Like you, I have been trying to find a solution to Mitigating EMF’s in my environment while increasing my concious energy levels, improving my health and unplugging from this Graphene based nanotechnology. 1 I refuse to be imprisoned in the NWO’s Matrix and will die human even if it mean my skin will burn off. My Soul is Mine and belongs to the Devine Conciousness 2, not some freakish AI the glogal elite has developed in order to lock humanity into a Matrix. 3

I detailed my experiences here: Shawn Paul Melville’s Blushield Testimonial.

While Blushield has been about an experience for most, and an amazing one at that, we do not have the wealth of clinical data that many of our readers would like to see when deciding to purchase the device.

I have been asked by readers for the scientific datademonstrating the effectivemenss of Blushield EMF Protection and/or any other EMF mitigation technology. There are several on the market; but Blushield is the only one I can endorse at this time.

You the readers can do the tests and see for yourselves. We are suggesting that our readers obtain a baseline measurement of their Melatonin, Cortisol at a minimum, but also Testosterone and Cholesterol would be useful. Then repeat the tests after 30 days, or 90 days. 4 5 6 7 8 9

You would expect to see Melatonin up and Cortisol down.


Something else you can do at home, test body voltage. We tested body voltage before Blushield, which was an astounding 2200 millivolts. The “safe” standard is -70mv. When inside Blushield, the body tests -48mv! Which, coincidently, is the optimal voltage for cell repair!  The body wants to repair itself. 11

This is an interesting test that just came to me. This tinnitus test. If you have tinnitus, find out what frequency with this Audio Sweep.

My tinnitus was a low hum, 60Hz, coincidently the optimal range for Graphene Oxide reduction. I was able to cancel the tinnitus with Pink Noise. 12 But Pink Noise is not practical 24.7.

When I first bought a Blushield, I bought the second best, I initially bought the Premium Ultra was amazing 13, but I did notice that the dull hum was back that the Pink Noise cancelled, and I couldn’t totally shake a dull headache.  After 40 days I upgraded to the C1 and BOOM, full coverage.  I could tell immediately the device covered more, covered those low Hz frequencies.  All that background noise was gone.  My hearing was very crisp.

If you want to test blood slides, you can do that too. Many readers have shared their positive results through blood slides. In hindsight, I should have archived those much better.

March 25, 2023, reader plugs in Blushield for first time; “My blood right now, with Blushield nearby, but had a couple of beers tonight…. Looks livid but “junky”. Cells are uniform and no rouleaux.

“12 hour update from yesterday’s sample. Usually my red blood cells start decaying after a couple of hours. Now mist of them are still there. Unusual for me. Notice the ragged edges of the cells – Shows too high alcalinity – but very probable because I had quite a bit of alcohol. Also more white blood cells than usual – maybe I’m starting to detox?

“Usually my red blood cells would start “popping” after only a couple of hours, with hardly any left after this long. Had vaccinated of cancerous people where all cells had gone after an hour.”

“About 32 hrs after taking the sample, RBC’s still there, mostly intact, no hardly any bacterial growth. This is getting rather fascinating….”

“Need a lot of sleep too in the last days. But it’s a very relieving and deep sleep with beautiful dreams. Hadn’t had those for a long time.”

We have seen so many amazing developments with our readers using Blushield. Many have gone off their supplements and meds… Heart/Blood Pressure, Thyroid, …

This following testimonial was astounding;

”Ok this is going to sound crazy but my neighbour who has lung cancer the tumors are shrinking and his wife who has had swollen knees (water accumulation) and chronic cyctitis has not used antibiotics now in 2 months (was taking antibiotics every 2 weeks for the cystitis) and the swelling in her knees has gone down? That family is covered with the Blushield by default?

”Myself: The tumors on the pancreas, adrenal glands, nodules in the bladder, cysts on the kidney no longer show up on the ultrasound? And the ovarian cyst has shrunk from 3.5 cm down to 2.5? Like WTF is going on? Doctor says it was an ultrasound that I need a repeat CT or MRI but….this is physically impossible? They are all gone??”

Most everyone says sleep has improved, brain fog has cleared up and energy levels and stamina increased. But we need real data.

Don’t be a victim of 5G and Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology, protect yourself with Scalar Wave Technology with  Blushield EMF Protection, and remember, NO FEAR.

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