Silicon based Photonics is NOT the Quantum Computer you are looking for.

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

November 23, 2023 article titled; “Microsoft enters $100M partnership with Canadian firm after quantum breakthrough. Photonics founder and chief quantum officer says the company can bring a quantum computer to market within the next five years.” 1

But the thing is, Xanadu is already here 2, so why the publicity about a firm going to market five years from now.

Xanadu uses Photonics. Photons.  Is the company Photonics being introduced to create confusion about photonics based Quantum Computing? Is Photonics a shell company offshoot from Xanadu? 3

The co-founder of Photonic Inc is Stephanie Simmons. 4  She also is co-chair of the Advisory Council on Canada’s National Quantum Strategy that also gave money to Xanadu, they are working on different aspects of the Quantum computer. 5

They deleted her profile on the Photonic website, let us see if I can retrieve it? 6

Her background is in Silicon-based materials NOT Graphene, could they have replaced Silicon with Graphene Oxide and are now causing a massive psyop? 7  I think this is a red herring to distract from Graphene after all her job is to develop the Quantum Computer that will collect the data and not the body interphase itself.

We know from the Ray Kurzweil and Gates discussion that they were spraying the planet with carbon nanotubes not Silicon. 8

Clathrin can also take up Silicon? 9  and Silicon can be PEGalayted? 10

Vitaliano cites that Silicon can also be used with Clathrin but he doesn’t do it himself. In “New Clathrin-Based Nanoplatforms for Magnetic Resonance Imaging”, 11 Vitaliano mentions Silicon in the patent. 12  Silicon is mentioned here but his bionano-laser depends on Graphene. 13

NO it cannot be Silicon. Boston-based ExQor 14 said it has demonstrated that the material can be formed into nano-sized biolasers suitable for transmitting information. It expects the technology will initially be used in medical applications. The precision of Clathrin’s self-assembly process, 15 and ultra-small size also could be used to improve solar cells and batteries with nanoscale electronic and photonic properties not possible with silicon. 16

In this November 12, 2023 Financial Times Letter: “It’s an issue when quantum does room temperature AI”, Franco Vitaliano 17 confirms that Silicon for Quantum Computing is a fool’s errand. 18 Unless we intend to have our brains “burn to a cinder in their skull buckets”.  As the Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dot neural interface 19 developer that connects to the Quantum Cloud 20, he’d know.

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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