Iron Will Repress the Luciferase Built In Battery Pack for Clathrin Nanotech

The Vitaliano Patent specifically uses Bacterial Luciferase which is activated by Flavins, Flavenoids, Vitamin B2. This is why the American Frontline Doctors are pushing those supplements!

Luciferase fuels mRNA Clathrin Nanobot

Blue light will also activate production in the 450 nm range. Bacterial Lucifersae which is activated by Flavin produces Blue-green light. Here is the reaction:


Bacterial Luciferase (unlike Firefly Luciferase) is a Flavonoid enzyme dependent on Flavin. The light production itself will drive the activation of this Luciferase, like a built-in power pack!

Vitaliano used Riboflavin to activate Luciferase and showed a 161X increase!


Humans have lost the ability to produce Flavin (substrate) you need to fuel this Bacterial Luciferase. But this system uses Flavin Mononucleotide that is bound both in Bacteria and Humans. And the reaction itself requires MAGNESIUM, so please stay away from Magnesium!


Bacterial Luciferase (enzyme) is Flavin dependent which humans produce. Regardless, the Luciferase genes had to have been introduced in both the swab and the vaccine itself then transmitted via the OMICRON inffection route to others.

The good news is that this Bacterial Luciferase is repressed by iron!


Here is the Bacterial Luciferase Mechanism:


These fuckers! Their enzyme uses a flavin that humans produce to make riboflavin, we cannot block it, there is no winning here! Well, at least we know iron will repress this enzyme? A daily dose would be required to stop the production of these nanobots.


Iron and Sugar will Permanently Repress Luciferase

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