Robert Duncan’s Targeted Justice, PACTS & FFCHS are Targeted Individual CIA Honey Pots.

This BONUS ARTICLE is not a segment or even part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. For that, I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. This is just part of a mini-series entitled “Fren’s of CIA Dupe Len Ber” SPM

In our expose of Targeted Justice’s board member Robert Duncan’s “Harvard degree” 1, we learned about a few new things, like how there were two organizations that predated Targeted Justice, both founded by Robert Duncan. 2 We learned that these groups were created so that victims will turn to them, rather than forming their own legitimate advocacy groups to lobby Congress and the news media to investigate illegal counterintelligence operations (“gang stalking”).

Robert Duncan helped to set up FFCHS in 2005, there is a link from wayback: 3  FFCHS stands for Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance. FFCHS became PACTS which stands for People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance and now exists in its current incarnation, Targeted Justice. Len Ber’s Fren Robert Duncan is the central CIA character in all three of these organizations.

“FFCHS is a suspiciously-rare example of what is purported to be a national support group in what is otherwise a phenomenon involving isolated individuals with few assets or connections.” 4

Read this so you know who the FFCHS was:

“After a brief respite, Mr. Alexis resumed his work for the company. On two occasions, near the end of August 2013, he visited the emergency rooms of two different Veterans Affairs treatment facilities. During his first visit, he reported that over the last 3 weeks he had only slept for 2 or 3 h (House of Representatives 2014). He was given a prescription for a low-dose antidepressant. His medical records indicate that when asked if he was a danger to himself or others, he answered ”no.” During his second visit, 5 days later, he again complained of insomnia. He said that he was waking up at 4:00 a.m. ”like clockwork” (House of Representatives 2014, p. 10). The attending physician refilled his prescription for the low-dose antidepressant and was told to follow-up with his primary care physician. It is noteworthy that on September 1, 2013, 15 days before the shooting, Mr. Alexis exchanged several emails with the president of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). FFCHS is a group which assists victims of gang-stalking. According to their website, their mission is to ”educate” and save the lives of people who have been ”marginalized and abused” by a number of United States sanctioned technologies, including ”.remote brain experimentation and remote neural monitoring of an entire human body; manipulation by evil technologies. remote burns by high power lasers or burns by directed energy.” and much more. The emails included a discussion of Alexis’s contention that he was under ”constant bombardment from some type of ELF weapon,” a problem that, in his view, nearly cost him his job. Mr. Alexis believed that he was the victim of government mind control. The FBI concluded that Mr. Alexis was prepared to die and accepted death as a consequence of his actions ( Johnson and Stanglin 2013)” 5


REDDIT THREAD: 6 Summary: “FFCHS was a disinformation front organization.”

It appears that the good doctor, I mean the bad-medicine man, has been hiding behind a woman’s script! 7

“Dr. Duncan is a fraud: the “Harvard Ph’d” he posted on peacepink has the red, unembossed diploma seal harvard awards WOMEN grads!”

“the only mystery is how TI’s don’t already know that former fbi district chief ted gunderson confessed in a sworn affidavits to running the gang-stalking program for cointelpro – OP already oosted the link in his statement top of page: their covert agents dominate TI sites lying that it is a very long list of intentionally discrediting alternative possibilities, 

“let’s add duncan’s photoshopped “Harvard Ph’d” as evidence 8, and if someone can show me how to post a screen shot here somewhere, his confession to me that he photo-shopped the diploma, which act of crimnal fraudulence implicated him and exposed “disinfo front group” (see reddit) FFCHS in serially killing TI’s, as demonstrated by the reddit mod energy weapons at me 9, who reported self and pet becoming critically ill for days while debating the ffchs isssue on peacepink, and appears to have stopped posting just when Anthony ‘AK’ Forwood, and ‘Big Lebowski’ who helped me goad duncan on peacepink to publish that degree, went missing – i am AF’s friend LaBrat, mentioned in the ‘media malfeasance/debra dupres’ and ‘questions and answers: myron may, robert duncan and FFCHS’ articles, the latter is where he thanks big lebowski for helping out: Anthony’s good friend and colleague gulf war vet andy lewis wrote an informative article 10 connecting AF’s disappearance with his investigation of FFCHS/PACTS (-with the drivel)”

Email from Robert Duncan: THIS FUCKEN BAD!!!!!!

“R. Duncan” <duncan@higherorder. com> wrote:

“Dear John A. and others whose full time jobs are accusing,

“I have been trying to confess for a long time. I am a perp. I am paid by the US government to conduct psychological experiments on you. I am deceitful sometimes and I am wrong sometimes. I even accidentally tell you a truth now and then. But they dock my pay when that happens.

“So, now that you have a full confession. Can we move on and have constructive conversations even knowing that I am trying to hurt you through intentional bad information and theories? Greed is what drives me. I get extra-CIA pay when I can lead you towards irrational and unfounded belief systems. Perhaps it is good mental exercise to be able to critically reason while knowing that a sophisticated perp like myself is guiding you away from God and truth intentionally?

“Perhaps like with evolution theory, we should separate church and state. Use one as a personal guidance and an information drug to inspire you, and the other that has proven more useful in predicting the immediate future and to explain the physical world where brain chemistry and the mind intersect. Always be skeptical of information that you read. This should not be something new. However, personally attacking someone shows a lack of ability to understand the science and argue on that basis. We are back to the Christian inquisitions and will get nowhere. Just assume in every email that you are required to think for yourself and not be lazy wanting to rely on someone’s reputation. In fact, in a perfect intelligent meritocracy, where no names were attached to information exchanges, you would have to learn to do this.

“Why does thinking and arguing in a professional exchange about this topic in a scientific and strategic manner, pain you so much? Why do you spend so much time talking about the useless and nonsensical aspects? Get over your classicism and take everyone as if they have something important to say. Filter, don’t respond negatively. I for one have nearly fully given up my defense research and public speaking because of the constant barrage of negativity. I found that I can help more people and other groups with other problems who are more grateful of my sacrifices. You aren’t winning allies or friends and you haven’t figured it out that negativity is highly infectious and the most obvious quality to instill into people and groups to isolate and disassemble them. If you haven’t figured out just the very basic psychological strategies being used against a group assembling by reading military and CIA methods, you haven’t progressed in this chess game at all. This is why I have lost hope.”

Is that site higherorder.com still available? No. But we found it on archive: 11

“Technologies that alter behavior and attack the human mind and nervous system are being used on a grand scale in secrecy.

“Ambitious scientists and entrepreneurs want to demystify the soul by describing the information theories and common fundamental algorithms of human beings, usher in a new dawn for mankind and play an important role in the creation of our collective future.

“We are undergoing a cataclysmic evolutionary event of the human race and of our planet. What will we become?”

This SCRIB document by Richard Lighthouse of Targeted Justice can prove that higherorder.com site existed and that email is most probably authentic. 12 There are several blogs that confirm this email. 13  In addition, murdered blogger Anthony Forwood posted the email and direct link on his site in 2014. 14 And this site confirms that is indeed his email. 15

FYI: Anthony Forwood that opposed Duncan was murdered

“FFCHS has rebranded itself as PACTS 16 where ‘Dr’ Duncan is still promoted, PACTS has been proven guilty by one reddit mod of serially killng TI’s 17: i have duncan’s confession that he photo-shopped the degree, which is news fresh off the presses, but do not know how to put the screen shot here – the murder of TI’s continues unabated, for example TI expert Anthony ‘AK’ Forwood whose articles energyweaponsatme cited to prove his case went missing while the peacepink debates about ffchs went on here is mr forwood’s good friend and colleague gulf war vet Andy Lewis on his disappearance: 18

“Mr forwood went missing in the summer solstice of 2015 while investigating satan-worshipping (deposed) derreck robinson’s exposed “disinfo front group” FFCHS, after having written the tragically prophetic.” 19


Targeted Individuals are real, and what they were building was NOT reversible:

This was a quote from ray Kurzweil; “Research is well under way. When we read about circuits built from carbon nanotubes (one nanometer = one billionth of one meter), molecular rings, or DNA switches, or photonic and quantum computers, the line between science and science fiction fades. One much anticipated breakthrough will be a three-dimensional circuit, working in parallel like the brain. Design seems limited only by the laws of physics, and cost is limited by energy loss through heat, which equates with inefficiency. Today’s ‘irreversible’ circuits generate heat. Tomorrow’s ‘reversible’ circuits will not.” 20

They were always using this technology to experiment on humans just like the Nazi Scientists were during WWll.  However, I don’t now which set of guinea pigs you and I are? I thought Franco Vitaliano he said the process was reversible?

One thing is certain, we are all Targeted Individuals in the New Normal.

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