Microscopy Club IS Collective Conciousness.

I was watching an interesting exchange on Substack the other day beneath Karl C.’s post. 1

It started with Hidig Abdi doubting the premise of the experiment altogether. 2 Hidig’s analogy is sound.

Karl C. found Hidig’s comment “comical”. 3 He claims “polymers” and Quantum Dots were exploding out of blood cells.

Well, what does the Science say?

What does H2O2 do to cells:

“At physiological levels, ROS contribute to cell homeostasis and host defense mechanisms. However, when their production becomes chronic and overcomes the buffering potential of endogenous antioxidant systems, ROS cause protein and lipid oxidation and DNA damage, leading to tissue injury. ROS include superoxide anion (O2−), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and hydroxyl radical (OH·), all of which have inherent chemical properties that confer reactivity to different biological targets. H2O2 can cross biological membranes and is more damaging to DNA than the hydroxyl radicals because the lower reactivity of H2O2 provides enough time for the molecule to travel into the nucleus of the cell, subsequently reacting with macromolecules such as DNA,” 4

Also the addition of H2O2 may cause a slight reduction in Graphene oxide (thus producing rGO the electrically active species). 5

“Hydrogen peroxide also kills normal cells within the wound — including healthy skin cells and immune cells — and slows blood vessel formation, all of which are important for wound healing.” 6

“The fenton reaction explains the toxicity of hydrogen peroxides because the hydroxyl radicals rapidly and irreversibly oxidize all organic compounds including proteins, membrane lipids, and DNA. Hydrogen peroxide is a significant source of oxidative DNA damage in living cells.” 7

I agree with Hidig Abdi the addition of H2O2 to lipids, protein and organic material would denature them. Karl does not know what he is talking about. Putting H2O2 on a wound, for example, can actually cause more harm and tissue damage and delay healing. This is just basic chemistry you don’t need a team of chemists.

But with the science settled, the drama continues.

So, what is the point? Karl C went on to defend their great work. 8 The microscopy club is spending 5-7 hours in zoom calls each day discussing this information. Who is chairing these meetings? Who is determining what name of existing technology is placed on image being commonly seen on slides? One thing is certain, the comments from this club always come back to the admission that they are speculating.

The thread went on and on, but the jist of it is, Karl C is no expert, but spends all day with “experts”, and talks completely out of his ass. 9 Meanwhile, Hidig using logic, sees through the myriad of errors commonly presented by the club.

Hidig says is all here. 10

Looks like Karl C. has lost his sprituality. The microscopy cult would rather you prepare for death. 11

Karl C.’s little shot at CIN is cute. He admits you’ll find nothing spiritual here with the microscopy crowd, just death. 12

Hidig tries to talk sense into Karl. C. 13

You still don’t get it? 14 The spiritual battle is personal, Hidig comes from a place of higher conciousness. Karl C. is part of the Collective, he is part of a group that works tirelessly to disseminate illogic. The collective is the Cancer. The Collective is low energy. The low energy state is how you are harvested… stare into the slide a little longer…

The more the microscopy club creates drama or the more you partake in drama then you TOO become part of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. The HIVE MIND! Drama only acts to LOWER your energy state pulling you into the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. 15 The selfish unconscious! DRAMA IS JUST A WAY HUMANS MATERIALIZE FEAR! Remember CCR5 is also the “addicts gene” and that is what they are creating. An addiction to the internet! AND THEN YOU WILL BE SUCKED INTO THE MATRIX! 16

Doing nothing for the win. 17

Exactly, as the audience leaves the microscopy club and discovers their own true purpose, they can break the spell. 18

Take it from Hidig!

“STOP! Go to the mountains, camping, the outdoors… anything! 40 days without electronics and then come back THERE WILL BE NO FEAR! THERE WILL BE NO DRAMA! 40 Days is as long as it takes to break a habit! Or start a new one… or rebuild certain cells in your body! You want new RBC? Then try  120 days without electricity! THAT’S THE CURE!”

Get off now Shawn! Finish the last chapters and leave!

Ok, Lenny doesn’t want me around, anyways. 19

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