Brace Yourselves for the 6th Wave!

Today the COVID-19 death rates in Hong Kong were at an all-time high while data from western nations seem to be lagging far behind.

So who is lying about the data? According to the media these deaths are attributed to lower vaccination rates in the elderly and vaccine hesitancy.

However we are seeing similar trends in New Zealand where cases COVID-19 cases have shot up in parallel; both employ mandatory testing, both have vaccinated their populations, and both had OMICRON breakthrough infections. It is without a doubt that the vaccine itself is responsible for these deaths no matter how you try to spin this.

Vaccination Rate in Hong Kong was at 69.5% and only 22.7% took the booster shots:

Vaccination Rates in New Zealand were at 78% with 48.7% of the population taking the third booster, yet the rates of infections still comparable to Hong Kong.

But if you look at Death Rates between the two countries you can see that Hong Kong is demonstrating a tsunami of deaths compared to New Zealand.

And now there is data showing that a new Omicron BA2 strain with a spike protein mutation has emerged.

So what’s really going on here? Many would claim that the pandemic is fake. However, in western countries they are removing mandates, opening up communities and even removing mask mandates. All this despite infection levels increasing in Hong Kong and New Zealand. We believe this contradictory narrative is being done to either instill fear and have more people run to get the third booster or its being done to spread Omicron into the population… probably both!

Regardless, it looks like we are headed for the 6th wave!

And CIN called this… yet again! No, we are not government or military intelligence, we just pay attention to what they say. Here is Ontario’s top doctor suggesting a sixth wave coming in April. Brace yourself because it will be a bad one!

Ontario’s Top Doctor Confirms Vaccinated Are the Spreaders!

Here is comparable data from Nova Scotia. You will see that our numbers were very low with zero vaccination rates in 2020, compared to2021 when they had everyone vaccinated.

It’s the vaccines, stupid.

As predicted Omicron 2.0 has emerged; what scientists are referring to as the “Stealth Omicron.” With an Ro of 12 compared to its counterpart Omicron 1.0 that has an Ro of 7, this variant will infect far more people. And it’s impact will be felt throughout our hospital systems as major symptoms include respiratory issues with serious lung involvement. It looks like the NWO wants a high kill rate as their political puppets start to lift all mandates. Mask-up Sheeple!