mRNA Developer, Obama “Brain Interface” Tzar, Directly Connected to Fauci & AI Transhumanist COVID Agenda

Meet Franco Vitaliano and his mRNA living neural interface:

Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI

Vitaliano was lead scientist for Obama’s “Brain Interface” initiative. Financed by Collins and Fauci at NIH.


Franco Vitaliano headed up this initiative for Obama.

Anthony Fauci was responsible for the funding of “the Brain Initiative” under the NIH umbrella.


The Brain Initiative was similar to the Human Genome Project and Collins lead BOTH initiatives!


The following is a conversation with Francis Collins, director of the NIH, the National Institutes of Health, appointed and reappointed to the role by three presidents, Obama, Trump and Biden. He oversees 27 separate institutes and centers, including NIAID, which makes him Anthony Fauci’s boss.

At the NIH, Francis helped launch and led a huge number of projects that pushed the frontiers of science, health, and medicine, including one of my favorites, the BRAIN Initiative, that seeks to map the human brain and understand how the function arises from the neural circuitry.

Before the NIH, Francis led the Human Genome Project, one of the largest and most ambitious efforts in the history of science.


All under Francis Collins!

And Donald Trump kept Collins on as NIH Director.

Look at the timeline!


Collins Legacy:

This completely ties all the protein research to the neural research.

Nazi Big Pharma, FDA & Los Alamos National Laboratory Hold the Keys!

Collins mentor was Sherman Weissman! SV40 guy himself!

Those genes were introduced when building the Clathrin Nanobots. Vitaliano used cell lines with the SV40 antigen.

Here Franco Vitaliano and his wife Gordana, are delivering antibodies through the blood brain barrier (BBB) using Clathrin Nanotechnology.

This article appeared in “Nature” 2014 confirming that the technology was available to deliver Clathrin Nanotechnology.


Vitaliano runs a company called Command Technologies.


Guess who came up with the TCP/IP for the internet? The “kids ij Boston” led by Franco Vitaliano himself in 1988 under “Command Technologies.” TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and is a suite of communication protocols used to interconnect network devices on the internet. TCP/IP is also used as a communications protocol in a private computer network (an intranet or extranet).

Your Internet of Things.


In the Obama Whitehouse archive, Franco Vitaliano confirms the importance of Clathrin Nanotechnology; The three files present our same Clathrin bio‐nanoplatform in three very different guises; for drug delivery, quantum computing, and as a bio‐nanolaser.

He also confirms their applications are for DARPA. Vitaliano also confirms that his Nanotechnology was for Obama’s National Brain Initiative which would come with “large payoff.” I am guessing NIH Funding approved by Collins and Fauci.


Here is Vitaliano’s company! ExQor Technologies:

Quantum systems are reversible!

The Graphene Quantum Dots are activated by fluorescence! Look!

Vitaliano’s QuBit is a laser!

Organic link to Quantum systems.


It’s not AI, it’s learning. It is living it a living system within us! Now we need to make it understand that in order for it to live it has to develop a reciprocal relationship! Ok…. we can negotiate!

It’s self aware.

Power to treat.

Super Soldier.

Originally designed to be safe, until they now loaded them with GO.

They are BIODEGRADABLE!!! BIODEGRADABLE!!! The only reason we are being harmed in because they contain the rGO inside of them! It could be carrying GO and nothing would happen, carry rGO and, BOOM!

“I’m just a poor Nano… and I am just so misunderstood!”

And here is the neural lace. The Triskelion.

Look at the client list! General Dynamics! Super Soldiers indeed!

This is from the Obama White House Archives:

Medical data through the internet network.

All put together by Vitaliano’s company.

Franco Vitaliano put it all together with the IoT (Internet of Things). They say the it does the work for you, all you have to do is ask questions, it gives you the answers.

This is why we know what we know…. we asked the questions… they gave us the answers… except on how to deactivate this system.

It is a living being within you.

That connects to a quantum computer. But where?

ExQor got 6 Billion in funding in 2017, funded directly by NIH.


August 2022, ExQor started treating the disease they helped to create, Long Covid.


In a hilarious case of irony, EzQor once used the phrase “carbon nanotubes”, the very rGO that causes the damage, in their “Safety First” message!


Carbon Nanotubules = Graphene Oxide (GO)

Vitaliano’s company ExQor is partnered with pharmaceutical and Tech companies, they licienced out the technology.

So Franco Vitaliano is aka Joseph Mengale. Mengele with the entire planet as laboratory!

This statement appears on Franco Vitaliano’s archived company website and confirms ExQor Technologies supports the “Transhumanism” Agenda!

The link itself will redirect you to this document!


Here is the Report in PDF:

So, for those of you that think that the “Transhumanism Agenda” is fake, that “Neural Lace” is not growing in your body, or that you haven’t been infected with this “Clathrin Nanotechnology”… think again because we have presented to you the sources, the technology, the ties to DARPA and the direct link to the “Transhumanist Agenda” document itself! Neural Lace is growing inside your body… so think again or die like the “Zombie Beetle” controlled by an external parasite called the NWO!

Huzzah! A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.

A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.


Do you see now what Trudeaus PEG did?

MITACS/Canada Inc. The Trudeau Foundation’s Quiet War Command Center.

They weren’t delivering a vaccine, they were delivering Nanotechnology! This is from Gordana Vitaliano’s Doctoral PhD dissertation!

“higher doses of Clathrin protein were used for intraperitoneal administration because liver and and/or plasma enzymes can cause protein degradation”.


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