All Politician Are Members of the WEF and It’s Revolution They Want!

Social media is on fire and the people are woke. They are making the connections between the World Economic Forum and the infiltration of our government by the NWO elite who want to weaken our democratic institutions and human rights, take away property and ownership rights, replace our society with cheap labour and install a tyrannical system of governance in order to implement the their elite “Great Reset.”

Everyone was alerted to the WEFs plan when the founder and Executive Officer of the WEF openly stated that our government had been infiltrated by WEF members and young global leaders.

Canadian Parliament Protects Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab & WEF

Russia Given Lead in WEFs Center for 4th Industrial Revolution!

World Economic Forum: The Great Reset

Pierre Poilievre MP, CPC Candidate and future Prime Minister hopeful, publicly made this statement:

However, the internet never lies and although you can no longer see any information on his involvement on the WEF website, internet archives tell another story:


You see, they are all members and supporters of the WEF; Justin Trudeau Jagmeet Singh, Pierre Poillievre, Andrew Scheer:

And let us not forget the black sheep of the WEF Family whose role was to incite revolution; Maxime Bernier is also a WEF Member:


However, the bigger question you need to ask yourself is: Why is social media now disclosing information on these WEF politicians? Seriously, in the social media world tweets exposing any politician as a WEF member would have been de-platformed by now. Ask yourself why haven’t they?

What is the NWO endgame? You see, each political camp has their promoters and there are games afoot; revolution is what they want. Revolution will destroy the very fabric that preserves our nation’s sovereignty, democratic governance and our basic human rights. That is the ONLY way the NWO can be ushered in. And they will do so by using UN Peacekeepers.

United Nations On the Ground In Ottawa

CIN knew in 2018 that all political parties are corrupt and what we have is nothing but a pseudo-government with political puppets that cater to the NWO maters of the “Great reset.”

All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

Sheeple, can you please save your hard-earned dollars and buy food instead of throwing it to these NWO puppets? Look to your community for leadership, and align yourself with like-minded individuals. But please stop dancing around these NWO puppets. The more you follow their lead the worse things will get. Ask yourself: Are you willing to die on their hill?

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