the immune system that start with the common cold or the flu and are now being labelled deaths due to the Omicron variant. In these individuals the immune system has been completely decimated. These illnesses are causing many to run to get booster shots.

FYI: Although CIN endorses part of this message we do not endorse all of it. In the video the undertaker suggests he will do anything to help the vaccinated even “kiss them on the lips” if he has to. This is completely outrageous and it puts into question this man’s integrity. We believe John the Undertaker is “Controlled Opposition” for the NWO! After all, who gets so much media coverage on social media these days? Only NWO Scientists, Media and “Controlled Opposition!” That’s who!

If you’re reading this John here’s a message: No one… I repeat no one is even shaking hands with people at this time! You can fool some people some of the time but not all the time! Go back and tell your Dark Overlord this: Satan is the father of lies but the Sheeple are woke! We will not go quietly into the good night! Our God is about truth and justice and he will prevail MOTHER FUCKER!

Update on Omicron Variant: What we are seeing with the Omicron variant is HIV Seroconversion and it will more than likely, kill a lot of people that are already immunocompromised: Cancer patients, AIDS patients, Autoimmune disease patients. But it will also infect people with HIV; Airborne HIV! Please do not go kissing any vaccinated individuals on the lips! An update on the Omicron variant and how it spreads is posted below. Be safe sheeple!

Omicron Variant is HIV Seroconversion! #HerdTransmission Mother Fuckers!

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