The Vitaliano’s want to delete your memories to absorb you into the Collective Consciousness ripe for Harvesting.

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

The closer you are to the Collective Consciousness the more memory you lose. The Vitaliano’s 1 are wiping your memory and knowledge clean, and with that, your Free Will. When this happens, you will lose your soul.

From the Gordana Vitaliano paper she presents how memory is developed:

“On the biological level, scientists also describe further the maturation and myelination of:: 1) The Limbic System (Hippocampus and Cingulum), responsible for memory functions and emotional experiences; 2) The Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia, which play a critical role in the timing of both movement and perception; and 3) The Secondary Zones of the brain cortex, which are responsible for the further development of perceptual and language functions. The Secondary Zones serve as an apparatus for the reception, analysis, integration and storage of modality specific information arriving from the outside world (Stanojevic-Vale , 1990).

“The Emotional Level is the level of altered states of consciousness associated with predominantly theta (3.5 to 8 Hz) brainwaves that usually correspond to normally unconscious informational content, drowsiness/light sleep in adults, and/or the “hypnagogic” state in children. The power of delta waves decreased with increasing conceptional age (especially between ages 1 and 3), while that of the theta increased (Ogawa et al. 1984, Koterazava et al. 1990). Neurophysiological studies in animals and humans have shown that theta waves are associated with hippocampal memory circuits and limbic cortex (Robins, 1999). These are the structures that also mature in infants between 6 months and 2 years of age (Stanojevic-Vale , 1990).” 2

Gordana’s mentor specifically describes how memory will be eliminated from the masses:

“Subjectively, this state is experienced as a state of final illumination, radiant bliss, formless radiance, and transcendent love in oneness, formless realization, and boundless consciousness. Both the framework (time, space and body) and the content (qualities of inner and outer perception) of our everyday experiences are now absent (Travis & Pearson, 2000). Objectively, this level is characterized by respiratory suspension, heart rate deceleration and suspension, hypo-metabolic state with a drop in oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, and by maintenance of vigilance. This is the final integration of all the levels – Rational, Symbolic, Emotional and Perceptual – into one Trans-individual level. This state of awareness can be achieved in Integrative NLP after long practice of prayers and meditation (Stanojevic-Vale , 1993).” 3

Look at the last name Gordana used; VALE.

GORDANA VALE is cited throughout this article she wrote for VXM mindwaves in 2000; “A NEW INTEGRATIVE MODEL FOR STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS”4

“The central task of our New Integrative NLP model (Stanojevic-Vale , 1995), whether experimental or applied, is the understanding of the nature of human consciousness.”

In the journal version, VALE is changed to VITALIANO thus confirming VALE is VITALIANO. 5

“The central task of our New Integrative NLP model (Stanojevic-Vitaliano 1995), whether experimental or applied, is the understanding of the nature of human consciousness.”

Here is a reference to her paper; “Neurolinguistic programming: an integrative model for states of consciousness. Scientific Challenge of the 21st Century”; Stanojevic-Vitaliano G.,1995: 319.: 6

“Remote viewing experiments have been used by the CIA to understand the nature of consciousness (Puthoff, 1996). Quantum mechanical descriptions of the nature and functioning of consciousness have been developed to understand phenomena like remote viewing (Rausche, Hurtak & Hurtak 2016). Self affirmations have also been used to induce ASC by programming the mind to induce these states (Stanojevic-Vitaliano 1995). The individual can program the mind to induce altered states by repeating mantras such as, “I am more than a physical body and deeply desire to expand my consciousness and elevate my vibrations”.

“This involves contemporary methods of neuro linguistic programming, including original integrative models for efficient hypnotherapeutic reprogramming of old behavioral models to alter consciousness (mind control) (G. Stanojević-Vitaliano).”

Here is the abstract from that paper she wrote:

“Abstract. Reality is universal, but our experience of reality is individual, and differs between human beings. By using different models, people can limit or expand their experiences. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the many possible ways to change old behavioral models. Physical disease, psychological problems, educational and/or spiritual needs, are seen in NLP as part of natural  developmental mechanisms. The need for change and the search for new resources (e.g. biological, psychological, cultural or spiritual) allow people to expand the richness of their experiences, knowledge, and consciousness.”

She was responsible for integrating the neuro linguistic programing models:

“The integrative model of neurolinguistic programming has been developed by Gordana Stanojevic-Vitaliano [1]. This model is centered upon the integration of four different models: 1) Biophysical Model, for the analysis of body functions (e.g. health status and organ functions); 2) Sociological Model, for the analysis of behavioral functions (e.g. nonverbal and verbal communication); 3) Psychological Model, for the assessment of psychological functions (e.g. attention, perception, emotion, motivation, motor functions, language and intellectual abilities); 4) Hypnotherapeutic Model, for therapeutic intervention.”

Hypnosis plays a large part in her model.

It’s important to note that she presented this paper at the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the United Nations University for Peace titled, “Consciousness; Scientific Challenges of the 21st Century”7

This symposium was in 1996 and her  paper appears nowhere? No journal? It does appear on the VXM site and her mentors “Dejan Rakovic Fund”. 8

The site promotes research into the study of consciousness. Started in April 2009 pre Obama Brain Initiative. The site is on wayback archive. 9

Here is their mission:

“The goal of the Fund is promoting of ecology of consciousness, implying spiritual obligation of everybody to reprogram his/her/its mental environment and thus contribute to complete reprogramming of heavily loaded collective consciousness of our civilization.” 10

He talks about Memory attractors which have largely been used in computational neuroscience to model neuronal processes such as associative memory (the ability to remember) and motor behavior, as well as in biologically inspired methods of machine learning. And he states the following:

“On this line, it might be said that three front lines of psychosomatic medicine do exist: (a) the first one is spirituality, where prayer for others mentally/emotionally involved erases for good mutual memory attractors on the level of collective consciousness;  (prayer will alter memory in collective consciousness) ; (b) the second one is traditional holistic Eastern medicine and deep psychotherapeutic techniques, whose efforts temporary erase memory attractors on the level of acupuncture system/individual consciousness, and prevent or alleviate their somatization, as a consequence of the indolence(avoidance) on the first level; (refers to TCM, acupuncture, Chakras etc.)(c) the third one is modern symptomatic Western medicine, whose activities through immunology, pharmacology, biomedical diagnostics, and surgery, hinder or soothe somatic consequences of the carelessness on the first two levels. It should be stressed, that necessary activities on the second and third levels, with neglect of the first level, have a consequence of further transfer of memory attractors on the level of individual and collective consciousness in this and further generations, thus accumulating quantum-holographic loads which afterwards cause not only illnesses, but also interpersonal fights, wars, and other troubles.”

DID YOU READ THIS SHIT!?  Notable citations from 21st (vxm.com): 11

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For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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