WARNING: EMP Attacks Imminent!

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a 30-member alliance formed in the wake of WWII whose purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. NATO includes the U.S. and Canada, as well as dozens of nations in Europe. With Russia invading the Ukraine, NATO has already issued warnings and “Article 5” has been activated:

And this time there is also a third player involved; China is allied with Russia.

(Oh, and World Economic Forum is using China to implement New World Order.)

Klaus Schwab, in short… “we need a Great reset!”, and we’re using China to do it.

Predictions are that China will probably take advantage of this precarious position imposed on the West and will likely invade Taiwan soon.

The Military establishment and the media are now predicting that cyber-attacks in the form of an EMP are imminent. CIN issued this warning back in 2020 and we are encouraging all readers to take this seriously.

The media is reporting about a potential cyber-attack on the power grid. With several attacks already in play and Russia allied with China and Iran, we believe that the political establishment will blame these attacks on them. But don’t be fooled for they all dance for the same puppet masters. There are no borders and there are no nations. We are all but pawns in the NWOs perpetual game of chess and its checkmate!

Can the US defend against EMPs? The U.S. Defense Department and RAND Wargames show that Russia can overrun Ukraine and the frontline NATO states in Eastern Europe within 72 hours. RAND analysis shows that a Russian invasion of NATO’s Baltic States cannot be defeated, even if the U.S. resorts to tactical nuclear weapons. Russia has an advantage in tactical nuclear weapons; an estimated 2,000-8,000 warheads versus 180 tactical U.S. warheads, all of which are based in Europe.  


Canada’s infrastructure is also completely vulnerable to an EMP attack:

What is an EMP attack? An EMP-like attack can be accomplished in different ways: through a solar flare, EMP missile attack or cyber-attack directly on the Smart Grid.

How would EMP missile attacks work? We believe these will be delivered in the form of High altitude EMP weapons or HEMP which do not deliver nuclear energy but rather high electrical energy which then impact the grid. The NWO wants a healthy planet not one contaminated with radioactivity. How do we know this?

If Hitler had his “Mein Kampf” the NWO has the “Great Reset,” the blueprint for mass genocide on a global level. Written in 2011 by the Queen’s two degree Climate Change Co-conspirator Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, a member of the CLUB OF ROME, a secret society that is pushing the depopulation agenda! He also indicated that nuclear weapons were not an option.

The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization Winter 2021!

Here’s how HEMPs work:

How do Cyber-attacks work? Stuxnet was a malicious computer worm first uncovered in 2010, thought to have been in development since 2005. Stuxnet targeted electrical control systems and was believed to have been responsible for causing substantial damage to the nuclear program of Iran by sabotaging centrifuges which blew up due to a power surge. Stuxnet is a cyberweapon built jointly by the United States and Israel. These cyberweapons can be used against the Smart Grid to destroy all electrical infrastructures for years, catapulting mankind back into the dark ages! Here is what a cyber-attack would look like; basically anything connected to Wifi may be compromised, including your home thermostat!

Without electricity 90% of Civilization will die!  High voltages through the grid can exceed the capacity of what your home can withstand and fry everything in its path including appliances, computers, virtually anything that is plugged in! Your CO2 detectors will not wake you up to these dangers! An EMP attack will destroy transformers that would be near-impossible to repair! Fuel Pumping Stations would be disabled! It would impact everything that we know in today’s modern civilization including gas lines, transportation, and communication! Staying on the grid can mean your home will be compromised and fires could be ignited. Please get off the grid if you can or put a power surge on your panel along with ferrites!

Who is endorsing this idea? Nazi Klaus Schwab, Founder World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome, the Depopulation Guru himself! Many people don’t even know who he is! Basically he is the go-to man for the world’s elite that control everything from the Bilderberg Group, to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the world’s economy, to the United Nations to all political governance! And now he’s rolling out a GLOBAL CYBER PANDEMIC which will shut down power grids, food supply, finance, medical, and communications. That will make COVID-19 look like a small disturbance in comparison! He even makes a statement to this effect in the following video!

How do you protect your home and electronics from EMPs? Here are a few videos on how to protect your home and car from an EMP. The author has contacted and spoken with Dr. Arthur Bradley directly and I can confirm he is both credible and helpful.