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In this modern technological world that we live in, electromagnetic pollution in the environment is increasing at an exponential rate. It is a type of pollution that we cannot get away from, since it is now everywhere from our modern cities to rural towns. EMF exposure is global, 5G rollout is well under way, and Starlink has launch 10’s of thousands of 5G satellites into the atmosphere.

This will expose all the wild lands and animals to high levels of high frequency radiation. It is more important than ever before to protect yourself at the cellular level against these non-native EMFs and the host of health hazards they impart on living things.


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This kind of radiation comes from a wide variety of electromagnetic infrastructure and devices, as well as natural sources. Many devices that emit EMFs are wireless and transmit
frequencies that carry information from one device to another through the air. Many others require being plugged into power sources. EMR is a form of non-ionizing radiation, which is any frequency below the threshold of ionizing radiation. Common forms of ionizing radiation you may have been exposed to are x-rays and nuclear energy.

EMFs vary in their configuration, their size, the speed of their waveforms, and their effects on biology. Natural electromagnetic fields emitted from the Earth and its atmosphere has constantly changing frequencies that all life forms on Earth have
evolved to live within. The natural background radiation on Earth is recognizable by our cells as a product/property of our environment, which we seem to be well adapted to.

Non-native (manmade, artificial) electronic infrastructure and devices emit very different EMF patterns than natural sources. Each of these artificial EMF sources runs on repetitive, pulsed frequencies – if these were audible to us, we would hear something like an alarm clock or car alarm. Nothing in nature operates this way, so because of this, our bodies are constantly in ‘alarm mode’ due to the unnatural signature. Also, each of the vast number of frequencies around us in nature stimulates our body cells in a slightly different way. If we are being exposed to the same frequency over and over again, minute after minute, and day after day, our bodies’ cells become over stimulated.

Like a virus, our bodies attempt to ‘attack’ what it perceives as a foreign invader. Unfortunately, there is nothing physically present to attack and defeat, so the battle goes on forever, or until the harmful stimulus is removed. In this ongoing battle, our immune system can exhaust itself, and have less energy to respond to actual invaders, such as viruses, bacteria and mold, or to repair and regenerate the body.

This constant work results in a weakened immune system and reduced overall vitality, which can result in a variety of unpleasant and potentially serious symptoms, including:

• fatigue and lack of focus
• inflammation
• depression and anxiety
• acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections
• heart arrhythmias
• digestive problems
• insomnia
• reduced fertility
• allergies
• weakness, nausea, tremors
• autoimmune issues
• retroviral activation
• calcium channel flooding

Numerous studies have linked long-term non-native EMF exposure to increased risk of many health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, heart disease, miscarriage, brain tumors, leukemia, immune system disorders, learning disabilities, memory loss, sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, lowered sperm counts, increased blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, and DNA damage.

The long-term ramifications of EMF exposure are also significant. The immunosuppressive, hormone disruptive, and DNA-damaging effects of long-term EMF exposure could have harmful epigenetic consequences on the vitality of our children and their children.


Blushield is a revolutionary form of EMF protection that produces coherent frequencies within the human responsive range, based on nature-mimicking mathematical algorithms. It emits frequencies using the same power sources as manmade devices, which creates active, powerful fields. It is essentially “loud” enough to compete against the biologically incoherent non-native EMF fields. That way, it vastly outperforms the protective devices with weak, passive fields that don’t use a power source.

Instead of attempting to block EMFs, which is ineffective or suboptimal for various reasons, Blushield essentially overpowers non-native EMFs with resonant frequencies. If there are harmonious frequencies in our environment that match or exceed the power of the inharmonious frequencies, our bodies will prefer and attune to the harmonious frequencies through a process called sympathetic resonance. Like attracts like. When we tune in to the naturally healing Blushield frequencies, our bodies no longer perceive the non-native EMFs as a threat, and our immune system begins to restore itself. Our bodies can rest and heal.

Think about it like an old television where you must turn the dial to change the channel. If you tune the dial to channel 9, the coil will resonate with the carrier signal, which has coded information that the TV turns into audio and light frequencies that we perceive as a coherent picture. It doesn’t mean that the other frequencies for all the other stations aren’t there; it simply means that the coil is tuned to that station. Similarly, our cells have evolved to tune in to nature instead of the repetitive high-powered EMFs in our modern environment. The scalar carrier wave is encoded with a very complex algorithm that, when introduced into the environment, entrains the cells via sympathetic resonance.

Since the cells are entrained and harmonized with natural frequency patterns, it paints a coherent picture at the cell level. Like on the old TV, the cells cannot be dialed into two stations, and the body will always be more affected by the strongest and healthiest signal/influence in the environment.

We have demonstrated in humans and animals that the body will self-correct and balance itself when it no longer perceives that there is a threat of EMF.

In fact, we have found that our most powerful Blushield will protect the body up to 97% against EMF, as most of the damage seems to come from the body mounting a constant immune response, which depletes the immunity and vitality of the person or animal.

It has taken 30 years and over 2 million dollars to develop Blushield technology. Most active EMF protection devices on the market use coils and high voltage, which are costly, use a lot of power, interfere with other devices, and cause stress on the body long-term. Blushield instead uses an advanced microprocessor that requires very little power and doesn’t interfere with other devices.

Many popular devices only produce single frequencies, like Schumann resonance devices that usually run at a constant 7.83 Hz; or a repeated combination of frequencies, like Solfeggio (several frequencies that were considered holy in ancient times, and used in hymns). These may deliver some benefits at first, but after some time, the body will stop responding positively to these repetitive frequencies, because nature itself is constantly varying. Blushield emits scalar waveforms that never stimulate your body twice with the same combination of frequencies at the same amplitude.

Blushield technology is mimicking nature, but much more powerfully. Blushield’s coherent field overrides all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation. Blushield’s multiple waveform output is the most sophisticated EMF protection to date, and is engineered to achieve maximum effectiveness for all living creatures.

Some of the observed effects of long-term coherent field exposure:

• more energy
• less stress
• improved strength, stamina & balance
• deeper, sounder sleeps
• better mood
• improved focus and memory
• overall increased sense of well-being

It may take several days to weeks for the body to adjust to and harmonize with the new coherent fields, like a type of healing process. It will also positively affect plants, animals and insects within the range of the Blushield. Animal health and behaviour could improve, and plant growth and vitality could increase.

How Blushield EMF Protection Works


Protecting yourself, your family and your home with Blushield technology is also insurance for the future. As telecommunications industries continue to roll out untested, potentially harmful new technologies, your Blushield’s protective field will remain in effect, which will give you much more ease in adapting to whatever bandwidth future technology brings.

People will still need to travel outside their homes and live their day to day lives. Living in a Faraday cage is unrealistic, and is ineffective in the long term regarding the biological effects of “shielding”. Sure, you can bring levels down on a meter (and we do recommend limiting exposure) but that meter will not show you the long-term damaging effects of the scalar component of these EMFs, which do have negative biological effects, like their electromagnetic counterparts.

EMF is a harmful form of pollution which is becoming more pervasive in the environment at a rapid rate. Many people falsely think that they can protect themselves fully from EMF by shielding themselves, or thinking that they can avoid EMF.

Everyone needs protection at the cell level, and although nothing is 100% efficient, Blushield offers the best possible protection that is backed by animal and human research:



For CIN’s recommendations, which we wrote before becoming affiliated with Blushield, can be found here:

Blushield will Protect You from Magnetic Field Poisoning & Allow You to Heal.

Over the past 30 years that Blushield technology has been in development, a number of options of different models have been designed and manufactured to meet the widely varying needs of people in different situations, as well as to meet the needs of any given person in the varying situations of their lifestyle.

You’ve probably noticed there are several options for a home base model, several options for portables, and even a plugin for your car. How do you know which Blushield models are right for your situation?

The most important thing to understand is the home units are the foundation of your protection. Since they plug into the wall of your house and use mains power, they are able to broadcast a strong enough field to effectively compete against the EMF pollution affecting your home environment. This strong field is required for your body to initially entrain to the Blushield frequencies via sympathetic resonance, and stop “attacking” the invisible threat of the EMFs, allowing your body to regain its health by reclaiming immune power for more productive uses.

Current options for home units are the Phi Series Plugin, Phi Series Hex Cube, B1 Premium Cube, Premium Ultra and C1 Ultimate Cube. The strength between these options of home models varies, so which one you choose will mainly depend on the density and strength of the EMFs you are exposed to.

The Portables and Auto units are meant to be used as an adjunct to your home unit. Because they run on battery power, they are not strong enough on their own to achieve strong sympathetic resonance initially, but they do have enough strength to maintain
your entrainment to Blushield frequencies while you’re away from your house for periods of time, and prevent your body from resuming its unproductive attack on the harmful EMFs around you. The Auto model (which plugs into the 12 volt cigarette lighter in your car) is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car, whether for work or recreation.


In order of the strength and therefore protection level of each device, lowest to highest, the home units range from Phi Series (Canada)(USA), Premium Series (Canada)(USA) to Ultimate Series (Canada)(USA).

To determine which one will suit you best, think about how much EMF exposure reaches you while in your house. Consider every source of electricity, but place extra emphasis on any cell towers or antennas within a 2 mile radius from your home (go to the Canadian Antenna Search website to type in your address and find this out), the number of Wi-Fi signals you can pick up, and if you and/or your neighbours have Smart meters installed by the house. Also factor in any extra wireless signals coming from appliances and devices in your home such as wireless doorbells, baby monitors, interactive “Smart speakers” like Amazon Echo or Alexa, other Smart devices, etc.

The more EMF saturation in and near your house, the stronger the Blushield model you will require to negate it. We find that generally the number of cell towers within a couple miles of your house indicates how EMF saturated of an environment you live in, and therefore the level of protection you need. Less than 8 cell towers within 2 miles, and the Phi Series Plugin (Canada)(USA) model will likely be sufficient for your needs, unless your house is packed full of Smart devices (which we recommend getting rid of anyway!). The coverage radius of the Plugin is 45 meters (around 147 feet) in every direction.

If you have more than 8 cell towers near you, the Phi Series Hex Cube (Canada)(USA) is a better choice for you. It is twice as strong as the Phi Series Plugin, and the radius of coverage is twice as large (90 meters, or 295 feet, in all directions). If you are in a more rural environment with less than 8 cell towers, but know that your area is moving towards urbanization and the population increasing, you can count on an increase of EMFs around you from all sources in the future. If that’s the case for you, you may plan in advance and get a Phi Series Hex Cube instead of a Phi Series Plugin, even if a Plugin is sufficient for your current needs. Blushield’s can last many, many years, so viewing them as an investment in your future protection is wise!

B1 Premium Cube (Canada)(USA) is your suburban model.

If you live in a densely populated urban area, like a large city or metroplex, you will likely find several dozen to even hundreds of cell towers within 2 miles of your address! In this case, your best choice would be the Premium Ultra (Canada)(USA) model. The Premium Ultra is at least twice as strong as the B1 Premium Cube, and four times stronger than the Phi Series Plugin.

With the highly controversial 5G wireless technology that’s rolling out in cities all over the world, Blushield recently released a new C1 Ultimate Cube (Canada)(USA) unit. It has the same power output and coverage as the Premium Ultra, with the powerful added benefit of a constant output of Phi ratio patterns, to negate the extra intensity that 5G/6G heavy areas immerse us in.

The C1 Ultimate Cube is a good choice if you know your city is currently implementing or planning to implement 5G technology. The C1 Ultimate Cube is also ideal for commercial office spaces, factories and hospitals, and also has a coverage radius of 120 meters in all directions. If you find that you have over 80 cell towers within 2 miles of where you live or work, the C1 Cube is your best choice for protection.

There are two versions of the C1 Cube available. The original C1 Ultimate Cube is made from white and black ABS plastic. The C1 Limited Edition Black Cube (Canada) is made from carbon black alloy. Both have the constant Phi Ratio frequency being broadcast continually to provide protection against 5G/6G frequencies in the high 90% range so has a higher price tag.

My Blushield Testimonial


There are currently 3 models of Portable units available. They all look and function in similar ways, and are compact, lightweight, approximately 4×2-inch rectangular devices that are battery powered. Depending on how often you use them, each battery charge will often last more than 30 days before it requires recharging. They are designed to maintain your entrainment to Blushield frequencies for shorter periods while you’re away from your main device, and therefore prevent your body from resuming its attack on the perceived threat of the harmful EMFs.

The Portable is ideal to carry in a secure pocket, or in a protected area of a purse or backpack. You want to make sure it’s protected from too many other things in your bag so it won’t accumulate dirt, which may affect the functioning and overall life of the device, and so the on/off button isn’t accidentally pressed by another item. The Portable is safe to bring on airplanes, and excellent for making your air travel experience more comfortable. These devices are not water resistant, so be sure to keep your device dry. If you will be sweating from working out, or may be out in the rain, it can be smart to keep your device in a plastic baggie to make sure it stays dry.

Here are the three options for Portables, and their similarities and differences.

The Phi Series Portable (Canada)(USA) has a white ABS plastic case, has a 300 mAh battery and comes with a USB charging cable that can be charged in the same way as your cell phone, such as from your computer or from a USB adapter wall plug. ABS is the same plastic that legos are made from, and is known for its strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts. This base model has a coverage radius of 3 meters, which means their protective field will radiate out 3 meters in all directions from the device.

The Premium Series Portable (Canada)(USA) is twice as strong as the entry level Portable with a 10m range. The battery life lasts twice as long, about 60 days between charges if left on all the time. It has a 500 mAh battery and an alloy case. It is charged via a direct USB-C port that is included with the unit.

The Ultimate Series Portables come in 4 styles, they are designed for portable 5G EMF protection while out and about walking, driving or in air travel. It is our most powerful Portable model with a range of about 10m. The Ultimate Series Portables uses the same constant Phi Ratio generation circuit found in our Premium Ultra and Premium Cube. As a result the 1000 mAh battery charge will last for around 5 days before requiring a charge.

T1 Ultimate Premium Portable (Canada)(USA)

X1 Ultimate Premium Portable Pendant (Canada)(USA)

W1 Ultimate Premium Portable Watch (Canada)(USA)

U1 Ultra Premium Portable (Canada)(USA)


The Auto Unit (Canada)(USA) is designed for anyone who spends a lot of time in their cars, such as truck drivers and anyone who commutes long distances, drives their car for work, or takes frequent long road trips. The strength of the Auto is lower than the home units, but higher than the Portables. Its coverage radius is 15 meters (about 49 feet) in all directions, which easily covers your car, and several cars around you in traffic. It plugs into the 12 volt cigarette lighter in your car. For those who spend most of their days in the car, this unit is strong enough to establish the initial sympathetic resonance to Blushield frequencies, but for most people, it is better as an adjunct to their home unit.


The best long term strategy is to have a home unit and a portable unit. If you speak with someone whose budget only allows them to get one at first, a home unit is definitely ideal, to establish sympathetic resonance and be protected in the place they spend most of their time. Then later on, they can add a portable to increase protection.

To further your education, visit Blueshield Blog and Blueshield Education. You will find many articles and audio interviews discussing what you need to know about EMF moving into the future, and documentation of our astounding human and animal research using Blushield.

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