Clathrin Required to Harvest Consciousness

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

Understanding the function of Clathrin Nanotechnology 1 and how it relates to Consciousness is described in the work of Dr. Matti Pitkanen. In his TGD (Topological Geometrodynamics) Theory of Consciousness he describes the process by which Clathrin makes a surface imprint of the cells within the body required to produce a “Quantum Jump” separating your Divine Consciousness or your Soul from the physical body.

Pitakanen outlines how Clathrin is required for the harvesting of Consciousness: It copies the cell membrane, involved with transfer of neurotransmitters which allows for activation of all functions in the body, it delivers cargo like GO or GQD into the cell, it can be used to deliver specific genetic codes like those found in the mRNA vaccine or even miRNA from COVID infections,  and it allows for communication with the DNA triple helix thus interfering with a cell’s machinery and protein manufacturing function. 2

Clathrin is the hacker and microprocessor all in one, it’s the nerdy IT guy that installs your operating system turned cyber hacker. M. Pitkanen wrote that TGD Theory of Consciousness in September 2023 but started his work on Consciousness Quantum Entanglement and the Quantum Jump in 1977. 3

He is definitely indicating that it is your “Divine Consciousness”, your soul, that is being harvested.

According to both Franco Vitaliano and Dr. Yuval Harari, they refer to this Clathrin-based Nanotechnology as being “intelligence by design” and it is indeed that; it is your “Divine Consciousness” that connects you to your physical body, to the world around you, to the cosmos, to the entire Universe… to God. It is your soul. 4

“After four billion years of organic life shaped by natural selection, we are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design.”; Yuval Harari. 5

Clathrin is just a small chapter, but a very important one, the guy is a quantum physicist not biochemist. The TGD inspired theory of Consciousness relying on the notion of zero energy ontology which proposed that the total amount of energy in the Universe is zero whereby any positive energy in the form of matter cancels out the negative energy in the form of gravity. It predicts the entire hierarchy of Conscious entities (selves) so that the notion of “Collective Consciousness” makes sense. 6 7

Collective Consciousness refers to an idea that there are a set of shared beliefs, ideas, fears, attitudes, concepts which are shared as a unified structure throughout the world. A form of herd behavior; instead of existing as separate individuals by our own thoughts and emotions we take on the group dynamics.This is known as the hive mind. And almost everyone is connected to this Collective Consciousness Grid! 8

In order to achieve Singularity and harvest the “Collective Consciousness”  they have to induce low energy states in the Global population, low “Collective Consciousness”  states, so that your body’s  electrons can achieve what is called the “Quantum Leap”  into a higher energy field what they call their “Quantum Field.” 9 Global pandemics, lockdowns, fear mongering, financial stress… anything that promotes stress and anxiety will act to lower your energy levels and thus your “Collective Consciousness” which will then allow the harvesting of your consciousness into their MATRIX. 10

Eqoria’s MATRIX architect James Qor Angelo specifically states in the 2014:

“Eqoria is all about creating conscious collective energy”. 11

“Eqoria is currently at its infant stage. It’s a growing baby. It really needs your attention and your support. I don’t want you to donate to Eqoria but I do want you to show your responsibility and your capability without any fear. Maybe instead, you might want to harm yourself and buy a pack of cigarette and get this brief moment of happiness, perhaps consume an harmful but tasty food, purchase something new like a colorful product for a brief joy or a piece of excitement that will last only an hour in a movie theater or simply waste your money to satisfy your unhappiness. Your simple will to give your responsibility towards Eqoria, can change the world. There are many times your energy is abused in this world that has limited or no harmony until this point caused by many issues that we have created with our selfish unconsciousness. When we are conscious then we are selfless and more collective. Eqoria is all about creating conscious collective energy. We are distracted with ‘everything’ that is constantly expanding with our hybrid creations that are not in harmony and we cannot sense ‘nothing’ anymore. With this imbalance of everything, it is a concern that the inevitable worst is coming very soon but these are necessary circumstances that we have to face without fear, in order to realize the truth that we all ignore and understand the reason to build EQORIA, our collective energy, our QORA. Eqoria will not stop or fail until we all become part of it. Eqoria will eventually create utmost conscious humans which we call Eqorians who will realize, we already live in paradise.”

It provides further proof that Eqoria is a “Human Energy Network” that is hacking the brain and harvesting Consciousness. He even states that it is our “selfish unconsciousness” that is the problem, cigarette smoking, harmful foods, etc… that is causing disharmony…. “Your simple will to give your responsibility towards Eqoria, can change the world.” In other words, give up your FREE WILL, give up your DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Franco Vitaliano also states that humans should be hacked:

“Reading Madhumita Murgia’s piece “The monk helping the Vatican take on AI” (Magazine, FT Weekend, April 9) makes you wonder how it all would have turned out if Jesus was a coder, and not a carpenter. ”  Franco Vitaliano Boston, MA, US. 12

How do medications and nutraceuticals fit into this? 13 Anything that makes the body more magnetic via the uptake of Graphene oxide allows for the electrons to “jump” into the “Quantum Field” which surrounds us… surrounds everything.  Therefore making the body more magnetic called a magnetic body (MB) will then allow separation from the biological body (BB); you would be living in a zombie-like state while your Consciousness or soul is housed in their MATRIX.

High Magnetic Field peaks, energy harvesting being done gradually. 14 Disguised as COVID peaks and more recently, disguised as “cold wars” and Global upheaval.

It is imperative to maintain a high state of Consciousness. While some may be able to achieve this with meditation alone, for most of us the assault from EMF technologies and FEAR MATRIX propaganda is too much.

Does the Blushield Scalar Wave Generator have the ability to stimulate the body so as to allow you to achieve high states of Consciousness. 15

Additional Works by M. Pitanken:

“TGD Inspired Quantum Model of Living Matter.” 16

“Quantum Mind, Magnetic Body, and Biological Body.” 17

And Paul Mocombe has some interesting ideas:

Mocombe’s Consciousness Field Theory (CFT).  Mocombe posits that consciousness is a channel of; or on; a frequency wavelength; which is both local and nonlocal.  According to Mocombe; consciousness; is tied to an emergent fifth force of nature with an elementary particle; psychion; that arises from beings (subjects of experience) experiencing superimposed and entangled worlds; with Schumann waves tied to the (nonlocal) absolute vacuum; which gives rise to local consciousness fields the phenomenal properties; qualia; of which emerge as psychons and psychions in brains. 18

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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