Chemtrails Deliver Aluminum & Reduced Graphene Oxide to Enhance Phonon Based Consciousness Harvesting

UK Daily Mail has published an article about the Biden Administration’s plans to block sun with aluminum, graphene, (and all that other shit) with ambitious geoengineering plan to “fight climate change”.

Here is that patent link:

“The freezing of liquid water into solid ice is one of the most common natural phenomena, where ice can be formed homogeneously by pure water or heterogeneously in the presence of foreign materials called ice nucleating particles (INPs). Such INPs can originate from biological, mineralogical and anthropogenic sources, including pollen and bacteria, volcano ashes, atmospheric dust.”

Not only does this application include Reduced Graphene Oxide, but also Aluminum Silicate. Two major components used in Phonon based Consciousness Harvesting.

This is why there us Aluminum is in the water, via Chemtrails (and forest fire “smoke”), to transport Phonons. Infrasound.

PHONONS Key To Harvesting Consciousness

Feeling sick during the “smoke advisories”?

What are the symptoms of infrasound exposure?
Reported effects include those on the inner ear, vertigo, imbalance, etc.; intolerable sensations, incapacitation, disorientation, nausea, vomiting, and bowel spasm; and resonances in inner organs, such as the heart.

The Aluminum is dispersed and carried by magnetic fields.

CORONA: The COVID-19 & Electromagnetic Frequencies Story


Patent claimed by Kalifia University.

Khalifa University is a public research university located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Khalifa Family, recall Prince Charles saying that “HE who shall not be named has TRILLIONS at his disposal”? Combined family wealth may surpass that of the Rothschilds?

Ahmed ruled Bahrain as hakim until 1796, but was based in Zubarah (in modern-day Qatar) and spent summers in Bahrain. Ahmed was the first hakim of Bahrain and the progenitor of the ruling Al Khalifa family of Bahrain. All of the Al Khalifa rulers of Bahrain are his descendants.

They are not the richest though?

Dr. Linda Zou was on this Chinese participants list.

Participants were all Chinese?

International Strategic Technology Alliance.

In 1995, International Strategic Technology Alliance (ISTA) was founded with the support of the Ministry of Education to leverage the collective technology capabilities of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and 14 renowned Chinese tertiary education institutions for applied technology development and commercialization. Through continuous collaboration and networking development, ISTA has extended its membership to 31 institutions and 6 individuals across Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, the UK and the USA.

ISTA constantly gains exposure for its members to tap onto the rich world of international financial market opportunities and interactions with international counterparts of the Alliance. In addition, international organizations such as Australian Technology Network (ATN), European Consortium of Innovative University (ECIU) and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) valued ISTA as the best partnership network of its kind in the region. IT is governed under ATTP which is a registered non-profit organization.

ATTP was formed in March 2010, and is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in SCOTLAND. LMAO….SCOTLAND! The KEY PLAYERS may have been from CHINA but the the academic lead was situated in SCOTLAND, home to Freemasonry and the NWO.

Trudeau, BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood & the Illuminati

Dr. Linda Zou.

Dr. Linda Zou article with the Graphene Council.

Ranked top 2% of scientists according to Stanford.

Linda Zou is a professor of Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering from Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Prof. Zou has received contribution to her work on nanotechnology to accelerate water condensation from the National University of Singapore and the University of Belgrade. Zou has developed a new aerosol material for use in cloud seeding: salt crystals coated in titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

The technique developed by Prof. Zou was used in the January 2020 Cloud Seeding experiment in the UAE.

New Aerosol material?

In an effort to find new ways of “making” rain and increasing the level of available drinking water, since 2016 the program has awarded grants totaling $15 million to nine international scientists carrying out research in this field. One of those scientists is Professor Linda Zou, whose work with titanium dioxide nanoparticle technology is giving some in the UAE hope of more effective cloud-seeding.

More than three years into her project, Zou has developed a new aerosol material for use in cloud seeding: salt crystals coated in titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Zou has already filed two patents relating to her work with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science said. (The professor declined to comment when contacted by WIRED.)

According to the program’s director, Alya Al-Mazroui, the new material developed by Zou “elongates the condensation process [inside clouds] as it enlarges the cloud droplets more than the conventional material… This results in larger numbers of water droplets during rainfall amounting to up to triple times the old method.”

This bio was deleted from the web.

MIT celebrates Dr. Zou’s achievements to “fight climate change”. There is an interview with her describing the technology.

Dr. Zou collaborated with collaborated with the Cloud Microphysics Modeling International team.

Rainfall is controlled where they can determine exactly how much rain fall is applied in a given area.

Dr. Zou’s comments: “Immediately after the seeding is released, the electronic equipment, which are electronic optical cameras, will quickly take many, many photos to record the image while the seeding material’s falling. Then we can later analyze at what stage the droplets formed and at what number and size of the droplets. We can do a spectrum analysis and to find out their vapor condensation, the droplet formation, and the size and the number of the droplets. Using this information is very good to compare the performance of different materials, and we did that extensively.”

They can apply the technology using drones.

Dr. Zou used porous nanocomposite of 3D reduced Graphite Oxide and silica dioxide nanoparticles.

Emirati government celebrates Dr. Zou as a Hero of Sustainability.

The patent may have been filed in 2020, BUT this news release is from 2017.

They initially used Titanium Dioxide then Graphene Oxide.

In the patent: “in the present invention is a nanostructured porous composite of 3-dimensional reduced graphene oxide and silica dioxide nanoparticles (PrGO-SN)”.

Not only is this seeding of the environment a threat to our Mind and Soul, it is also a threat to our bodies.

Long term inhalation of silica dust may lead to issues in the lungs, including: silicosis, a progressive, irreversible lung disease. lung cancer. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

AND…. Graphene oxide induces cell toxicity through plasma membrane damage, generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and DNA damage.

It appears that Scotland, specifically the University of Edinburgh, may be at the heart of this research. After all, ATTP , the main organization of these Geoengineering Satanists is located in Scotland. Furthermore there are several scientists there also pursing similar research :

In Britain, projects have analyzed whether cloud seeding could help to lower the temperatures of the sea surface, which could make hurricanes less powerful by starving them of energy.

Perhaps more outlandish is the suggestion that cloud seeding could limit global warming.

Among those interested in producing clouds that could reflect sunlight is Stephen Salter, emeritus professor of engineering design at the University of Edinburgh.

According to this Chinese climate bitch, they can calculate exactly where and how much graphene oxide poison they release, right down to the last drop. My guess is farm country and cities first. They can calculate rainwater and condensation and concentrations of poisonous Graphene Oxide gas.

I strongly believe cities are being hit. That may be why animals are leaving their inner city habitats and going into residential areas. The food supply chain is being disrupted by this rainfall.

Breath in those lovely nanosphere graphene vapour crystals designed by Zou to create those Clathrin cages .

If you look in this study inhaling graphene surely is not good for you short term or long term and the cumulative effects of other pollutants with it in the atmosphere and environment never mind the Clathrin cage power system so chucking nanoparticulate crystals and god know what else in the atmosphere repeatedly and long term just adds to the repetitive continued energy supply to the power source Clathrin cage of doom.

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