I ❤️ Blushield

I am typically a very private person. I certainly don’t ever want to discuss my chronic health issues that I have been dealing with over the last 40 years.

That being said, the Blushield experience has been something profound for myself and my family and I am actually excited to share our story…

My Health Paradigm Has Shifted with Platinum Ultra

I am 46 years old, I have been dealing with EMF sensitivities since I was 7 in grade 3. That’s when I can remember it starting, sitting under those fluorescent lights, getting headaches, stomach aches and nausea 2 or 3 days a week. I knew something was wrong. My parents took me to the doctor, who’s expert opinion was I was “faking it”.

During the last 40 years, I increasingly experienced worse and worse symptoms. Of course, I did not understand what was happening, and the “experts” all determined I was a hypochondriac.

I can remember the worst of it, allergies, chronic sickness, digestive issues, insomnia… Everything worsened as I started experiencing gut-head migraines, auto-immune, eczema. The fatigue and lack of focus ruined my high school years, and by the time I entered the work force in my 20s the chronic illness and inflammation was leading me to depression and extreme anxiety.

By my 30s, my sympathetic nervous system was a disaster, always over revving, over heating. I was consistently over heating, even in the cold. I had no endurance and often crashed hard. My memory was not as good as used to be and I was desperate for answers.

The doctors all told me I had a mental disorder, but pills I did not want. The naturopaths all told me I wasn’t eating properly, but all the alkaline water and supplements in the world helped me nothing.

This leads me into March 2020, when I had accepted that I was unemployable and I was using any energy and focus I could muster to care for my children while my wife worked. Then 5G activated in our town. My wife and I could not function, we could not breathe. Of course we initially thought we caught the COVID. This was the worst sickness of my life, and one of the only sicknesses my wife and children ever had, who were never sick.

But this is where it got bad for everyone. My wife started having all the symptoms I’d had my whole life. My children were suddenly low energy, anxious, nervous, depressed. By December 2022, I honestly thought we were all going to die. My wife could not get out of bed, or off the couch, someone with usually high energy.. We were both struggling to get up the stairs, out of breathe. Both experiencing heart arythmias, both of us at the same time?! The children were constantly off sick.

Are we sick? Yes. But it is surely not a cold or flu, nothing was helping. So I began my search for EMF mitigation. I must have looked at hundreds of devices or gadgets that said they’d help. I just wasn’t sold. Then I called Blushield Canada and spoke to Clive Ord. After 10 minutes talking to him, I knew this was the solution for me.

I did not think about Blushield, I just did it. Something came over me, I had to have it. When the Blushield arrived, I actually started crying at the door. I was sobbing so much it was hard to set up.

When I did plug it in, I immediately felt the Love…

I felt a tingling under my skin right away. A pleasant feeling. When I went upstairs to my wife, she mentioned feeling the same thing, which is interesting, since I did not yet tell her I plugged it in. She then said she had to sleep and disappeared.

For the next 17 days, there was very profound changes, and I must say, at times there were intense detox symptoms which were not entirely unenjoyable, but I was happy to home for it. I highly recommend distilled water to flush those excess electrons that accumulated in the body.

Day 18 I woke up as myself. Old Normal, perhaps? Although, in hindsight, I’ve always been extremely EMF sensitive and may never have known Normal…

• autoimmune illness gone
• chronic illness gone
• inflammation in ankles and chest gone, heavy cracking and tightness
• clear sinuses
• no tinnitus
• flexible
• alert
• require less sleep (more restful sleeps including more exciting and playful dreams)
• more stamina and endurance
• no brain fog, clear thoughts
• no anxiety or depression
• no heart arrhythmia
• no eye strain, better vision
• able to work at computer for longer hours (not that I actually enjoy that)
• no more over active sympathetic nervous system… no more fight or flight… no more overheating… no more feeling like I’m obese on the inside.

The children now have no anxiety, no headaches and stomach aches, and are no longer missing school due to chronic illness. Insomnia has also been mitigated. The children take T1 personal devices to school where WIFI is in use.

This is the best money I ever spent, now my wife and I are spending our time living and working instead of convalescing and dying.

I’ve never said everyone needs anything, but everyone needs Blushield. Telecommunication frequencies are only increasing. People suffering from MF Poisoning is quickly growing from a minority to a majority of the population. And as long as people believe these recent rises in illness is because of “long COVID” or “POTS” or any other ridiculous reason, we will not be able to mitigate the illnesses to come.

Upgrade from Premium Ultra to C1 Cube Worth Every Penny

After 40 days in the Premium Ultra, I decided to upgrade to the C1 Cube, and I am glad I did.

See my Premium Ultra review; “My Health Paradigm Has Shifted”, because that will all apply to the C1 Cube. Continue reading to see why C1 Cube is worth the upgrade.

I’m not sure why, but my wife and I could not stop laughing when we plugged it in… In hindsight, I think we already knew it was going to get better…

Subtle differences may not be felt in those who are not EMF sensitive. I immediately noticed one difference in the way I felt in the scalar wave field of the Ultra which was like an energetic sensation under my skin (Not unpleasant at all, just this feeling like things are happening.) and the C1 Cube which was like calm spring breezes, and babbling brook waters on my skin and face especially. Absolutely beautiful.

The second difference hit me 30 minutes after I plugged it in, the C1 Cube was going deeper in both my head and my heart chakra. I knew I was in for another cleanse.

I ended up with a minor detox, most of which has been sleep. A light tingling in my head and spine happened for a couple days, which I attribute to metal detox. Specifically graphene oxide, considering where I was experiencing symptoms.

Before owning Blushield at all, I was feeling high energy pulses every now and then. The biggest pulse came in January when I was at a provincial park and everyone there, including me and my daughter felt “fried”, everyone had to sit down. My daughter looked like a zombie and looked like she was having a seizure. The search to mitigate EMF’s started that day. Unfortunately, I still felt those surges 3 times on the Ultra, like something was getting in. It only ever made me tired, but I could feel those high GHz blasts. I don’t feel any spill under the C1.

Which brings me to the most interesting observation… I’ve been trying to figure out if my Ultra was covering the low Hz waves, specifically 50Hz, where graphene oxide is reduced into it’s more conductive binding scaffold. I had used pink noise to treat magnetic field poisoning for 2 weeks before I first used the ultra, and it covers those Hz directly. I experienced a level of sleep and dreaming with pink noise that I have not experienced again until the C1 Cube.

Is this concrete proof the C1 Cube covers a wider, including lower spectrum? My experience would say so.

  1. continued detox of graphene oxide/metals in brain and spine
  2. similar sleep and dream patterns experienced with 50Hz canceling pink noise

Other than that, my inflammation is even more reduced than my time in the Premium Ultra, and my sinuses are wide open, and I mean wide open for the first time in my memory. The C1 is is deeper and smoother and totally takes the cake.

I don’t even live in an area with intense EMF’s and I noticed huge differences. As someone who’s tried a couple devices now, I’d have to strongly suggest the C1. It’s designed for today’s 5G, tomorrows 6G, and maybe even beyond. Plus, from my experience, coverage of those lower frequencies is a must.

Pair your C1 with the T1, so you can keep entrained in while you are out.

I don’t mean to preach, but people say 5G does not travel far, or pass through walls. Let me tell you this, these frequencies are modulated. They modulate GHz millimeter waves on low Hz kilometer waves, which cause Magnetic Fields, which takes the signal everywhere. Not only that, the scalar information gets through anything, so the poison is still reaching us, no matter how well you believe your defense is.

I know there are some that will see this as shameless salesmanship, and that’s ok. At the end of the day, I ❤️ Blushield!

For information about Blushield, Scalar related technology, and precious discount codes please visit the link below.

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