The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization Winter 2021!

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1. What is the Great Reset?

It has come to our attention that the New World Order will cause an EMP-like power surge through the Smart Grid which can carry 10,000-80,000V, enough to burn electrical wires, appliances, and house within seconds! 
Their plan established in 2011 called for the installation of a Smart Grid worldwide The Smart Meters are key since they CANNOT handle high voltages >350V. The old analogue meters were grounded, these are not!
Here is a report of the harm caused by Smart Meters!

2. How do we know this?

Several researchers at CIN uncovered a document written in 2011 called the “World in Transition” aka, the “Great Reset.” It starts off with a quote that translates to: “Dare to do the unthinkable.” It advocated for end of fossil fuels, the end of agriculture in order to implement a sustainable planet and what we know as the Agenda 2030: UN Global Compact for Sustainability. And it specifically states that this mandate must be met no later than 2020. In it, it states the integration of the Smart Grid for gas and hydro were “indispensable” for the implementation of the “Great Reset,” literally a transformation of society back to the Dark Ages! Lights out! There will be no repairman!

World in Transition: A Social Contract for Sustainability

World in Transition: A Social Contract for Sustainability Summary


Here is a Summary of “The Great Reset” from those articles:

This 34 page document on how they will implement this “Transformation”…. it will be done through the G20. Their goal is to modernize the UN and transform it into a global government. The UN Security Council is key so transforming voting rights to accommodate other states (right now it’s 5). The G20 will form a CRISIS MANAGEMENT committee, like they did after the 2008 financial crisis. They will in turn establish a council for sustainable development on par with the security council (remember the security council is also their military arm). They state specifically that this will involve the loss of sovereignty… global equity…. global redistribution of resources. This document started what we know as the UN GLOBAL COMPACT ON MIGRATION, which will be achieved through global alliances. Much of the transformation can be achieved through the implementation of SuperSmart Grids.

They are basically advocating for what they call a GREAT TRANSFORMATION…. de-industrialization.

NO FOSSIL FUELS, NO ANIMAL AGRICULTURE (they will regulate land use)…. and transforming CITIES.

This was a coordinated approach….involving many countries…. and nuclear energy use was also not considered as an energy source because of what happened in Japan…. so nuclear disarmament was also on their agenda.

The process to be overseen by…. the alliance of scientific organizations in Germany.

With respect to agriculture the group overseeing that is the CGIAR consultative group on international agriculture research…..??

3. The Great Reset is about De-Industrialization:

If Hitler had his “Mein Kampf” the NWO has the “Great Reset,” the blueprint for mass genocide on a global level! Written in 2011 by the Queen’s two degree Climate Change Co-conspirator Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, a member of the CLUB OF ROME, a secret society that is pushing the depopulation agenda! Pierre Elliot Trudeau helped to form the Club of Rome and Justin is following in his father’s footprints!

Why Depopulation? The Club of Rome sees mankind as damaging to the environment. Consisting of the world’s elite, their aim is to establish a sustainable population on the planet of 1 Billion people which means that close to 7 Billion people will have to die! While at the same time preserving their genetic pool at the expense of ours! To them we are “Useless Eaters,” inferior beings that must be culled to preserve the 1 percent! Bill Gates is also a member of this “Depopulation Club” and rest assured if the Great Reset doesn’t kill you the vaccine which was designed to insert viral genetic material into your body cells might! An mRNA vaccine is a fairly new, untested vaccine and although mRNA is capable of producing chemicals that are immunogenic the mRNA itself can also pass into the cells nucleus that stores your DNA! Questions then arise: Do these mRNA Vaccines have the potential of altering your DNA? Are there DNA splicing agents in the vaccine, similar to those being implemented in CRISPR technologies that we are not aware of that would allow for this? Splicing agents or enzymes that, unlike mRNA that can survive in the refrigerator, require sub-zero temperatures to remain viable? Is this why they are ordering sub-zero freezers? Regardless, the question on everyone’s mind is: Are we being turned into Human GMOs?


4. The “Great Reset” is an attack on the Smart Grid! 

An EMP-like attack can be accomplished in different ways: through a cyber attack, missile attack, or directly through the Smart Grid! Do you remember Operation Stuxnet? Stuxnet is a malicious computer worm first uncovered in 2010, thought to have been in development since 2005. Stuxnet targets electrical control systems and was believed to have been responsible for causing substantial damage to the nuclear program of Iran by sabotaging centrifuges which appeared to have been operating normally until they blew up due to a power surge. Stuxnet is a cyberweapon built jointly by the United States and Israel. These cyberweapons can be used against the Smart Grid to destroy all electrical infrastructures for years, catapulting mankind back into the dark ages! Here is what a cyber attack would look like, basically anything connected to Wifi may be compromised, including your home thermostat!

Is this why Trudeau and other politicians are repeatedly telling us to stay at home? Without electricity 90% of Civilization will die!  High voltages through the grid can exceed the capacity of what your home can withstand and fry everything in its path including appliances, computers, virtually anything that is plugged in! Your CO2 detectors will not wake you up to these dangers! An EMP-like attack will destroy transformers that would be near-impossible to repair! Fuel Pumping Stations would be disabled! It would impact everything that we know in today’s modern civilization including gas lines, transportation, and communication! Staying on the grid can mean your home will be compromised and the fires that could be ignited are unpredictable. Please get off the grid if you can or put a power surge on your panel along with ferrites!

5. Who is endorsing this idea?

Nazi Klaus Schwab, Founder World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome, the Depopulation Guru himself! Many people don’t even know who he is! Basically he is the go-to man for the world’s elite that control everything from the Bilderberg Group, to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the world’s economy, to the United Nations to all political governance! And now he’s rolling out a GLOBAL CYBER PANDEMIC which will shut down power grids, food supply, finance, medical, and communications. That will make COVID-19 look like a small disturbance in comparison! He even makes a statement to this effect in the following video!

Klaus Schwab, in short… “we need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

Klaus Schwab was also on the steering committee for BILDERBERG GROUP along with Conrad Black & David Frum (aka.. founder of Nazi group Northern Foundation, (Speech writer for H. W. Bush & Harper’s right-hand-man). The World Economic Forum (WEF) originated from the THIRD REICH! They are all NAZI! Harper, Trudeau, Trump and Biden all have connections to the WEF and Klaus Schwab!


Yes, the entire political establishment as we know it have all been bought out and are currently fighting to get positions with the NWO government. Take note, you will see many of them disappearing in the next few days taking with them your sovereignty and what is left in the government coffers!

Joe Biden's last major speech as Vice President in full | World Economic  Forum

6. Pay attention to what the media is saying!

The media around the globe is using “key words” that are the same everywhere. They include: “Dark Winter” “Circuit Breaker Lock Down” “Build Back Better” “Great Reset” “Warp Speed”. This is no coincidence! The Global elite will implement a #GreatReset this #DarkWinter using a Cyber attack on the Smart Grid to cause a #CircuitBreakerLockdown so that the 1% can #BuildBackBetter and it will happen in #WarpSpeed. Take heed Patriots! De-industrialization is coming! And we believe it’s coming soon!

7. Media is Warning of Cyber Attacks on the Electrical Grid!

Currently the Media is also reporting about a potential Cyber Attack on the power grid. With several attacks already in play! These are the new 9-11 like terrorists attacks we don’t see but we will definitely feel their aftermath! We believe that the political establishment will blame these attacks on China, Russia or Iran. But don’t be fooled for they all dance for the same puppet masters; the Global Elite behind your NWO Government!

“State-sponsored actors are very likely attempting to develop cyber capabilities required to disrupt the supply of electricity in Canada.”


The Government of Canada just put out a tender asking for a “Grid Simulator System” to study the electric grid and electrical surges:


8. NWO will cast the blame on China!

The NWO always has a contingency plan incase the #GreatReset is not as successful. They need an enemy for you to blame as you rally your troops together to defend what is left of your sovereignty! And there will be a war! The NWO has already launched the Apocalypse as written by their patron saint in The Book of Revelation which describes the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and includes: Death, Famine, War and Conquest!

The Puppet Master will be controlling both the left and the right and the victor will be the NWO if you allow it to happen. You see, the mighty Rothschilds caused the same propaganda misinformation campaign during WWll and indeed they will do the same during WWlll. Yes war too is on the horizon!

9. When will the Great Reset” happen?

CIN doesn’t know the actual date for this “Great Reset” but according to what we do know about the NWO, their symbolism and attachment to rituals, we predict the ‘Lights Out” aka #CircuitBreakerLockdown cyber attack will happen anywhere between December 17 through January 5th. Why? Do you recall President Trump doing a photo-op in front of St John the Evangelical Church? St John the Evangelical is also known as St John the divine and is an important saint for the freemasons, the NWO. They celebrate his feast date on December 27 during the mid-winter solstice. St John also wrote Revelation aka the Apocalypse.

In the Church of Satan, Satan’s Birthday also falls during Saturnalia; the feast of the winter solstice. There are discrepancies as to the actual date/week depending on the calendar one is using but again it will happen during the #DarkWinter and the darkest day of winter is the start on the winter solstice which will take place on December 21st at 8:30 am 2020. Was Trump doing this photo shoot as a signal to the NWO that things have been put into play for a #GloablReset? Is Biden talking about a “Dark Winter” code language to the NWO elite? Regardless, Klaus Schwab of the WEF stated a Cyber attack will happen that will destroy all infrastructure necessary to sustain life and Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber report on this “Transformation” confirms that this “Great Reset” was all planned out in 2011. Here are some links and the video of President Trump at St. John the Evangelical Church:

10. President Trump is Part of the NWO:

CIN has lost many followers because we do not advocate for either a left or a right. We do advocate for mankind which includes everyone. If you could just step back from what ever soapbox you are standing on and open your mind to the possibility that ALL POLITICIANS AND ALL MEDIA IS CORRUPT (Yes including alternative media! You see in that 2011 report on the “Great Reset” it also stated the importance of including alternative media in their plan of execution) you will understand that you the NWO’s “Useless Eater” have also been their “Useful Idiot” in helping to implement their plan! A Plan that was years in the making and it included Q, a misinformation campaign of the deep state! Regardless of where you stand can you please be open to watching this next video in it’s entirety because all civilization as we know it depends on you opening up your mind that this choas around us has all been created by the Global Elite and that there are NO HEROES only the heroes that will come from true patriots who are truly woke! President Trump does not wear a “white hat”… you do!

11. The NWO will rollout of the Vaccine & the NSA will be in charge!

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has just recently announced that General Rick Hillier along with the Military will be rolling out the vaccine. Have a listen!

Just recently the Federal Government of Canada put out a vaccine logistics procurement for the distribution of the vaccine. These companies are to start implementing logistics on December 15th! Before the #GreatReset #DarkWinter. There are just far too many co-incidences here! Military and logistics set up before #DarkWinter? Is the government preparing for a terrorist attack on the Smart Grid? Why are the internment camps being rolled out at the same time? We understand it may be because of Covid infection numbers, but they control the numbers? And the numbers correlate to the seasonal flu data!

But what is even more disturbing is the General Rick Hillier is on the Board of Directors for “Team Rubicon” a disaster relief organization that was initiated by Barack Obama and indorsed by the Clinton Foundation. What is even more worrisome is that they are directly funded by NSA spyware company Palantir that can track anyone and anything!

Doug Ford Enlists Military for Vaccine Rollout: The NSA, Palantir, Team Rubicon, Clinton Foundation may be Tracking You!

Trudeau Appoints General to Rollout Vaccine: Military Contracts NSA’s Palantir!

12. Will your cell phone track you in a power outage?

The NWO has conveniently installed high-tech surge protect devices on their cell towers, specifically the 5G towers. So if you have battery power and your phone hasn’t been fried from the power surge you should be able to make and receive calls till your battery dies. Mobile phones are basically tracking devices and many smartphones have built-in sensors that can record a lot of information: magnetic compass, GPS, gyroscope (the position of your phone in space), and accelerometer (how fast the phone is moving). These sensors allow for the collection of location information. The NSA is capable of determining your last known location. And the NSA could track a switched off phone by infecting the handsets with Trojans. That would force the handsets to continue emitting a signal even if the phone is in standby mode unless the battery is removed. When the battery is removed, the compromised handset will not have a power source to emit the signals, and hence would fail to share its location details. That being said a faraday bag would come in useful if you want to hide your last known physical location. However, All your security devices can be exploitable by the NSA. The NSA is known to intercept shipments of computers and phones to put “backdoors” on them which circumvents security measures of the device, allowing the NSA to spy on the end user. Basically, anything with internet and power can be used as a tracking device!

10 ways the NSA is spying on you right now
Can You Track Switched Off Phones? Apparently, NSA Can!

13. Patriots Please Prepare for the “Great Reset”:

Stock up on: Non-Perishable foods, clothing, hunting & fishing gear, and don’t forget salt, oil and medicines! Flash lights, reliable heat source and water source! There are many on social media that are advocating you ditch your cell phone, photocopy necessary ID and leave originals in a safe location, then RELOCATE! The NWO is already here! Should the Grid sustain a terrorist attack the Canadian Government will more than likely place the blame on China and rightly so but there are a lot of players involved in the NWO! All roads lead to the Rothschilds! 

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  1. Refer to Whitney Webbs excellent work on Operation Dark Winter that was done ’19’ years ago just before 911. Small pox was unleashed on the planet in the simulation like event 201. I would also refer you to Dilyana Gaytandzhieva excellent work on the US bioweapons lab Lugar Centre in Tblisi Georgia where the scientists have diplomatic license plates meaning they could get samples on airplanes unfettered.

  2. I’ve seen multiple Christians have visions of an EMP attack from a nuclear blast with Russia and China and then finally the blue helmets invading. It could possibly be both cyber and Nuclear wouldn’t you say? It’s the perfect concoction I believe. They can do it right above Canada’s and America’s border with a 25 megaton Super EMP (nuclear blast that focuses on maximum gamma ray output) and it should cover both countries. Homeland security report shows China having such a EMP weapon and they can team up with Russia to carry it out and make it look like a satellite launch due to how small it is compared to large nuclear weapons blasting off somewhere in like Siberia or the North Pole. Canada would allow invading forces come through from the North to America. All I know is that the NWO will succeed because Revelation is not conjecture, it is Truth. It is the future. My concern is how far will they go… will they launch a large scale nuclear attack after we are completely disabled? North America and South America doesn’t have to be here for the NWO. I’m interested in your perspective because you are not blind and you have peaked my suspicions on Trump. I know his Uncle was part of the team that confiscated Tesla’s materials after he died and I can only imagine what he actually knows and how deep his tentacles go. Also I must add that the alien agenda is becoming more apparent. Ive seen the talk of UFOs and aliens completely increase tenfold this year in the MSM. Not by accident. I’ve seen an advanced aircraft back in 2010, not one of those orbs of light, it was definitely human made and it woke me up to the technology that the Elite actually have and they can totally project UFOs into the sky making it look out of this world. Anyways, keep up the good work.

  3. You are wrong about one thing…Trump is NOT part of this “Davos Crowd.”
    He knows who they are and capable of nothing beyond a festival of ass-kissing, mutual self-congratulation, and status-jockeying, which are the actual activities at the Davos meet-up.
    In short, they are ALL a bunch of “elite” would-be aristo-totalitarians with lèse-majesté dreams.

    1. Lol trump sold you down the River and you still think he’s on your side. Go get your jab goy. Jab your kids too goy. Put that mask on goy. Any day now Clinton’s will be in jail! Lolz. Pathetic boomers.

  4. Talking about EMP. Refer to Israels Talpiot program, Prism etc etc. Refer to latest Solarwinds hack. Also refer to the fact that almost all Israeli leaders are from the former Soviet bloc. Israel has a heavy contingent of Russians. Israel has been aiding and abetting China forever. Also note that Peres gave Jerusalem to the Vatican. Most CIA directors, diplomats, people in government positions of power came out of Jesuit Georgetown (notably Vatican Edmund Walshs foreign service program). It would be simplistic to say the Jesuits and the Black nobility run the globalist empire but it is a good place to start. Suffice to say the roman empire never went away. It is no surprise that the pope meets with Lynn Rothchild and all major corporations this week and claim to be the ‘benign guardians’ of the planet. Upon research it is my suspicion they have more cleverly cloaked contenders for the crown but there is no way of knowing for sure. A smart adversary would never tell you it even exists. Especially considering all we know is the information they give us through controlled media like the internet and the printing press. Any important book was probably burned long ago down the memory hole as orwell/Blair said. A good example would be the knights templar. Information makes us believe they died long ago but I have come to believe otherwise. The real da Vinci code was he was contracted by the sultan to build a bridge across the bosphorus to bring the, at that time, Islamic invaders right into Europe. This social engineering of populations by religions conducive to their plans and developed by this cabal was planned long ago. We have been here before. Thankfully daVinci didnt do their bidding and we managed to defeat one of the beards of our adversary which happened to be at that time, Islam. The time has come to try and correctly identify this adversary. The problem with war is all the wrong people get killed. Once the shooting starts, we all lose.

  5. The Queen Knighted Klaus Schwab…
    Read at this link: open source..

  6. Holding up the Bible at Saint John’s Church on June 1st 2020 was a symbolic gesture by Trump – a marker – I believe – for the coming new King John III – http://kingjohnthethird.uk — the instalment of the new king this year will change everything… for the better because the ‘silent weapons for quiet wars’ agenda has destroyed so much it is time to enter the next era and a new age … a much better age… yes we are the ‘white hats’ but we are also the messengers to others if we choose that role.. I have. I have declared a run for Mayor in my town this spring as the candidate who will only swear an oath to the new King John III if I am elected – I look forward to draining the local swamp because as you know the local action is where they do their damage. Best regards CIN folks.. you’ve done such great work .. and I hope you consider doing at least one article on the claim made for Kingship by Joseph Gregory Hallett – as Canucklaw.ca has kindly linked to his website – it is for all of us to help.. the word is spread by the truth holders and wisdom keepers – we are entering the new age.

  7. Listen EMP Blasts are a extremely big deal. If you don’t have a proper EMP Shield you will likely lose your car. I have one installed on my car and I highly recommend it to everyone I come in contact with

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