NWO Mind Control Used in Rwandan Genocide

What does Rwanda have to do with brain control?

During the late afternoon of April 6, 1994 “Operation Crimson Mist”, the most obscene mind control experiment ever mounted by the United States of America against a sovereign nation was initiated. Disguised as “atmospheric researchers” and using three unmarked C-130 Hercules transport planes equipped with a large microwave dish mounted on the rear loading ramp of the aircrafts, the military carried out a gruesome operational attack that contributed in the deaths of more than one million African civilians in the span of 100 days.
Initially, Hutu tribesmen started marching on Tutsi tribesmen and threw a few rocks at them. Innocent enough at the outset but when the C-130 Hercules made a carefully-calculated pass directly over the advancing Hutu group they suddenly went berserk.  Eyes glazed, the mood of the Hutu crowd went from simple anger to uncontrollable rage, and within minutes, hundreds of Tutsi tribesmen, women and children were slaughtered.

At the time, everyone believed the Hutu were enraged by the assassination of their president for which they blamed the Tutsi tribesmen. But this did not explain the crates of machetes that were conveniently placed along the roadways of the Hutu strongholds nor the recently operational RTML radio station towers that was spewing anti-Tutsi propaganda 24/7. You see, there were two sources of EMFs, not one!

They were using what are called “modulating waves”; a high EMF wave mixed with a low ELF wave. High EMFs can travel great distances (about 1500 meters) but low ELFs cannot (1 meter or 3 feet). By combining the two waves you now have a means of transmitting ELF waves. Behavior was directly affected by the ELF wave stimulating brain neurons and a manufactured genocide was born!

At the time, there was no need for a “built in antenna” like Graphene oxide; many of those that did the killing behaved like crazed animals, chanting and singing all-the-while holding their transistor radios! You see, ELF waves can fire up neurons within a 3 foot radius to the body and the Satellites emitting modulating waves directly onto the ground further escalated ELF transmission!

Genocide by Radio Waves in Rwanda & Iraq

With today’s technology the NWO can deliver “Modulating Microwave Beams” using 5G Cell phone towers, Satellites, cell phones, smart devices, Wifi routers, Bluetooth. ELFs coming from the power grid can also trigger everything from emotions (anger, hate, happiness, depression), sensory information (e.g. vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste) and motor functions.

They can project images by controlling your visual field creating hallucinations you can feel, hear, touch and smell. They can recreate an atomic blast and even a UFO invasion. ELF signals from the Matrix AI along with COVID-19 infection can and will alter behavior. Studies are showing neurological involvement of the COVID-19 virus with some infected individuals demonstrating increased aggression. Others have made claims that there is a rabies virus insert in the spike protein.

Furthermore, CIN established the presence of HIV glycoproteins in the spike protein and predicted that HIV seroconversion occurred last winter in those vaccinated. If this is the case, then AIDS will follow as the immune system declines and the body develops opportunistic infections and begins to slowly deteriorate. The MATRIX can basically turn everyone into a walking and killing zombie!


“World War Z” is coming! Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!

At the time of the Genocide, the UN General responsible for maintaining the peace, Romeo Dallaire did absolutely nothing to stop the slaughter. In fact UN Peacekeeping soldiers stood by and allowed the slaughter to happen.


Those investigating the Rwandan genocide later determined that the United States & the West was indeed responsible for what happened in Rwanda:


Why did the Rwandan Genocide happen?

Following the genocide the United Nations implemented a mandate that was coincidently drafted by former Liberal Party leader now Soros puppet Michael Ignatieff, and was approved and ratified by all UN members in 2005 called the “Responsibility to Protect” or R2P.

R2P redefined state sovereignty and argued that a nation’s sovereignty entailed not only rights but also a responsibility to protect its people from major violations of human rights. The R2P report further asserted that, where a state was “unable or unwilling” to protect it’s people, the responsibility should shift to the international community, namely the UN Security Council. The report argued that any form of military intervention is “an exceptional and extraordinary measure”, and, as such, to be justified it must meet certain criteria, including:

  • Just cause: There must be “serious and irreparable harm occurring to human beings, or imminently likely to occur”.
  • Right intention: The main intention of the military action must be to prevent human suffering.
  • Last resort: Every other measure besides military invention has to have already been taken into account. (This does not mean that every measurement has to have been applied and been shown to fail, but that there are reasonable grounds to believe that only military action would work in that situation.)
  • Proportional means: The military means must not exceed what is necessary “to secure the defined human protection objective”.
  • Reasonable prospects: The chance of success must be reasonably high, and it must be unlikely that the consequences of the military intervention would be worse than the consequences without the intervention.
  • Right authority: The military action has to have been authorized by the Security Council.

And who is in charge of the UN Security Council? 

The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, each having both voting and veto power. The other Non-permanent members include: Albania Brazil Gabon Ghana India Ireland Kenya Mexico Norway United and Arab Emirates. All of which are currently lobbying for voting status. Should this happen the balance of power will move from Western nations to other countries that do not have the same democratic structures in place. Many of these nations have already pledged allegiance to China including the Al Qaeda-led Afghanistan! The NWO will be implemented under the false pretense that they are UN peace keeping missions.

FYI: It’s already written in stone! Canada’s Prime Minister is a member of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). Furthermore, this video confirms that the NWO will be implemented using UN Peace-Keeping troops:

Who supplies the UN Security Council with Military personnel? 

China provides more than 90% of all UN’s Military soldiers and police and Russian soldiers are on standby to help with enforcement measures. Do you see the problem yet? Should the west fall, our future has already been placed in the hands of despot nations, many Islamic, and dictators that do not embrace civil liberties, human rights and freedom! So when the World Economic Forum’s leader Klaus Schwab says you will have nothing, he means it literally! Do the elites want war with China and Russia? Of course they do!

UN Police Training Center is in… China!