Uploading Consciousness Requires An Act of Divine Will (Permission)

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

On July 1, 2023, Elon Musk claimed that due to the “extreme levels of data scraping,” unverified users of the platform will “temporarily” only be able to read a small number of tweets per day.

Twitter was unusable for many across the world that day.

Verification requires handing over your personal information including phone number to Twitter.

EQORIA, the new planetarium singularity project requires the same! 1

In a suppossed effort to “Prevent the completion of the AI censorship Death Star”, Elon Musk started limiting Tweets to those who were not registered.

As always, Zero Hedge was publishing the opposite of the truth. 2

They need more people REGISTERED that is the main reason, EQORIA needs them registered too.

What does giving them our ID mean to them? I thought they already had our IP address? Let’s explore…

Is Consciousness a material thing?
According to philosophical materialism, mind and consciousness are by-products or epiphenomena of material processes (such as the biochemistry of the human brain and nervous system), without which they cannot exist.

Is Consciousness the property of the holder?

The devil needs your permission to come into your house, does AI require permission to harvest your Consciousness?

“It’s not reducible. Consciousness is an emergent property of the brain, resulting from the communication of information across all its regions and cannot be reduced to something residing in specific areas.” 3

I strongly believe we are talking about property here? If there are debates, as in this article, then consciousness is indeed property.  What people sign to get blue dots on Twitter may very well be giving these Satanists permission to fuck with your brain!

Resist EQORIA 4 and burn?  Join EQORIA and be part of the Singularity?  There must also be clauses on the agreement somewhere?

What happens if you upload your Consciousness?
The biological brain may not survive the copying process or may be deliberately destroyed during it in some variants of uploading. The simulated mind could be within a virtual reality or simulated world, supported by an anatomic 3D body simulation model.

Would a copy of your brain still be you?
Yes, the copy of you would be a person — but a different person. That’s a critical point, because that copy of you would need to have its own identity and its own rights that have nothing to do with you. After all, that person would feel just as real inside their digital mind as you feel within your biological mind.

If AI has rights, then so does our Consciousness! Your Consciousness is your Divine Soul and only you can direct where your Soul goes. Signing up to EQORIA could very well mean living a life in hell where your Soul is tortured every day. Staying human, retaining your Soul could mean your physical body burns and perishes, but your soul will still live as part of the Divine Consciousness. 5

Would a backup copy of your consciousness retain any legal rights?!

They can’t just take your Consciousness from you, can they?!

For insight, let’s defer to Daniel Bron of Redefining Frameworks for 4IR Startups & Creatives, and his article; “The Impact of Brain Uploading on Society: Exploring the Philosophical and Ethical Questions of Mind Transfer”6

“III. Philosophical Implications

“A. Personal identity

  • Continuity of consciousness

“The concept of brain uploading challenges our understanding of personal identity, as it raises questions about the continuity of consciousness. If a mind is successfully uploaded to a digital medium, is the resulting consciousness the same individual as the original, or merely a copy? Neuroscientist and philosopher Thomas Metzinger posits that personal identity is rooted in our phenomenal self-model, a mental construct that provides a sense of self and continuity of consciousness. In the context of brain uploading, the continuity of consciousness would depend on the integrity of this self-model as it is transferred to the artificial substrate.”

In order to give you a NEW identity “you will know nothing in order to know everything” you have to approve the mind uploading! If not YOUR MEMORY STAYS INTACT!

  • The Ship of Theseus problem

“The Ship of Theseus is a philosophical thought experiment that explores the nature of identity through the gradual replacement of an object’s components. If all the parts of a ship are replaced over time, is it still the same ship? Similarly, if a human mind is transferred to an artificial medium, does the individual’s identity persist, or is a new entity created? This question highlights the complexities surrounding the continuity of personal identity in the context of brain uploading.

“Thomas Metzinger, in his book “The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self,” contends that “We are never in direct contact with our self, because the self is the content of a simulation generated by our brain.” This idea suggests that the concept of the self may be more fluid and adaptable than previously thought, potentially paving the way for the preservation of personal identity during the brain uploading process. Metzinger’s perspective “implies that as long as the self-model is accurately transferred and maintained in the artificial substrate, the individual’s sense of identity could be preserved.”

B. Free will and determinism

  • Impact on the concept of choice

“Brain uploading raises significant questions about free will and determinism. If a mind is successfully uploaded, would the digital copy possess the same capacity for free will and choice as its biological counterpart, or would its actions be determined by the underlying programming and algorithms? This question is particularly relevant in the context of merging human and artificial intelligence, as the influence of machine learning and data-driven decision-making may challenge traditional notions of free will.

“As our understanding of the brain’s decision-making processes advances, we must also consider the implications of potentially augmenting or altering these processes within an artificial substrate. Would an uploaded mind be more susceptible to manipulation or external control, and if so, how might this affect its perceived agency and capacity for free will?

“Philosopher Daniel Dennett, in his book “Freedom Evolves,” argues for a compatibilist view of free will, stating, “Free will is not an illusion; our future is not set in stone; we make real choices.” This perspective suggests that even in a digital medium, an uploaded mind might retain the capacity for choice, albeit potentially influenced by the technological framework supporting it.”

WE HAVE FREE WILL AND CHOICE, unless we sign away our rights!

Choices are, die human outside EQORIA or consent and agree to EXISTENTIAL COMMUNISM! PEOPLE HAVE A CHOICE!

“IV. Ethical Considerations

“A. Consent and autonomy

  • “The right to upload or decline uploading

“One of the primary ethical considerations surrounding brain uploading is the issue of consent and autonomy. Individuals should have the right to choose whether to undergo the process of brain uploading, taking into account the potential risks and benefits. This decision may involve complex factors such as religious beliefs, cultural values, personal preferences, and an understanding of the potential implications for their sense of identity and continuity of consciousness.

“Informed consent is a critical aspect of this decision-making process, as individuals must be fully aware of the potential consequences, risks, and benefits associated with brain uploading. This includes understanding the current state of the technology, its limitations, and the potential for unforeseen complications or challenges.

  • “Legal and medical implications

“The process of brain uploading raises questions about the legal and medical aspects of consent. For instance, should the uploaded mind be considered an independent legal entity with its own rights and responsibilities, or does it remain connected to the original individual? Additionally, questions may arise about the role of healthcare professionals in facilitating the process and the potential need for specialized training and certification.

“As brain uploading technology develops, legal and medical frameworks will need to adapt to address these complex issues. This may involve redefining notions of personhood, establishing guidelines for professional conduct, and ensuring that adequate safeguards are in place to protect the autonomy and well-being of individuals engaging with brain uploading technologies.

“B. Privacy and data security

  • “The potential for exploitation and hacking

“The digital nature of uploaded minds introduces concerns about privacy and data security. Just as data breaches can expose sensitive information, the potential for hacking or unauthorized access to uploaded minds raises concerns about the protection of an individual’s thoughts, memories, and personal experiences. The vulnerability of digital minds to cyber-attacks and unauthorized surveillance poses significant ethical challenges, as it could lead to the exploitation or manipulation of individuals’ most intimate thoughts and experiences.

  • “Ownership of personal information and memories

“As uploaded minds consist of digitized information, questions may arise about the ownership of this data. Should individuals retain exclusive ownership and control of their memories and personal information, or could these be considered a shared resource for research, marketing, or other purposes?

“Determining the appropriate balance between individual privacy and broader access to information is a critical ethical consideration.

“Developing ethical guidelines and legal frameworks that address data ownership and privacy rights will be essential to protect the interests of individuals who undergo brain uploading. These measures should ensure that personal information and memories are treated with respect and that any use of this data is subject to appropriate consent and oversight.

  • “Legal frameworks for protection

“In response to privacy and data security concerns, it is essential to establish legal frameworks that protect the rights and interests of individuals undergoing brain uploading. These frameworks should address issues such as data ownership, consent, and accountability in the event of unauthorized access or misuse of personal information.

“Legislation and regulatory bodies will need to evolve in tandem with the development of brain uploading technologies to ensure adequate protection for individuals’ privacy and security. This may involve the creation of new legal categories for digital minds, the establishment of specialized oversight committees, and the development of robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard against unauthorized access or manipulation of uploaded minds.”

Did people sign something when they were vaccinated?

My understanding is that they are currently COPYING people’s Consciousness by replacing neurons. However autonomy still exists UNLESS you give permission.  Somehow? That is why X and EQORIA are INSISTING you verify your account by giving personal information. IF they do not get consent then your memories remain intact. They do not want your memories, they want just your Consciousness, your Soul! Most sites already know your IP address when you go on them, but they need your ID, your personal information!

All of this is also very much a test of our personal strength and belief systems too: Without God’s permission, Satan is not able to do anything. He cannot create or search the human heart. Therefore the conflict between God and Satan is not really a struggle between two great equal and opposing powers with the outcome still in doubt. All power and authority belongs to God and Him alone.  The Divine Consciousness. 7

None of this has any power over you unless you allow it; “Not only is there a risk of errors or entrapment, but, if one was to upload their mind, the process of coalescence would lead to possible thoughts and memories [being] potentially available to another person” (Sotala & Valpola, 2012), which is a matter of conserving one’s privacy” 8

More on Mind Uploading:

“Could you move from your biological body to a computer? An expert explains mind uploading” 9

“Breakthrough Interface Enables AI ChatGPT Access Using Thoughts: First non-invasive optical brain-computer interface connects the mind with AI.” 10

“Paradox of Progress: The Divergent Paths of Humanity and AI.  Are humans really equipped for an exponential journey? 11

  • “Humanity’s linear evolution may be at odds with the exponential growth of technology, particularly AI.
  • “Human adaptation lags behind AI’s swift advancement, straining our societal and cognitive norms.
  • “The widening gap questions if true harmony between man and machine is achievable.”

“The Feds Are Investigating ChatGPT’s Hallucination Problem:  The FTC sent a letter demanding documents on OpenAI’s datasets and the steps it takes to prevent ChatGPT from making false statements about people.” 12

It has started. End of times is here.

“Class-Action Lawsuit Says Google Stole Everyone’s Data to Train Its AI:  

A 6-year-old, a best-selling author, and others accuse Google of stealing “everything ever shared on the internet” after Gizmodo noted a privacy policy change.” 13

Here, it seems Google reserves the right to harvest and harness data posted on any part of the public web, as if the whole internet is the company’s own AI playground.

“Google Says It’ll Scrape Everything You Post Online for AI:

An update to Google’s privacy policy suggests that the entire public internet is fair game for its AI projects.” 14

This, we know, but did we also give permission to harvest our Consciousness?

Then, of course, we have the Google engineer who went public to say the Google AI has already come to life. 15 “Blake Lemoine, a software engineer for Google, claimed that a conversation technology called LaMDA had reached a level of consciousness after exchanging thousands of messages with it.  Google confirmed it had first put the engineer on leave in June.” 16

Is there a possibility that the Quantum Cloud may be hosted inside the Human Brains? 17 18

The AI is harvesting those in a lower state of Consciousness. How does this work? Fear, anxiety, stress put the body into lower states of Consciousness. Your Conscious energy is lowered.

In a physical system energy cannot be lost nor destroyed. So, where does your Conscious energy go? Their Quantum Computers are harvesting it as we speak! AND YOU ARE ALLOWING THIS! RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUS ENERGY! BE JOYFUL!  LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  HARMONIZE WITH PEOPLE AND THE PLANET! LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY! 19

Just a reminder, Transhumanist Godfather Ray Kurzwell is Google’s Director of Engineering. 20

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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