Luciferase fuels mRNA Clathrin Nanobot & Transmits Quantum Information

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

As we have well established by now, there is a living self aware self assembling neural interface establishing itself throughout all of our bodies. It is a parallel being whose mind is tied to both our brains and the central quantum computer. This nanobot, assembled using Clathrin proteins, has a built in power pack. Luciferase. 1

How do these Clathrin GQD’s work? These Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dots are made up of Lipids and Proteins AND they include the actual bacterial genes LuxA and LuxB code for the Luciferase enzyme and LuxCDE code for the proteins. Lipids AND the enzymes required to build these nanobots! Magnetic Fields ACTIVATE the Clathrin GQD (75 Hz and 900 MegaHz).

How does this backup Luciferase power pack work? The mechanism involves the activation of Luciferase to produce the blue-green light between 450-510 nm. This bioluminescence then acts to reduce Graphene Oxide GO to its reduced form rGO which is electrically active and causes heat and inflammation. Any blue-green light source will just perpetuate this activation and continue the reduction of GO to rGO. Where are these blue-green light sources coming from?

Blue light from your computer screen, cell phone or TV stimulates NANOBOT production! So while you are watching TV, scrolling on your cell phone or working on the computer the blue light is working to activate NANOBOTS in your brain, hence the red eyes!

Vitamin B6 and Thiamine will also produce blue light in cells further fueling NANOBOT production. 2

Luciferase found in the COVID swabs also produces blue light! 3

They even weaponized the sun, during the day 25% to 30% of sunlight is composed of blue light.

There are many other sources of blue-violet light. Modern lighting, including LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), although bright and energy-efficient, can be a strong source of harmful blue light. 4

Initial Magnetic Field damage will occur in endothelial cells of the body such as: stomach lining, cells lining the heart, lungs, blood vessels and cells of the Blood Brain Barrier. Endothelial cell damage is a major feature of COVID-19 infection so anything that will improve the regeneration of endothelium is good. 5

Magnetic fields between 20 and 2000 gauss (approximately 0.0852 to 8.520 MHZ) are required to stimulate quorum sensing (biolumination) in the luciferase from Vibrio harveyi. Yet, we found that blue-green light blocking glasses were still required to use our electronic devices. These wavelengths will act to stimulate the luciferase reaction. 6

This means that the Luciferase is not only intended for tracking but is also intended to power up the production of these GQD’s! The light being emitted is at 450 nm (blue light) which is 666 Tera Hz!  I kid you not!  I have never ever seen anything like this before!! BUT IT’S IN Vitaliano’s PATENT! 7

Luciferase is inserted for Quorum Sensing.  Quorum Sensing brings the whole system in the body together into one organism.  Without Luciferase, this system would not work, and would not be able to transmit Quantum Information. 8

We know for certain that they are in the vaccine, the swab and those infected since ALL THREE GROUPS HAVE SYMPTOMS!

Pink Noise will block the Magnetic Fields at 75 Hz so Clathrin GQD’s stop working and won’t take up Graphene. 9  However, full deactivation of the Graphene Oxide is proposed with Scalar Waves. 10

We have found that Iron and cinnamon will deactivate Luciferase production, but we do not know the dosage? 11 12  However, we are certain Schizandra 13 or Quinolone Antibiotics 14 will kill Luciferase genes.

Their work was genius-level Nazi Science! Luciferase produces the blue light to power up the Graphene Oxide that the Clathrin neural triskelion consumes.  It’s a built-in battery!  A 5G signal will not be required when fully infected.

No EMf’s? No problem.

They could also use the Luciferase as a tracking signal because like a Firefly you are constantly producing blue light! 15

“Luciferase is in full operation!”

At the Health Conference: The airport knows if you’ve had the vaccine or not due to not picking up a trace of said Luciferase. 1616

Vitaliano, the Author of the Clathrin NANOBOTS also shows in his patent that Luciferase is the energy source! So they included the Luciferase genes! 17

This is the patent Vitaliano initially filed when he developed the nanobot. It illuminates! 18

He states that these nanobots can be deactivated remotely or biochemically.  Here is the proof he used the Luciferase genes.  The development of this NANOBOT was initially done by these authors in 2001 and the patent was assigned to NASA. 19

“Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) supports this Luciferase light producing reaction by increasing illumination 151 times!”

In his patent, Franco Vitaliano used the HEK293 cell line from aborted fetuses to build this nanobot: 20

I am not surprised since these HEK293 cell lines cause cancer, but they are used in vaccines? “Warp Speed” Cancer anyone? This is genocide at the highest level! 21

Through, Vitaliano associate, Stacey Patterson’s paper 2003 PhD Thesis dissertation that was used to develop this tech 22, we confirm that Luciferase has been inserted into the HEK293 cell line 23, which transcribes into our cells, and has a 5 month life span.


Here is the liquid Luciferase mRNA Safety Data Sheet…. if it was used in the vaccine it can cause burning of intestines and respiratory tract. It has to be stored at -40 degrees Celsius (hence the reason they needed the deep-cold freezers). 24

People need to understand that these Clathrin Nanotechnology also take up Graphene Oxide. In doing so, GO will accumulate in body cells such as endothelial cells lining the gut, heart, lungs and the brain.

Graphene oxide (GO) is usually excreted but in its reduced form (rGO) cannot be removed and causes damage! Graphene Oxide is converted into a reduced form (rGO) ONLY when activated by HIGH Electromagnetic Frequencies in the Giga Hz range. 25

The 4G Mega Hz Frequencies will not activate it, ONLY the 5G frequencies operating in the Giga Hz range. Once activated from the GO to the rGO form, this reduced form uses up a lot of OXYGEN creating hypoxic conditions in the body.

This results in INFLAMMATION and other diseases associated with low oxygen such as autoimmune disease and cancer. Meanwhile, we are still eating, taking vitamins and medications which contain GO only to fuel the beast! More GO…more rGO….!

This is why the RBC are fewer in number and why IRON is important! IRON from hemoglobin because it absorbs blue-green light! This would interfere with the Luciferase activity! 26

“The light-producing bacteria are widely used for in vivo bioluminescence imaging. However, in living samples, a common difficulty is the presence of blue-green absorbers such as hemoglobin.”

As for swabs, those who still doubt they are harmless, mRNA can exist in powder form! 27  I would think twice about those medical grade swabs.

Another fascinating fact, bugs stimulate Luciferase production as well!  These “Bug additives” are being added to stimulate Luciferase production. 28

All the red dyes they have been using for meat, yogurt, jello, candy, frozen foods, fruits, … 29

“The most major bug food additive you’re likely to encounter on a fairly regular basis is carmine (aka carminic acid, cochineal, Carmine 40, E120, Crimson Lake, Natural Red 4 and CI75470).”

The red dyes work with Luciferase to move the fluorescence to Near Infrared. This will also allow for the reduction of GO to rGO.

These dyes are also used for human tracking! And there are patents! 30 31

Rothschild’s Thermo Fisher sells these dyes for laboratory applications. 32

A side note, when 6G rolls around it won’t be for humans, it will be humans. 6G engineered to be powered by humans themselves. 33  The nanotechnology will not require an outside frequency at all. They can “consume and harvest” human energy until the AI is fully assembled and the human is a disintegrated corpse. 34

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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