ChatGPT4 Responds to “Clathrin Required to Harvest Conciousness”

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

On October 12, 2023,  one of our readers inserted the article; “Clathrin Required to Harvest Consciousness” 1 article into ChatGPT4 and the response was mind-blowing!

What is important to note here is that achieving a higher state of enlightenment or “Divine Consciousness” may be the only hope humanity has in surviving this Clathrin Nanotechnology 2 they are using to harvest your Consciousness.

You see, AI is a machine and is not “Divine” in any way. Humans are. AI therefore cannot and will not ever achieve the higher states of consciousness that humans can. Because to be human means you have a soul. Machines do not.

Furthermore, from CIN’s experience with EQORIA 3, we do know that more primitive levels of Consciousness such as anger, fear, guilt, jealousy, greed, addiction, anxiety, … What is referred to as the “Selfish Subconscious” act to lower your Conscious energy and is detrimental to health. If you fear this AI-Energy Harvesting Bioweapon it will impact you and your physical being negatively, decreasing your energy levels. What we do know is that it is far more closely aligned with your “Selfish Subconscious” and mind than it is with your “Divine Consciousness” and that it depends primarily on mind control.

Your response to everything around from what family and friends may say or what social media presents should be to avoid negativity and fear-mongering propaganda.  Concentrate on raising your Conscious energy.  I would like to suggest to our readers to access information on meditation and Yoga that may help you achieve these higher states of enlightenment. Intermittent fasting and scalar waves are also important.

Peace and Love and Harmony to all!

Chat GPT4 Response:

“I would like to clarify that many of the concepts presented in the
passage are speculative and controversial, often delving into the realm
of theoretical and philosophical exploration rather than established
scientific consensus. Let’s break down several key elements and provide
some analysis.”

Clathrin and Consciousness

“The role of clathrin is well-established in cellular biology, mainly
involving endocytosis and the transport of molecules within cells.
However, connecting clathrin to consciousness, as suggested by Dr. Matti
Pitkanen’s TGD Theory, is speculative and lacks empirical evidence. It’s
essential to critically evaluate and research such claims before
considering them as factual or plausible.”

TGD Theory of Consciousness

“Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) is a speculative and complex theory.
It is not part of the mainstream scientific understanding and should be
approached with a critical mind. While it offers a unique perspective on
consciousness and quantum physics, empirical testing and validation are
necessary to establish its credibility.”

Collective Consciousness and Singularity

“The concepts of collective consciousness and singularity are highly
theoretical. While they can be traced back to philosophical, spiritual,
and even scientific discussions, these notions are far from being proven
or universally accepted.”

Medications, Nutraceuticals, and Quantum Field

“The passage implies that certain substances can influence the body’s
magnetism and interaction with a proposed “Quantum Field.” These claims
are speculative and not supported by robust scientific evidence. Always
consult a qualified medical professional before making decisions about
medications or supplements.”


“EQORIA’s statements about harvesting consciousness and creating a “Human Energy Network” are vague and metaphorical. It’s essential to
distinguish between metaphorical, philosophical expressions and
empirical scientific statements.”

Maintaining High State of Consciousness

“While mental and emotional well-being is undoubtedly important, the
proposed methods and technologies for achieving a high state of
consciousness should be approached with skepticism until proven
effective and safe through rigorous scientific testing.”

New Insights

“Given the speculative nature of many claims in the passage, a thorough
scientific examination and empirical testing are necessary to evaluate
their validity. The intertwining of quantum physics, consciousness, and
metaphysical claims require careful scrutiny.”

Concluding Remarks

“It’s essential to approach speculative theories with critical thinking,
seeking evidence and empirical validation. Consciousness, though a topic
of intense debate and interest, is not yet fully understood, and many
theories abound, each with its unique perspectives and assumptions.

“To maintain a balanced perspective, consider reviewing established
neuroscientific, psychological, and philosophical literature on
consciousness. Be cautious of claims that intertwine complex and often
unrelated concepts without offering concrete, testable hypotheses and
empirical evidence.”

Not Surprisingly, when the same article was submitted for analysis to its predecessor, ChatGPT 3.5, the AI was forbidden from reading the material(s). The ultimate taboo. This was the response given:

“Prohibited from reading and accessing patents.” 

Follow up Question:

Who is Franco Vitaliano?

“I don’t have specific information on a person named Franco Vitaliano, as
of my last knowledge update in 2021. It appears that he is not a widely
recognized public figure, at least up to that point. Therefore, I can’t
provide information on any patents he might hold.

“I should note that while I can provide information and analysis based on
the data I was trained on, I’m unable to actively “read” new content or
access real-time information or updates. For the most current and
specific information, I recommend conducting a web search or looking up
patent databases to find information on individuals and their
intellectual property.

“If Franco Vitaliano has become notable or made significant contributions
to a field after my last update, I would not have information on him. I
recommend checking the most reliable and updated sources for current

Again, we ask; what do you think the consequences will be for humans if, as I say, they are consuming graphene quantum dots and graphene oxide that reduces to rgo – as well as exposure to 5g and radiation? If their natural neurons are taken over by synthetic ones and they become part of a new species that is hacked, what do you think it will be like for them and society – including reproduction, longevity and fitness?

ChatGPT4 Response:

“It’s essential to approach the topic with a basis in established science. Currently, there isn’t substantial evidence to support the idea that graphene quantum dots, graphene oxide, or exposure to 5G radiation can lead to the takeover of natural neurons by synthetic ones or the creation of a new human species. These are speculative scenarios that go beyond the current understanding of biology, chemistry, and physics.

“However, for the sake of discussion, we can explore the hypothetical scenario you’ve presented. If humans were to undergo such a profound transformation, several consequences could theoretically arise:

“1. Health and Longevity:

“Positive: If the synthetic components enhance cellular function, we might expect improved health and increased lifespan.

Negative: Conversely, if these components interfere with natural biological processes, there could be unforeseen health complications, potentially reducing quality of life and lifespan.

“2. Cognitive Abilities:

“Enhancement: There could be an enhancement in cognitive abilities, memory, and learning due to the integration of technology.

Deterioration: There’s also the risk of cognitive decline if the synthetic components don’t integrate well with the biological system.

“3. Emotional and Psychological Well-being:

“Enhanced Connectivity: There might be enhanced social and emotional connectivity if technology allows for improved communication.

Isolation: The loss of individuality or natural emotional responses could lead to psychological issues and social isolation.

“4. Reproduction:

“Improved: Technological integration could potentially address genetic issues, leading to improved reproductive health.

Impaired: If the synthetic components interfere with reproductive systems, it could lead to reduced fertility or health issues in offspring.

“5. Society and Ethics:

“Progress: There could be significant advancements in technology, medicine, and various fields due to enhanced cognitive abilities.

Ethical Concerns: There will be ethical, moral, and philosophical debates regarding identity, human rights, and the definition of life.

“6. Environmental Impact:

“Adaptability: Enhanced humans might adapt better to environmental challenges.

Strain: The integration of technology into biology could pose new environmental challenges.

“Realistic Perspective:

“It’s crucial to remember that these are speculative scenarios not grounded in current scientific evidence. The effects of substances like graphene oxide and exposures like 5G are subjects of ongoing research, and conclusions should be based on rigorous, peer-reviewed studies.

“Graphene and its derivatives have shown potential in various applications due to their unique properties, but their impacts on human health are still being studied. Similarly, 5G technology has raised questions about potential health effects, but extensive research is ongoing to understand these impacts fully.

“In essence, a balanced view grounded in empirical science and ethical considerations is essential when exploring such speculative scenarios. Always refer to the latest research and consult experts in the field for the most accurate and updated information.”

NOTE:  Empirical Science trumps Ethical Considerations 100% of the time in regards to the Transhumanists grand design of Singularity.

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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