Korean Mistletoe used to ward off Magnetic Fields & EMFs, degrade Graphene Oxide and kill Luciferase?

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

Mistletoe was initially used by the Druids who eventually became the Freemasons. It is magnetic, some say it absorbs magnetic fields? It can also bind to graphene and can be used as a catalyst? These patents were withdrawn? I was curious because mistletoe is being studied in Gordana Vitalianos department and in Korean with McCarins group? Specifically Korean mistletoe.

The Druids use Mistletoe in their medicine; it was said it produced substances that would cure several diseases and worked with magnetic fields. History says they got the science from the Egyptians. The Druids eventually became the Freemasons.

“The ritual of oak and mistletoe is a Celtic religious ceremony, in which white-clad druids climbed a sacred oak, cut down the mistletoe growing on it, sacrificed two white bulls and used the mistletoe to make an elixir to cure infertility and the effects of poison and it appears in folklore as a cure-all.” 1

“Historians believe that many of the rites and institutions of the Druids were retained in forming the ceremonies of the Masonic society; the Freemasons.” 2

“Mistletoe has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties.  It has been used in various forms to treat cancer, epilepsy, infertility, menopausal symptoms, nervous tension, asthma, hypertension, headache, and dermatitis. The use of mistletoe in the treatment of cancer is about 100 years old, and its use in the treatment of other indications is much older.” 3

Viscum album L., commonly known as mistletoe, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various neurological diseases, including epilepsy, hysteria, nervousness, hysterical psychosis, dizziness and headaches. 4

Mistletoe & EMF’s

This patent uses Mistletoe to ward off magnetic fields and EMFs? 5 He withdrew the patent? But look at who he is! 6

Walter Kunnen (29 May 1921  31 October 2011) was a Belgian construction entrepreneur, European activist and founder of the European Honorary Senate. 7

Walter Kunnen studied Greek-Latin humanities in Herentals and law at the Catholic University of Leuven. After the war he became director of a brewery in Mortsel. In 1950 he became sales director of the real estate company Wooncentrale and in 1956 he founded the Algemeen Bouwbedrijf Willen, which he developed into a successful company with 600 employees. He ran it until 1980 and then focused on his foundation Archibo-biologica, dedicated to earth rays and alternative medicine.

His father was the VNV (a Nazi NWO party sympathetic to Nazi Germany)wartime mayor of Tongerlo and after the war he became a provincial councillor in Antwerp for the Volksunie. He himself became a member of the Algemeen Katholiek Vlaamsch Studentenverbond (AKVS), the Dietsch Jeugdverbond and the Algemeen Vlaamsch Nationaal Jeugdverbond. He abandoned the latter when it evolved in a National Socialist direction. At the university, he was active with the VNV students and was also influenced by the Verdinaso.

As part of the BVSE, Walter Kunnen and his wife founded the European Honorary Senate. Every year, during a festive session, prominent leaders were inaugurated as European honorary senators. More than 300 people were selected, from different denominations and activities and from all European countries.

Walter Kunnen appointed himself “Chancellor”, which he remained until his death and was therefore in effective charge of this organization. The following were Count Daniel Le Grelle,(noble family) Hendrik Brugmans and Matthias Storme.

This movement to build the European Union was also promoted by KONRAD ADENAUER, DE GASPERI Family.”

Mistletoe, UV & Graphene Oxide

Mistletoe releases UV light via production of biophotons. Biophotons are photons of light in UV range produced by biological systems. Here we found an article on the effects of UV light on Graphene Oxide. Guess what destroyed Graphene Oxide by causing holes or pores in it. Yes!, UV light! 8

It destroys the GO sheets and makes them clump together, it will reduce some into rGO but the clumping may lead to less absorption in the gut thus excretion. You see, clumped aggregates of rGO are too large to be taken up by cells lining the gut and will pass through (adding fiber into your diet will also help bind these carbon-based nanomaterial). Which means it may prevent uptake of both GO and rGO into your blood! 9

In the following article: Look at the jars. See how GO is cloudy then when more UV is added you get clumps of nanocarbon, mainly rGO. I believe if this is done in the gut we will not accumulate GO into the blood. I don’t know what will happen to cells though, but the UV produced by mistletoe may actually remove the GO in the gut that happens when you eat anything. It could protect the gut from radiation that’s how its getting into the body anyway. 10

GO and rGO cause ROS effect damages or unbalances the mitochondrial membrane so how does Korean mistletoe interact with it in the body, microbiome? Does the UV counteract the ROS effects and thus reduce damage to good microbiome bacterias that protect us and keep us balanced and in good health?

Mistletoe and UV light and possible mode of action in the gut with Graphene, rGO perhaps provides an antioxidant effect. But the “trapping” destruction of GO itself and the “clumping” or rGO perhaps reduced the gut microbiome from damage from EMF absorption of GO and rGO themselves?  Its clearly beneficial for cancers looking at the zebrafish article. There must also be, you would think, some sort of chemical action within the microbiome.

This article shows positive effects of UV on the gut microbiome. 11

Upon exposure to ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, GO formed nanopores, lost hydrophilic oxygen-containing functional groups, and the graphene carbon sheets were destroyed (Gao et al., 2019). Thus, GO colloidal stability in aqueous media decreased drastically by UV light irradiation. 12

Graphene oxide can be removed from the human body through various methods. One method involves using ultraviolet light with a specific wavelength in a particular environment to process a graphene thin film and remove the graphene in a specified region. 13

Mistletoe & Carbon Nanotubes

“The scientific community is warning of the risk carbon nanotubes pose as a trigger for mesothelioma cancer. While much attention is focused on this potential environmental hazard, medical professionals and scientists continue to ignore plant-based mesothelioma treatments that exist which could ease the suffering of cancer patients.

“The substance which scientists are focusing on, carbon nanotubes, is thought to be a miracle material which is lighter than plastic and stronger than steel, and is currently being developed for use in everything from pharmaceutical drugs to high-tech electronics. However, a recent study appearing in Nature Nanotechnology suggests certain carbon nanotubes may be as dangerous as asbestos.

“However, a variety of plant-based treatments widespread in Europe which have shown amazing results have been largely ignored by doctors in America.

“The most promising example, mistletoe extract, can be injected into the bloodstream, and has been responsible for some amazing recoveries. The most recent documented case involves Debbie Brewer, a 49 year-old English woman who developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure. Given months to live, she eschewed chemotherapy and chose instead to rely solely on mistletoe injections provided by The University Clinic in Frankfurt, Germany.” 14

Debbie Brewer went to this UK clinic to receive her Mistletoe therapy. This site has since been deleted from the internet. 15 They removed Debbie Brewers blog. 16

There was a petition in 2010 to push for more government funding on Mistletoe Treatments but it got scrapped and the government eliminated treatment with Mistletoe? 17

This article shows Mistletoe can remove carbon nanotubes in water? Maybe it can remove Graphene Oxide too? 18

I believe the chemicals and the static magnetic field in MISTLETOE can bind the GO? I am not sure? 19 20

Research has shown that Mistletoe can cause holes in the Graphene Oxide sheet itself interfering with “photon” binding.

Hydrogenation of graphene makes holes in it not allowing photon bonding and causing bond breakage. 21 Mistletoe acts as a catalyst with carbons causing hydrogenation. I do not know if it would do the same with GQD but it it does, in theory, it would stop activation.

Mistletoe & Mitochondrial Activity

Mistletoe Stimulates mitochondrial activity. Increase in gene expression in moths. 22 23

Mistletoe, Luciferase & Quorum Sensing

Read this abstract: 24

“Serotonin plays a central role in cognition and is the target of most pharmaceuticals for psychiatric disorders. Existing drugs have limited efficacy; creation of improved versions will require better understanding of serotonergic circuitry, which has been hampered by our inability to monitor serotonin release and transport with high spatial and temporal resolution. We developed and applied a binding-pocket redesign strategy, guided by machine learning, to create a high-performance, soluble, fluorescent serotonin sensor (iSeroSnFR), enabling optical detection of millisecond-scale serotonin transients. We demonstrate that iSeroSnFR can be used to detect serotonin release in freely behaving mice during fear conditioning, social interaction, and sleep/wake transitions. We also developed a robust assay of serotonin transporter function and modulation by drugs. We expect that both machine-learning-guided binding-pocket redesign and iSeroSnFR will have broad utility for the development of other sensors and in vitro and in vivo serotonin detection, respectively.”

  1. It’s the serotonin level they are looking at to develop the AI? This study was also funded by the Mistletoe Foundation? And the Beckman Institute for Clarity, Optogenetics and Vector Engineering Research.  
  2. Optogenetics a technique in neuroscience in which genes for light-sensitive proteins are introduced into specific types of brain cells in order to monitor and control their activity precisely using light signals, “optogenetics allows researchers to control how nerve cells communicate” Hence LUCIFERASE genes! 25

It was concluded that the extracts of V. album had the potential to treat microbial infections by biofilm inhibition or inhibition of Quorum sensing (QS), They used mainly leaves and stems and the mistletoe affected both gram positive and negative bacteria. 26 27 28

Mistletoe can destroy Luciferase genes specifically from VIBRIO HARVEYI! Specifically Korean Mistletoe. 29

If they are using a Serotonin sensor, this sensor is monitoring the emitted fluorescence from the Luciferase system itself. That’s how they are controlling your brain! Korean Mistletoe BLOCKS Quorum Sensing from Vibrio harveyi. How? IDK, the literature is missing. The article is there, but just abstract. 30

Mistletoe & Cancer

“Mistletoe Biophoton Rectification vs Cancer.” 31

“In Europe, mistletoe (Viscum Album) is the most commonly used complementary therapy in cancer care and is integrated into conventional cancer treatments. Mistletoe therapy has been developed since 1917 and forms the backbone of medical care for cancer patients in anthroposophic medicine and at Park Attwood. In the UK this therapy is also available via the Homoeopathic Hospitals. Further information and research is available on request from Park Attwood as well as on the website.” 32

Mistletoe improves mitochondria activity, anti inflammatory antioxidant used in cancer treatment. 33

Mistletoe & HIV

Treats HIV. Look at this patent; “An aqueous mistletoe extract made from Korean mistletoe”. The extract is useful in treating AIDS, cancers and other diseases where the immune system is suppressed. The extract is a pharmaceutical grade extract which has specific levels of lectins, viscotoxins and alkaloidal compounds which combine to provide the observed pharmacological activity. A lectin fingerprint of the extract is also provided. Again KOREAN MISTLETOE. 34 

Mistletoe, Gordana Vitaliano, Kevin McCairn & Brain Initiatives

Kwang-Soo Kim, author number 5 in the HARVARD article on Mistletoe: 35

“It is worth noting that the active ingredients of this plant include those we have studied: caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. These acids are also the active ingredients of the tincture of European mistletoe (Viscum album L.). The authors showed that these compounds reduced the growth of tumor cells in a dose-dependent manner in murine melanoma cells.

“Experiments were performed on the C32 cell line (amelanotic melanoma, ATCC, CRL-1585; Manassas, VA, USA) treated with caffeic (CA) or chlorogenic (CGA) acids, and with simultaneous exposure to a moderate-strength static magnetic field.

“Static and low-frequency electric fields emanate from electric charges. They exert forces on other electric charges. Magnetic fields are caused by moving electric charges. They occur e.g. around current-carrying electric conductors

“Static magnetic fields do not vary over time, and as such do not have a frequency (0 Hz). Examples are the fields generated by a permanent magnet or the Earth’s magnetic field.

“For this purpose, one determines the wave length and direction of that electro-magnetic field which.is considered as nefarious, and one arranges at right angle to the right vector of said magnetic field, at least one ampoule which contains a mistletoe (viscum album) extract.

“The Korean Mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) Extract Has an Antiobesity Effect and Protects against Hepatic Steatosis in Mice with High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity.”

Kwang-Soo Kimworks at Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Belmont, MA 02478, USA. YES GORDANA’s Territory! It appears that there are scientists in Gordana Vitaliano’s department working on Korean Mistletoe as a cure all for many diseases. Part of the Harvard Brain Science Initiative too! 36

Kwang-Soo Kim, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School, Director, Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory, McLean Hospital:

“Korean mistletoe (KM, Viscum album cololatum) extract (KME) has been shown to have anticancer, antioxidant, antidiabetes and antidementia effects, and it enhances immune system function. Recently, we reported that KME significantly increases mitochondrial function.

“KME (3 g/kg/day) for 15 weeks for the antiobesity and NAFLD experiments. 

“KME (Korean Mistletoe Extract) Viscum album cololatum

“Preparation of KME. Mistletoe growing on oak was harvested from Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea, in February.

“The mistletoe was 1 or 2 years old, and the leaves, stems, and fruits were cut into 2 joints from the end of a branch, washed with distilled water (DW), and dried. The vacuumpacked mistletoe was stored at −80 C until extracted. Then mistletoe leaves, fruits, and stems were freeze-dried, crushed and ground in approximately 10 volumes of DW for 30 seconds. After being washed, they were ground in a mixer for 2 minutes and stirred for 16 hours at 4 C. To obtain fine mistletoe extract, the homogenized mistletoe was centrifuged at 8,000 rpm for 30 minutes at 4 C, and the resulting supernatant was successively filtered through different pore sizes (0.9 and 0.45 m). The mistletoe extract was freeze-dried and resuspended in DW at an appropriate dilution factor.” 37 38 39 40 41

The guy worked with Gordana AND KEVIN MCCARIN in Korea! Brain Research Center, Korea Research Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnology.

Odd thing? A company called ABNOBA GmbH advised all its clients to stop Mistletoe therapy before taking the COVID vaccine? 42 ABNOBA GmbH is one of the world’s largest companies in the field of herbal medicinal products. This company is closely tied to the pharmaceutical industry and NGOs. 43

WARNING! European Mistletoe is BAD!

Korean – Viscum album coloratum
European – Viscum album

“Patients with cadmium toxicity have been reported to be managed by chemical decontamination using ethnomedicinal-based chelation therapies. These therapies often involve the use of medicinal plants like Viscum album (Rafati et al., 2017).” 44

 It is used in oral chelation. 45

It will remove Iron and that will only stimulate Luciferase. Again this is not the Korean mistletoe. 46

Motherfuckers, European mistletoe works via the ccr5 signalling pathway. 47

The European mistletoe should NOT be used BUT the Korean mistletoe is different. The fact that they used it in HIV, Hepititis and HPV research is promising and it does work via CCR5 pathway.

Purchasing & Processing

You can buy tea here. 48

His original patent. Look at description. The ampule must be airtight:

“Living creatures are protected against harmful electromagnetic fields by first determining the wavelength and direction of the electromagnetic field which is held to be harmful, and placing an ampoule contg. an extract of maretak (Viscum album) perpendicular to the direction vector of the magnetic field. The maretak may be in pure form or mixed with a metalloid. – One or more ampoules contg. +/- 1 cm3 extract of maretak (viscum album) are placed at points in rooms etc. at which the electromagnetic field is found to be strongest, and give a measurable drop in field strength along the force field lines. Besides protecting living creatures, the process also reduces the harmful effects of this radiation on the building itself and certain building materials.” 49

“The ampule has to be hermetically sealed (A hermetically sealed container or space is so tightly closed that no air can leave or enter it.)and contains an extract of mistletoe. 1 cm3 is 1 ml the invention is thus applicable when using ampoules containing pure mistletoe extract or with ampoules containing this extract enriched in one or more metalloids.” 50

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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