Proof 5G is activating Nanotechnology in our Brain

Following the Rwandan genocide, government officials concluded that US interference was the cause of the genocide where over 1 million people were slaughtered in a span of three months.

Research determined that the US military may have been delivering long electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) combined with low electromagnetic frequencies (ELFs) in what are called “Modulating Waves”. Low frequencies or ELFs cannot travel great distances (a few meters) but are necessary for brain manipulation since the brain operates at 0-100 Hz frequency. The High EMFs wee used to transport these low frequencies to their target site!

As you can see below, from an article retrieved from the web archive that was deleted, the modulating waves required Giga Hz frequency to carry the brain-altering ELF frequencies!

The very same type of Giga Hz technology present in the 5G bandwidth!

Genocide by Radio Waves in Rwanda & Iraq

NWO Mind Control Used in Rwandan Genocide

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