Cyberattacks Initiated! Prepare for the “Great Reset!”

According to Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chair of the WEF and also the depopulation go-to man for the world’s elite, the “Fourth Industrial revolution” is about to commence and quickly!

To do this the NWO must start a GLOBAL CYBER PANDEMIC which will shut down power grids, food supply, finance, medical, and communication systems. This will make COVID-19 look like a small disturbance in comparison. The NWO is pressing the “Reset” button on mankind, literally turning off the lights, destroying all technology as we know it and catapulting humanity back to the dark ages!

Klaus Schwab’s CyberPandemic Be prepared for a possible cyberattack: Have money on hand, get a generator, fill your gas tanks and pantries.

The Military establishment and the media are also predicting that cyber-attacks in the form of an EMP are imminent. With several attacks already in play and Russia allied with both China and Iran, several false flags will undoubtedly unfold as global tensions escalate.

Russia Given Lead in WEFs Center for 4th Industrial Revolution!

WARNING: EMP Attacks Imminent!

The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization Winter 2021!

What we know to date is that cyberattacks have been initiated. Leading the NWO call to their “Great Reset” are the Anons that have already started attacking Russian infrastructure technology. There are no “white hats” here only NWO paid hacks.

FYI:The Anons were always working for them!

What’s really going on here?

During the Trump election of 2016 it was the Anons that helped to release the Wikileaks documents. These Anons are supporters of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Why is this problematic? NSA whistle blower Snowden and Wikileaks were always a CIA Psyops. Notice how the leaks were a controlled release? Notice how they implicated Hilary Clinton while doing very little damage to Donald Trump? Notice how there was thousands of emails not released?

Wikileaks was founded by Julian Assange and Gavin MacFayden. MacFayden also set up the Center for investigative Journalism in London which was funded by George Soros’s Open Society. MacFayden was introduced to the Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders while in College and the two of them were far-left activists and followers of Marxists ideology. It was a Wikileaks team that helped Edward Snowden leave Hong Kong and defect to Russia.

Wikileaks was also defended by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights and the OAS (Organization for the American States) in response to some negative criticism. The UN High Commissioner expressed concern over the “cyber war” against WikiLeaks and in a joint statement with the Organization of American States called on nations to keep international legal principles in mind. According to journalist Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, WikiLeaks is motivated by “a theory of anarchy,” not a theory of journalism or social activism. And as such has had a huge following with social justice warriors; the Anons. This is Wikileaks; the UNs journalism on demand. After all, in 2016 Americans wanted a hero so the NWO gave them Donald trump!

Wikileaks has always been on the take; selling information to the highest bidder. Who controlled that operation? The CIA, NSA, the Anons and their NWO Masters!

Look at their hashtags: #FreeAssange and look at the language itself; they might as well be spokespersons for the UN Overlords!

There are now reports of cyberattacks on infrastructure throughout the globe:

Several Countries are trying to prepare for cyberattacks on their financial infrastructures as we speak in what appears to be a “too-little too-late” type of scenario:

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), along with the FBI, issued a joint advisory yesterday pointing to Russian state-sponsored activity using WhisperGate and HermeticWiper malware to target Ukrainian organizations. The agency has also updated the Shields Up webpage to include new information, recommendations for corporate leaders and actions to protect critical assets.

What does all this mean? It means that the Cyberattacks have started and the Rubicon has been crossed. There is no turning back from this. Hackers from other nations (i.e. China, Iran, Pakistan) will now cause cyberattacks on other countries. You see, war does not require bullets… just the internet. The “Cyber-Pandemic” has started and humanity will soon enter into a very #DarkWinter.

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